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Facts About Video Games! Are They Really Good For Kids?

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Playing video games is a fun-filled activity for children and adults.

Lots of children love to play video games, they love them so much that sometimes they don't like anybody telling them not to play video games. In this era, we are indulged in technological advancement in every aspect of our lives.

So is playing video games good for kids?

Playing too many video games has been linked to things such as addiction, becoming overweight, violence, and anger among others. Do video games make you violent? Does it cause brain damage? Are video games related to violent crime? We will try to uncover interesting notions in the article.

There are a lot of sites that show you the disadvantages of playing video games and also there are web pages that will give you its benefits. What they do is nothing but confuse the reader. Stay tuned to know the facts about video games. Are they really good for kids? After reading these video game facts, also check Japan children games and ancient Egypt games for kids.

Interesting Facts About Video Games

Today video games are not just what we recall as playing Super Mario or any other game on our computer. It has evolved, developed, and modified into a completely different dimension which is consuming and jaw-dropping for gamers.

There are interesting video games and so are their facts. Some of them are mentioned here:

In today's day and age, video games are not just meant for kids. A study from ESA has stated that the average age for a gamer in the USA is 36 years old and 72% of the gamers involved are above 18 years out of which 45% are females.

You might know that cheat codes of any game are usually distributed by a third-party developer. But some games do exist that come with their cheat codes to enhance the gaming experience for a player.

There are very few video games with mirrors. The reason is that mirror objects are hard to create in a video game and their reflection can be very tricky to create. Creating mirrors in any game takes huge CPU time. So, next time you download a game, don't forget to notice whether they have mirror features or not.

The video game industry generates huge revenue every year. The video game industry in China is the number one leading market that tops the video game revenue list. America stands second on this list.

A recent study from ESA has found out that 60% of Americans play video games daily.

Facts About Violent Video Games

The first arcade video game and the first commercially sold game that was developed was Computer Space, created by Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell. Who would have thought this world of video games could take such an interesting turn of events and become the biggest revolution.

In 2020, 2.69 billion active video game players were estimated. From the beginning, video games have equally been a matter of controversy between the public and a fact impossible to ignore is the impact of violent video games.

A major concern of parents that has never been solved is that video games could negatively affect school performance. If a child will spend more time playing games, other activities will be neglected like schoolwork, studying, sleeping, or maintaining a social life. It is very easily name-tagged that if a child has poor performance then it will be because of his/her indulgence in video games and playing.

It has been associated with playing video games as a measure to gain enjoyment and excitement as the heightened feeling of arousal when you achieve victory in battle survival games by killing other enemies. This can lead people to start resorting to violent acts even in actual life to gain the same feeling of enjoyment and arousal. Another concern that arises from playing violent games is that people start choosing violent solutions to tackle everyday matters, even where it is not necessary and non-violent reactions can do the work.

But in the counterargument, it has been stated that violent video games and violent crimes have no connection as such. Reasons given to support this issue was that video games do not hold the accountability for people not distinguishing between fantasy and reality. Another fact given in support was that the numbers of video game units sold and violent crime happening in an area does not relate. Then, declaring that they do not hold any link between crime and violent video games.

Good Facts About Video Games

If your child wants to have the gaming console this birthday, then maybe you should consider it or if you haven't then maybe this following section is especially for you to change your mind. Here we will discuss some of the good facts and advantages of video games.

Video games help your children. Yes, they do help children in problem-solving and cognitive skills. It has been specified in research that video game playing children are more active in their cognitive skills. Video games can help you develop a 3D problem-solving capacity.

Video games can improve your mood swings and help you deal with anxiety. Losing in a video game can help you build emotional resilience in your life. It has been said by scientists that children playing video games promote relaxation and a child's mood.

You're not a human being but a social being. Another benefit that you get from playing games in your room is socializing concerning following the instructions of social distancing in the covid pandemic. Socialization is a part of a healthy lifestyle and people were having a great amount of hindrance in initiating this aspect of their life. Due to video games and their multiplayer features people were and still can socialize within the safety precautions and measures.

Nearly two-thirds of all Americans enjoy playing video games.

Fun Facts About Video Games

Video games are synonymous with fun. You have fun playing, defeating, battling, and striking your rank from bottom to top. The online entertainment and video gaming world are so diverse that you can find any game according to your genre and preference on the internet, very easily.

There are a lot of games on the internet like Super Mario, Super Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Tekken 3, Donkey Kong, Hockey Puck, Space Invaders, Candy Crush and Temple Run to name but a few.

These fun games do have some fun video game facts that will astonish you. Like the first one, Super Mario got its gaming character's name from famous musicians,

Minecraft is the best-selling game to this date.

Playstation 2 is the best-selling gaming console.

The Nintendo Switch is the only gaming commercial Hybrid Console.

Did you know that the youngest professional gamer was only 11 years old? Yes, you can have a career and name in the Guinness Book of Records because of your favorite hobby. His name is Victor D Leon III, also known as Lil poison.

A Japanese man, 27 years old, married a video game character named Nene Anagasaki from love plus, Nintendo DS.

The longest gaming session was recorded for 138 hours by Carrie Swidecki for playing Just Dance in a gaming session in California.

Minecraft’s overall earth surface area is three times larger than the actual world. This game aims to create infinite possibilities.

Surprising Facts About Video Games

Pong is the very first video game made in October 1958 by Physicist William Higinbotham which was a tennis game.

Did you know that the worst game ever ranked by the public was Hongkong (1995)? We will be discussing such surprising video game facts in the following section.

Some scientific facts regarding video games include that they can increase your memory capacity. It has come up in a study that people who played Super Mario have larger memory capacity than those who didn't. Because of its 3D virtual environment and engaging exposure, people were able to expand their capacity with meaningful exposure.

There is evidence that video games can help dyslexic children from age 7-13 read faster with no loss in accuracy. Researchers have found that the fast pace in the game helped those children increase their attention span and the results were similar to the traditional practices of reading treatments which are not that fun.

Gaming could be good for pain relief. It can distract your mind from paying attention to the pain while playing games. The focus is drawn towards the game instead of the pain you are suffering and so some doctors may suggest a game of Pac Man on your playstation as a good distraction. This can be a perfect excuse to play more video games next time when you are sick but remember this will not work if you are suffering from a headache.

Conclusively, play video games but in moderation. We can say that we discussed good facts about video games, bad impacts, and essential facts as well. Hence, we can say that spending time on your Sony PlayStation is not the worst crime in the world although, it is advisable to keep your playing time to a minimum. One should never forget to manage a social life or complete other chores by playing video games. So it's not a bad thing if you are a video game player.

There are various video game consoles to choose from. You may wonder what video game consoles are? A video game console is an electronic device that outputs a video signal or image to display a video game. A video game console can be played with a game controller. Video games can be bought from the video game market like otto's video games. To test the games, there are bug testers who have played the games to detect any video game crash before sending it to the major league gaming.

One of the best-selling game consoles was the Nintendo switch where Nintendo made its comeback after the Wii u. The world's first gaming console was the Magnavox Odyssey. Later on, came the Game Boy with the more electronic game. Game developers put in their time and personal data to make a hit but sometimes that does not happen. The world's worst video game is called Night Trap released in 1992. Esports is now an industry where players even set a world record with their light bulb ideas.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for facts about video games then why not take a look at Barbados facts, or church of the savior?

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