83 Minecraft Server Names To Inspire You

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Unique and fun Minecraft server names are popular with players across the world.
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Playing Minecraft always excites people, whether you play alone or in groups.

Minecraft server is one game that helps you plan a group game night. It enables you to connect with others and virtually reduces the distance between you and your friends.

Gaming is an escape from reality. It is another virtual world created by you. Leave your real-world worries and get absorbed in the world of the Minecraft server.

Here, you will find some names for your Minecraft server which will inspire you to be creative in developing your survival strategy.

Cool Minecraft Server Names

When you play, you want to stand out from the crowd. So, why not do it from the first step itself. Let your server name be cool and different from others when you choose your server name. Here you go:

A Guy For Everyone is an invigorating name that tells it's a one-man army game.

Amateur is a Minecraft server name for a noob, but there is no harm in accepting it by making it your server name.

Angels Creed is just the opposite of an assassin's creed.

Beloved Ones Only is a cool Minecraft server name that means 'not everyone is allowed'.

Boss Baby needs no explanation because everyone knows how cool and intimidating it is.

Class Clown is a cool name because being the one who makes everyone laugh is the coolest person in the group.

Cosmo is something you are willing to create for gaming, your own little universe.

Dark Entity gives a kind of feeling that you need to stay away from.

Dead Shot is for those who love to play games where survival is about eliminating others.

Destroyer is one of the coolest names ever, and this Minecraft server name can never get old.

Digger is another great Minecraft server name for a player good in the gold digger game.

Dracula is one of the coolest characters and definitely a cool Minecraft server name.

Drunk Curd is a cool Minecraft server name stating to be drunk on the curd. Perfect for kids.

Grizzly Bear is definitely something you must have watched, so give your server this cute name.

Hardlife is a perfect Minecraft server name to describe your situation in real life.

Headshooter is another Minecraft server name like Deadshot.

Las Vegas Shots is a Minecraft server name after one of the coolest places there on the planet.

Morgue is where you want to send your rival in the game. A creative name that is huge with people.

Mutants are exactly what we do after entering the world.

Newbie Gamers is a similar name to amateur, and as said no harm in accepting it.

Panic is everywhere in the game. It is just that who controls it better than anyone wins.

Pridebang is a cool Minecraft server name but doesn't drown with it.

Pubg Pie is a name that you are really looking for.

RIPImposter is a message you want to send everyone.

Skywalker is a popular name, without even saying it is understandable.

Stabber is a perfect name for a game where you play to eliminate.

Syntax Error is a cool name to tell the opponent that he is not worth it to play with.

Team Fanatic is a perfect name for you and your sibling wanting to rule the gaming world.

Whiskey needs no supporting sentence. It is good enough in itself.

You Silly Fool is the best name that you can have to tell another person.

Minecraft Server Names PE

It is basically a specific version, and therefore, you could help yourself with some good names. Here you go:

Advancious Network is a good network with good strength.

Avenge Tech is one of the biggest groups specializing in all three modes. One of the fun Minecraft server names.

EMB Network is another big group with a lot of dynamism and is good for networking.

Emperials PE is a dynamic group with all types of gamers in all genres.

FallenSkyMC Network is another group if you get bored with just one game. One of the fun name ideas for Minecraft servers.

FallenTech PE is a huge group and good for one looking to learn from many people.

Funworld is new, so just join and rule with one of the creative names for Minecraft servers.

Hillcraft is a brand new group and always looking for talent. Of course, one of the creative names for Minecraft servers.

Hyperlands is a specialized group for minigames, PVP, and skywards.

Peaceful Vanilla Club is a small group but a cool name for your server.

Prime Games is another server with a lot of dynamics. One of the great ideas for Minecraft server names.

Semi Survival Craft is a decent server with not many players there. One of the creative names for Minecraft servers.

SkyBlock PE has very few seats left. You don't want to miss it.

Smeltape is a small group and only for prison games. One of the creative name ideas for Minecraft servers.

Minecraft Hunger Games Server Names

Below is a list of servers that you can join and enjoy your favorite games. You don't need to be worried about finding one. Here you go:

DesiredCraft Network is currently offline but is a known server to play.

MegaCraft is one of the best-known servers in India to play games.

Mine Time is offline for now, but it is indeed a great name for your Minecraft server.

Mineplex is a big group but with fewer options than mega craft. One of the fascinating names for Minecraft servers.

PhanaticMC Network is a small group with a smaller number of options which means specialization.

Project X-Factor is definitely online with a lot of gamers from all around the world.

Purple Prison is a big group with many choices, so there won't be any problems.

SkaiaCraft Cracked is a good network with many choices, and it is going to be difficult not to find anything of your liking.

Summer Craft is the ideal name for some summertime gaming fun.

Unique and cool server names for Minecraft are extremely popular with players from across the world.

Good Minecraft Server Names

Not everything has to be witty or fun; some gamers prefer good and decent names as well. These gamers like not to show off but just be themselves and still be different. Here is a list of names that will help you give a decent name to your Minecraft server. Here you go:

Advanced Video is for someone who loves advanced and great quality video graphics.

Automatic is the perfect excuse you tell your mother when you want to keep playing.

Bloodshot is when you are really a good shooter.

Born Confused is very normal when you play a game and don’t know what to do.

Chicken Dinner is very famous, and no gamer needs any information about it.

DeadAmongUs is a false name because it is still not dead.

Deathstalker should be your concern in the game and not in real life.

Easy Sweep is when you become a perfectionist of one game.

Faltu Dunia is the reason we need an escape from real life. One of the popular name ideas for Minecraft servers.

Game Garage is something every gaming group has at one of the member's garages.

Girl Royale depicts that boys are not the only ones playing, there are girls too.

Growing Useless is exactly what happens when you start playing a lot.

Gunpowder is exactly what you need to win most of the games.

Health Tips are definitely what all gamers want, isn't it?

Kid Game Play is a decent name with a touch of humor in it.

Little Drunk Girl is a perfect name for someone who just hit the legal age.

Mad Jack is a perfect name for the one who is now on a losing streak after being on a winning streak.

Mania is what you have with video games.

Nextgen Games is exactly what you want to flaunt to your friends.

Peanut Butter is one of the popular name ideas for Minecraft servers, especially for those gamers who love to have a PB&J always by their side.

Poker is something only big players can play and not kids.

Predator is something you would want to be in the game. One of the most interesting name ideas for Minecraft servers

Real Name Hidden is exactly why we need these names.

Royal Randoms shouldn't be confused with royal rumble.

Shadow Chaser is a fabulous name and a game, too, if you ever played it.

Sherlock of the game is one of the most respected players.

Smash Buster is very similar to hulk buster, isn't it?

Sultan Of Speed is a great name with an aesthetic touch. One of the popular name ideas for Minecraft servers.

Terror is a word everyone wants to ignore, but there is nothing you can do if you play so well.

Toxic Friends are the type of friends you need to stay away from.

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