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29 Famous Female Snowboarders Of All Time: You Should Know About

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Snowboarding is a popular winter sport.

Both men and women partake in this enjoyable activity. While some enjoy it as a hobby, others pursue it professionally. 

Female snowboarders from across the world have achieved many milestones in this sport. They have aced different snowboarding styles like halfpipe and big air. There are many famous female snowboarders who have astounded the industry with their freestyle and traditional skills. From the US to Norway, these women have started their snowboarding journey fairly young. Many have bagged Olympic gold medals from a young age. 

In this article, you will get to know about some of the most prominent female snowboarders. Some of the names here include Chloe Kim, Karine Ruby, Hannah Teter, Torah Bright, and so on. These are not all of the female snowboarders in the world but some of the most known. All in all, the field of snowboarding among women is extremely competitive. The innovative skills, drive, and strength exhibited by these athletes has the sports industry hooked. 

Here are some awesome facts about women who have mastered the art of snowboarding! Check out Kidadl articles like the name of snowboarding female athletes and who is the best female snowboarder in the world. 

Names Of Snowboarding Female Athletes

The art of snowboarding has been mastered by female athletes across the globe. Take a look at some of the coolest female snowboarders of all time. 

Counted as one of the most successful among female snowboarders, Karine Ruby is a French athlete. She has 29 medals under her name, including gold and silver from the Winter Olympics. 

Chloe Kim is an American snowboarder who started making records from a really young age. The Korean-American is seen as one of the best contenders in snowboarding events. 

Next on the list is Torah Bright. This professional snowboarder is from Australia, and she specializes in halfpipe and superpipe. She has won multiple medals, including gold and silver, at the Winter Olympics. 

Kelly Clark has three Olympic medals in her name. A feat that only four snowboarders have achieved (in both male and female categories). 

Shannon Dunn-Downing is an American snowboarder and the first from the country to win a bronze for halfpipe in the Olympics in 1988. She is also the first person to own a pro-model snowboard. She is also a huge advocate for breast cancer. 

Victoria Jealouse is not only known for her podium finish at the US Burton Cup but also for her prowess in the backcountry. Her style of snowboarding through the wilds of Alaska is envied by snowboarders. 

Anna Gasser is the winner of the 2018 Winter Olympics in big air. Prior to that, she has won many medals in big snowboarding tournaments. Definitely, someone, we should absolutely watch out for in the future!

Kaitlyn Brooke Farrington is another American snowboarder who has won gold at both X Games and Winter Olympics. 

Silje Norendal from Norway is a multi-talented snowboarder. She is an Olympic star who also had a great winning streak at the X Games. Slopestyle, halfpipe, and boardercross are the styles that the Norwegian participates in. 

Jamie Anderson is another Olympic snowboarder. Apart from snowboarding, she is another avid fitness and health promoter. 

The Best Female Snowboarder In The World

It can absolutely be really hard to choose one among the many talented female snowboarders in the world. The latest winner of the women's snowboarding Olympics is Anna Gasser. Here is a look at her achievements. 

Anna Gasser started her snowboarding career in 2010; before this, she was a gymnast. The Austrian participated in a series of snowboarding competitions where she performed well. In 2013, she became the first woman to perform the cab double cork 900 kicker move. In 2017, she won multiple gold medals at the X Games, Burton US Open, and snowboarding World Championships. She became world-famous when she got gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics in the big air event. Given her age, this snowboarding girl has a long way to go in her career. She is definitely one of the main athletes to watch out for in the upcoming Winter Olympics and X Games. 

The best female snowboarders are talented in all styles of snowboarding.

Female Snowboarders In The UK

Snowboarding is quite popular in the UK. Among the best female snowboarders from the country, three names are quite common- Katie Ormerod, Aimee Fuller, and Jenny Jones. 

A self-learner, Jenny Jones is easily one of the most famous British snowboarders. Believe it or not, she used to work as a chambermaid in a ski resort where she spent her own time mastering the snow slopes. This humble beginning did not stop her from winning gold at multiple X games and also becoming the first British individual to win in the Winter Olympics. She won a bronze medal in the slopestyle competition. 

Katie Ormerod started snowboarding at the age of five. As a professional snowboarder, she is known for her muscular strength, ability to freestyle, and spatial awareness. In fact, she is the first woman to do a backside double cork 1080. Another important feat achieved by her is being crowned the Snowboard Slopestyle Crystal Globe winner. She is the first British snowboarder to win this accolade. 

Aimee Fuller is the other female snowboarder on this list. Her amazing abilities have been demonstrated in various snowboarding competitions like X Games and Winter Olympics. Apart from snowboarding, the athlete is a huge advocate for health and fitness. 

Female Snowboarders In The USA

Professional female snowboarders from the USA continue to make a mark in the world of snowboarding. Janna Meyen-Weatherby, Hannah Teter, and Chloe Kim are three big names in the USA. 

Janna Meyen-Weatherby or Janna Meyen was one of the top women snowboarders in the country. She won her first tournament (US Open) when she was 13. From mastering half pipe, she went to participate in other styles like boardercross (1997) and slopestyle (2000). Her name is cemented in the women snowboarding history of the US as the first individual to win the X Games gold medals four times in a row. She dominated the slopestyle scene for three years and continued to grab medals in various competitions.

Born in 1987, Hannah Teter comes from a family of snowboarders. In her professional career, she has achieved massive success. She won the gold medal in the Winter Olympics in 2006 and silver in 2010. This female Olympic snowboarder has won several World championships. Apart from snowboarding, she participates in charitable work under her organization called Hannah's Gold, along with being the Special Olympics global ambassador. Fun fact! Famous ice cream brand Ben and Jerry's Maple Blondie flavor was created in honor of this athlete. Also, she is a vegetarian and has appeared in popular magazines like Sports Illustrated. 

No list of female snowboarding in the US is complete without Chloe Kim. Snowboarder supreme Chloe is the youngest female to win gold at the Winter Olympics. She achieved this feat at the age of 17 in 2010. Named as perhaps one of the most influential individuals of 2018 by TIME magazine, she is also the only woman to win two gold medals at the Winter Youth Olympic Games. She has won several accolades in sports during her career. Like Hanah, she too has been featured in Sports Illustrated magazine. Toy company Mattel created the Shero Barbie in her honor, and she has also featured in commercials of top brands like Nike and Kellogg's. 

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 29 famous female snowboarders of all time you should know about, then why not take a look at archery facts or gamer facts?

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