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71 Facts About San Francisco That You Must Know Before You Visit There

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San Francisco, also very popularly known as The Golden City, is a famous tourist and travel destination.

The city of San Francisco is located in the teeming cultural and social hub of the state of California. It is also known as being the 17th most populous city in the United States and the fourth most populous in its host state, California.

San Francisco also goes by various other nicknames that resonate with its cultural and commercial nature. The city is called SF, Frisco, and San Fran. The city is famed for its renowned Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison Island, and many other well-known sites. In addition, while you are in the city of San Francisco you will never run out of good food, the streets are filled with restaurants, serving rich, delicious foods of diverse cultures.

Although the city has had its fair share of natural disasters like earthquakes in early 1906, it is nevertheless trodden on, progressing in wealth, culture, and high technology. Sometimes the city is also called Everybody's Famous City, and it's fair to say it lives right by this name.

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Fun Facts About San Francisco

The city, with its diverse range of cultures, is profusely influenced by Mexican culture mainly due to its substantial Hispanic inhabitants and its historical timeline associated as a part of Spanish America and Mexico. Here are some of the fun facts about the city:

  • Located in the northernmost part of California, San Francisco is surrounded by the Pacific ocean and San Francisco Bay which gives the city aesthetic, romantic vibes.
  • It's often clouded by mist and fog; driving through the coastal lines provides spectacular natural views of the city.
  • The city of San Francisco actually has the largest number of cafes and coffee houses.
  • When someone asks about a city famous for its fashion, we typically say New York, but did you know that denim jeans were actually first invented in San Francisco by Levi Strauss?
  • Alcatraz Federal Prison, situated in San Francisco, was the only federal prison to offer hot water to its prisoners. This was to prevent inmates from escaping as the San Francisco Bay is always so cold!
  • San Francisco is also the home to the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. The city also possesses the oldest and largest Japantown in the whole of the United States.
  • The city’s famous Golden Gate Bridge is painted a color called international orange.
  • There are about 3500 restaurants in the city of SF, so you can never run out of yummy food!

Historical Facts About San Francisco

The city of San Francisco first started as a settlement called Yerba Buena. The city was originally occupied by Spanish and Mexican forces who used it as a mission and pueblo. However, only after the Spanish Independence, the area became a part of Mexico.

  • The settlement in 1846 was conquered by the newly independent United States of America and the army during the year 1848 discovered an abundant availability of gold. Soon, the settlement became a progressive, developed, and commercial full-fledged city.
  • During the early 20th century the city also became one of the centers of industrial capitalism, and buildings, churches, and bridges were constructed. All of these historical aspects combinedly make San Francisco one of the most thriving and flourishing cities in the United States.
  • San Francisco's cable cars are the only National Historical Monument that can move around.
  • The city of San Francisco is home to some of the country's great landmarks. It possesses about 200 historical landmark buildings, more than 14000 Victorian homes, and eleven historically rich districts!
  • The earliest name of the settlement Yerba Buena, which is now called San Francisco, means 'good herb' in Spanish.
  • The city of San Francisco is built on more than fifty hills. This interesting aspect is one of the reasons you can witness beautiful coastal lines.
  • The Chinese fortune cookie was actually invented in San Francisco by a Japanese immigrant named Makoto Hagiwara.
  • The largest Japan Towns in the US are located in San Francisco and San Jose.
  • San Francisco's Golden Gate Park covers 411 ha (1015.6 acres), making it one of the largest parks in the United States, surpassing its rival Central Park which is 315 ha (778.4 acres)!
  • Russian Hill, Twin Peaks, and Nob Hill are San Francisco's most well-known hills.
San Francisco also very popularly known as The Golden City

Things To Do In San Francisco

The city is one of the central US cities teeming with rich culture, delicious food, beautiful streets, and numerous historical landmarks. So it's basically no wonder the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you happen to be in this city of San Francisco then you’ve made a great decision by involving it in your travel itinerary. The city is packed with numerous fun activities that one can undertake.

  • The first thing you have to do when you land in San Francisco is visit the Golden Gate Bridge and then take a ride on the cable car!
  • You can visit the infamous Alcatraz Islands to witness one of the famous US federal prisons.
  • A walk through the beautiful streets of Castro must also be involved in your must-visit list.
  • If you are looking for a little adventure, you can climb the twin peaks.
  • Of course, meandering through the Golden Gate Park will definitely give you an authentic American, San Francisco experience!

Facts About San Francisco Culture

The culture in San Francisco has been influenced largely by Hispanic heritage. At the same time, the city possesses a beautiful mixture of other less known diverse populations who enhance the overall aura of the city.

  • One can witness the city's mixture of pleasant cultures in its food. You will find a lot of good food while you are in San Francisco!
  • The culture of San Francisco also comes in a variety of activities like festivals, music, arts, museums, and architecture.
  • San Francisco is also home to assorted theaters, symphonies, sports, and even has a remarkable opera!
  • The Oakland Bay Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge, were constructed during the Depression.

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