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Read in this article some interesting Austrosaurus facts.

Austrosaurus, meaning 'southern lizard' were huge sauropod dinosaurs that lived in the continent of Australia. They had magnificent physical features. The discovery of their specimens was done by H.B.

Wade. H.B. Wade found them in 1932 and Heber Longman described them in 1933. According to the fossil remains, they were huge dinosaurs with a long neck, small head, long tail, huge body, and four strong legs.

Their physical features were related to the Titanosaur species. Their body length was around 49-65 ft (14.9-19.8 m) and weight range was around 17 tons (15422.1 kg). The fossil remains of this dinosaur found were partially complete.

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Austrosaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Austrosaurus'?

Austrosaurus pronunciation is not that critical. It can be easily pronounced as 'Aus tro saur rus'. Austrosaurus were described as Sauropoda dinosaurs in the genus of titanosaurs. They were herbivore dinosaurs that inhabited the Australian land during the Early Cretaceous period around 112-105 million years ago. Heber Longman described this dinosaur in 1933.

What type of dinosaur was an Austrosaurus?

Austrosaurus were herbivorous dinosaurs from Queensland, North Australia. These titanosauriform sauropods were huge in size. They were present on Earth during the Early Cretaceous period. They belonged to the clade Dinosauria, Saurischia, Sauropodomorpha, Sauropoda, Macronaria, and Somphospondyli. They belonged to the family of titanosaur dinosaurs. Their genus name is Austrosaurus and their scientific name is Austrosaurus mckillopi.

In which geological period did the Austrosaurus roam the Earth?

The Early Cretaceous period is known as the Austrosaurus period. Sauropod Austrosaurus were inhabitants of this world during the Early Cretaceous period and it is described that they lived in the Allaru Formation and Winton Formation. They inhabited the Australian continent and were found around central Queensland and western Queensland around 112-105 million years ago.

When did the Austrosaurus become extinct?

These sauropod dinosaurs, Austrosaurus, were herbivorous in nature and roamed around the continent of Australia during the Early Cretaceous period around 112-105 million years ago. Their fossil remains were discovered around Queensland in 1932. It is believed that their population decreased and they went extinct by the end of the Early Cretaceous period on Earth.

Where did an Austrosaurus live?

This sauropod dinosaur, Austrosaurus, was a terrestrial being that roamed around the Australian continent in search of their food material. They are considered huge dinosaurs that might have inhabited forest areas or open lands.

What was an Austrosaurus' habitat?

These sauropod dinosaurs were inhabitants of the Australian continent. Austrosaurus mckillopi lived in the central Queensland and western Queensland provinces. They were herbivorous titanosauriform dinosaurs that inhabited the Earth during the Early Cretaceous period.

Who did an Austrosaurus live with?

Austrosaurus dinosaurs were several meters long sauropod dinosaurs that lived in Queensland. These dinosaurs were herbivorous in nature as per their fossil studies. Now as far as we can imagine, they most probably lived in groups. Herbivorous animals generally live in groups in order to secure themselves from predators. Living in groups also makes searching food material easier.

How long did an Austrosaurus live?

There is no exact information available on how long these sauropod dinosaurs lived for. Average sauropod dinosaurs had a lifespan range of around 70-80 years, now we can only assume that they also had a related lifespan range.

How did they reproduce?

Austrosaurus dinosaurs were herbivorous sauropods that existed in the continent of Australia. They were enormous dinosaurs. We generally know that reptiles reproduce by laying eggs.

The Austrosaurus did the same too. We can assume that after their breeding season, they also would have laid eggs to summon their young ones to this world. How dinosaurs reproduced is one such question that can't be answered exactly.

Austrosaurus Fun Facts

What did an Austrosaurus look like?

The discovery of Austrosaurus was done in the Allaru Formation and Winton Formation. They were in the genus of titanosaurs who lived in the continent of Australia towards the north.

