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As per Cretaceous research, Kazaklambia is a dinosaur genus. After discovery, it was suggested that Kazaklambia is morphologically distinct.

Kazaklambia Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Kazaklambia'?

The name Kazaklambia is pronounced as 'Ka-zaak-lam-bi-ah'.

What type of dinosaur was a Kazaklambia?

The genus Kazaklambia was assigned the basal position of the Lambeosaurine family.

In which geological period did Kazaklambia roam the Earth?

Kazaklambia originated during the Late Cretaceous period.

When did Kazaklambia become extinct?

Kazaklambia went extinct after the Santonian stage of the Late Cretaceous.

Where did Kazaklambia live?

Kazaklambia fossils were discovered from Kazakhastan of Central Asia; they were of Asian origin.

What was Kazaklambia's habitat?

Kazaklambia lived in terrestrial habitats.

Who did the Kazaklambia live with?

The social structure of Kazaklambia is unknown.

How long did a Kazaklambia live?

Kazaklambia lived up to the Santonian age of the Cretaceous period.

How did they reproduce?

Kazaklambia reproduced by laying eggs like other dinosaurs.

Kazaklambia Fun Facts

What did the Kazaklambia look like

The Kazaklambia dinosaur had a domed nose, frontal dome, and a narrow snout.

Kazaklambia was a lambeosaurine.

How many bones did a Kazaklambia have?

Complete fossils of a juvenile specimen were discovered.

How did they communicate?

They communicated by vocalizations like other dinosaurs.

How big was Kazaklambia?

The size of Kazaklambia is not determined.

How fast could a Kazaklambia move?

The speed of Kazaklambia has not been determined.

How much did a Kazaklambia weigh?

The weight of Kazaklambia is unknown.

What were the male and female names of the species?

The male and the female species are called Kazaklambia too.

What would you call a baby Kazaklambia?

A baby Kazaklambia is called a nestling.

How aggressive were they?

Kazaklambia was a herbivore and therefore less aggressive.

Did you know…

Their 1961 discovery in Kazakhstan marks the most complete fossil found in Soviet Territory.

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