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Oct 19, 2023 By Martha Martins
Originally Published on Feb 11, 2022
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Bubble gum is fun, they are tasty, they have a lot of flavors and they're a food item that is popular to play with!

Both adults and kids love to chew gum and it's one of the few food items which are both tasty and fun to play with. Humans are known to have fun with things around them and the invention of chewing gum is an example of that.

Bubble gum or chewing gum was invented in the late 1980s. The invention of the first successful bubble gum was no accident, and it took the inventor a great deal of time to come up with chewing gum.

When it comes to a substance like this, it's very obvious to have safety concerns. Bubble gum is safe but only to a limit. Only children above the age of 10 years only should be allowed to chew bubble gum, as swallowed gum can cause trouble for children.

The Invention of Bubblegum

Today bubble gum comes in a variety of flavors. There was also a time when chewing gum constantly was also known as a fashion statement.

  • Bubble gum was not invented by a food researcher or a man in a similar domain, the very first bubble gum was invented by an accountant.
  • A man named Walter worked in a chewing gum factory and he often played with different recipes of chewing gum just for fun.
  • Walter was appointed to the chewing gum company as an accountant, but after many attempts at making a fun chewable and safe chewing gum, he invented bubble gum.
  • The initial problem faced was these chewing gums that were made by the chewing gum company were too sticky and they weren't fun to chew.
  • After many tries, Walter came up with the perfect recipe, a chewing gum that wasn't sticky.
  • The invention of this kind of chewing gum meant now people could have fun with it, which means blowing a bubble inside it.
  • One of the least known facts about bubble gum is after coming up with the most perfect chewing gum recipe, Walter lost it and again had to try for months to make it.
  • Most bubble gum that we have today in the market are pink in color, that's because when Walter was making the gum base there was only pink food coloring available and thus it ended up being the star color choice of these chewing gums.
  • The first successful bubble gum was sold with the name 'Dubble Bubble', it was as sticky as the traditional bubble gum or the chewing gum which was available on the market earlier.
  • The earliest bubble gum which was very sticky compared to the chewing bubble gum invented by Walter was called 'Blibber Blubber.'
  • One of the most famous and lesser known facts about bubble gum is if a bubble gum gets stuck in your hair, the piece stuck can be removed easily by using peanut butter.
  • Peanut butter has a good amount of oils which helps to remove the bubble gum.
  • The world's biggest chewing gum was manufactured by the Topps chewing gum company.

Facts About Bubblegum

Gum companies are present in almost every country, however, Turkey is known to win that race, you can find most gum companies in the world in Turkey.

  • Chewing gum is fun only if it's not swallowed. For young kids it can be lethal.
  • Chewing gum comes with several artificial flavorings, which makes the gum taste better.
  • A study claims that when bubble gum is chewed it helps to reduce stress.
  • Chewing gum can be your best friend if you suffer from ear pop during a flight.
  • Chewing a pack of gum during a flight or while on an airplane can help from the discomfort of ear-popping.
  • As chewing gum results in the production of more saliva, it directly helps in the opening of the eustachian tube which is responsible for the ear pop during a flight as we go to a higher altitude.
  • People suffering from heartburn after having meals can chew gums to prevent heartburn.
  • Its widely known that chewing gum can help one to increase alertness.
  • When you blow a bubble inside the bubble while chewing bubble gum, this phenomenon is known as a triple whammy.
  • Many tribes get natural gum which is often secreted from trees to chew.
  • Since chewing gum helps in alertness and acts as a de-stressor, this study supports the famous claim that Greeks used to chew natural gums to stay focused.
  • Swallowed gum can be very dangerous for children, for adults it's not a big issue.
  • Many people believe that swallowed bubble gum stays in the stomach forever, but this is not true.
  • A swallowed chewing gum can not be digested as they have special fibers but they don't stay in the stomach forever, they often come out through regular bodily excretions.
  • When it comes to kids, bubble gum might get stuck in the windpipe and can choke them or worse.
  • The makers of the famous swell bubble gum are none other than the Philadelphia chewing gum company.
  • The idea of chewing gum came from this plant-based gum, which is often secreted by plants.

Ingredients of Bubblegum

Different kind of companies use their very own separate ingredients in order to set them aside from their competition.

  • In earlier times, for example before World War II, making chewing gum was easy and they just used the sap of the sapodilla tree to make it.
  • In those times, they simply took the sap in use and added flavors to make it tasty.
  • It was only after the events of World War II that chemists focused on making their very own artificial bubble gum without using any plant-based products.
  • The sole idea to make artificial gum was because the ingredients which went into the making of artificial gum were very easy to find.
  • Artificial gum mainly used rubber, plastic and in some cases, they also used a number of waxes in order to give the bubble gum the ideal stretch.
  • Companies are often not in any official compulsion to show the full ingredient list which they use to make bubblegum. This is also very scary since we don't know what exactly it is that we are eating.
  • While making a pack of chewing gum, the most important element is the gum base.
  • The gum base is essential as it gives it the signature stretch that it has.
  • Companies very often use resin or wax to make the gum base.

Different Flavours of Bubblegum

There are different flavors of bubblegum, and many companies often use artificial flavors to enhance their taste.

  • Fruit stripe bubblegum is one of the famous flavors of chewing gum.
  • The Hubba Bubba original bubble tape is also loved by children all across the world.
  • Bubble yum and bazooka are some of the all-time favorite flavors of bubble gum.
  • When it comes to Wrigley's juicy fruit gum, there is no comparison to it. The sweet, juicy and tangy chewing gum is everyone's favorite.

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