They were huge sauropod dinosaurs that inhabited the Earth during the Early Cretaceous period. Being in the order Titanosauriform and clade Sauropods, they had a huge body, a long neck, a very long tail, a small skull and four strong pillar-like legs. These physical features showed their elegance.

Austrosaurus mckillopi specimens that were discovered in Queensland in 1932 were not complete. A detailed information about these titanosaurs are still missing.

As holotype specimens, only three blocks of primitive vertebrae were discovered by H.B. Wade at first.

According to assumptions, they had a small head like all sauropods and from the back of their head started their vertebrae. The vertebrae were very long and ended at the tip of their tail.

They had a long neck portion that was also curved. Their body was huge in size, being biconcave on both sides. Their tail was big and long and for carrying this whole package, they had four pillar-like legs.

The Austrosaurus height was approximately 12.8 ft (3.9 m) near their hip and 13.5 ft (4.1 m) near their back. Their body length was somewhere near 49-65 ft (14.9-19.8 m) and their body weight is considered around 17 ton (15422.1 kg).

Heber Longman described the Austrosaurus in the year 1933.
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How many bones did an Austrosaurus have?

Austrosaurus fossil remains discovered in Queensland in 1932 were totally incomplete. Some blocks of vertebrae and some other bone pieces were only discovered. Exactly saying how many bones they had in their body is nearly impossible.

How did they communicate?

Titanosauriform dinosaur Austrosaurus were plant-eating dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous period. We can assume that they would have communicated through growling or screeching voice. A lot of information about them is generally not available. They could have communicated through their own specific call, like who knows what!

How big was an Austrosaurus?

The Austrosaurus size was huge. These sauropods were inhabitants of North Australia near Queensland. Their body length is considered to be around 49-65 ft (14.9-19.8 m) and their weight is considered around 17 tons (15422.1 kg). They had a height approximately 12.8 ft (3.9 m) near their hip and 13.5 ft (4.1 m) near their back.

How fast could an Austrosaurus move?

The Austrosaurus mckillopi species are described as sauropod dinosaurs according to their specimens. Now, in the history of dinosaurs, sauropods were the largest in size. Now it is natural that a dinosaur that is that big in size will bear a slow movement speed. They just peacefully roamed around their habitat in search of quality food material.

How much did an Austrosaurus weigh?

Austrosaurus are known as sauropod dinosaurs who were bigger than all other reptiles. They had a huge body with heavy bones. Austrosaurus length is described between 49-65 ft (14.9-19.8 m) and weighs around 17 tons (15422.1 kg).

What were the male and female names of the species?

There were no special names assigned to the males and females of this species. They are commonly known as Austrosaurus.

What would you call a baby Austrosaurus?

Like all other baby dinosaurs, baby Austrosaurus dinosaurs were also known as hatchlings.

What did they eat?

Austrosaurus diet was totally plant-based. They were herbivorous dinosaurs found in Australia near Queensland. They roamed on land in search of quality food material. They spent their time eating leaves from tree tops, fruits, and veggies.

How aggressive were they?

Austrosaurus were not the aggressive type. They showed peaceful behavior towards each other.

Did you know...

H.B. Wade found some bones near the Clutha Station near Queensland. He then informed the station manager, and the station manager informed his brother. His brother sent those fossil remains to the Queensland Museum. Later it was discovered that the bones sent by the station manager and his brother belonged to a dinosaur that was named Austrosaurus mckillopi.

What does Austrosaurus mean?

Austrosaurus were huge dinosaurs from Queensland, meaning 'southern lizard'. The meaning 'southern lizard' is very unique.

Which dinosaurs lived with the Austrosaurus?

Austrosaurus showed a peaceful behavior and were found in the Allaru Formation and Winton Formation in Queensland. Some other dinosaurs that lived near Queensland were Wintonotitan wattsi, Diamantinasaurus matildae and Australovenator wintonensis. These were just a few of them.

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