Terrific Things That Are Purple In Nature, Food And Drink

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Originally Published on Oct 22, 2021
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Beautiful purple pansy flower.

Have you always been drawn to purple flowering plants and purple food?

If your answer was yes, this is just the article for you! From flowering plants and food, to gemstones, we have it all!

Purple has always been a pretty color to look at, but did you know that this color often symbolizes nobility? Purple things are not only rare and therefore appreciated, but also add to the beauty of nature. Let's talk about some of the common and little-known purple things!

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What is purple known for?

Purple is widely accepted and recognized as the color of nobility. People from monarchies all over the world are often dressed in rich clothes of light purple or dark purple color in pictures and portraits.

It was hardly a matter of co-incidence that this color was preferred by the richest people in the world. This color is reminiscent of wealth, so it does not come as a surprise that wealthy people would be dressed in a color that symbolized their wealth!

Apart from being the color of the noble classes, this color is also a sign of wisdom and dignity. However, this does not mean that people who love this color are always wise.

Colors and what they signify is based on basic human psychology and the emotions or feelings that are invoked when a person looks at a color. The world has many million shades of color and, while these colors can be hard to differentiate between, almost all of them have their own significance to different people.

The fact that the robes in 'Harry Potter' movies were often purple and violet in color is also testament to the fact that this color is reminiscent of magic. For example, Albus Dumbledore, one of the most powerful wizards in the 'Harry Potter' universe, wears a lot of purple clothes. Surely this is not a coincidence!

Even in literature, the color purple has its own significance. A novel by Alice Walker named 'The Color Purple' depicts the story of an indigenous woman who fights for her dignity both in terms of racial subjugation and also subjugation of women.

The fact that this character in the novel treats the color purple, and the right to wear it, as a sign of her having realized her dream of becoming a respectable woman, shows us how a color can stand for much more than we may immediately understand.

Castles all over the world were often adorned with purple curtains and upholstery, as a symbol of grandeur and majesty. We might have seen a couple of instances when the Queen herself was dressed in purple or violet.

The next time someone of great stature wears the color, you may not be wrong to believe that it is a calculated move in order to reinforce their status.

There has always been speculation over the dilemma of whether or not purple and violet are the same color. The answer is no, although there is very little difference between the two.

When it comes to the world and its objects, the fact that things that are purple in nature are very rare creates a mystical affect around the color. People are often surprised and taken aback when they come across things that are purple in color.

One such purple object is the amethyst.

An amethyst is a quartz mineral or gem-stone and is known for its calming properties.

People who believe in chakras and the power of crystals often use the amethyst quartz mineral for cleansing their spaces and creating a peaceful aura.

However, if these facts about this purple gem-stone makes you want to purchase one, keep in mind that crystals have their own spiritual connotations and need to be charged through nature before they can begin to cleanse your surroundings!

Purple Flowers

There is hardly anyone who does not like flowers. While the most commonly loved flower is the red rose, flowers that are a violet or purple color are rare, and hence, very widely loved.

While you might have come across lavender flowers and thought that they are quite pretty, did you know that there is an actual shade of color called lavender.

These purple flowers are known for their essential oils and the calming effect that the scent of lavender flowers has on humans.

People who suffer from insomnia or anxiety are often told to use a diffuser with lavender essential oils, and to spray a lavender essential oil mist on their pillow cases. This is because it helps in calming a person down and making sure that they get some sleep.

The sweet scent and bright appearance of lavenders might be just what your house requires on a calm Sunday evening, as you read your favorite poems.

Lilac flowers are a symbol of the spring season. The lilac color in general is very soothing to the eyes, and, since the color is an amalgamation of a dull purple with a hint of pink, a lilac plant can brighten up any space.

The color lilac is sure to remind you of the fun that summer is sure to bring along, and the calm and serenity of the winter mornings that have just passed. The petals of these flowers are tiny and do not have much shading.

Orchids are flowers that are often found in different colors, but the violet or purple orchids are most commonly seen. These flowers have petals that are most commonly shaded with streaks of white, which further accentuates the regality of the purple color.

Other than lavenders, lilacs and orchids, there are many more flowers that are purple in color. Bell flowers and hydrangeas are commonly seen purple flowers and thus, their beautiful colors are often overlooked. While some of these flowers, like the bell flower, may often be more of a pink or blue color, some bright variants will surely be purple!

A lot of beautiful plums.

Purple Animals And Birds

There are not many animals and birds that are purple in nature. However, one purple-colored bird that comes to mind is the Violet Backed Starling.

This bird species, as the name suggests, has wings and an upper body region that is violet, blue or purple in color. The color of the plumage can be a bright purple or a slightly muted blue according to the season.

The Purple Martin is also such a bird whose plumage is predominantly purple in color, as is fairly evident from the name itself. The plumage of this bird is dark blue to dark violet or purple in color.

Interestingly, there is also a bird that is named after the amethyst crystal. This bird species can also be black or green in color depending upon the gender and the season during which the animal has been observed. The Western Swamphen is mostly dark purple in color and has orange-colored underparts which create a beautiful contrast.

The Purple Emperor is a butterfly species that has purple-colored wings, which are patterned with shades of blue, black and white. These butterflies can be found in a variety of habitats, whether picking at the ground for insects to eat, or hovering over flowering plants for nectar and other sweet produce.

Make sure to keep an eye out for such beautiful species of birds the next that you decide to go for bird-watching!

Purple Sea Creatures

When it comes to purple sea creatures, there are a number of animal species that come to mind. The sea star is one such purple sea creature. This creature is a star-fish and is found at the bottom of seas and oceans.

This animal is most commonly seen in nature as a camouflaged part of sea coral. The color of a sea star can often have certain variations and can end up looking dark purple or violet.

Speaking of coral, although they don't pass as sea creatures, these underwater plant-like objects are often purple in color. The color is varied, and is most commonly recognized as a shade of orange.

Yet, violet or purple coral is not too rare and you might just be able to spot some in the next picture of coral reefs that you happen to come across. More often than not, you will also find a purple sea snail around!

The purple orb and sea cucumber are light purple-colored sea creatures that add to the list of beautiful underwater creatures. The mud monster, which is an underwater worm that is usually attached to the ocean bed or a plant, is also light purple in color.

This worm has an almost jelly-fish or octopus-like appearance which can be very difficult to identify when seen in nature.

Purple Food And Drink

The first purple objects that come to mind when we think of purple-colored fruits are grapes. While green colored grapes are more common, a purple grape vine isn't too tough to come across either.

Some of these purple-colored fruits have very sweet juice, while others can be sour. Figs add to the number of fruits that have a purple outer-skin. These fruits are sweet and loved all over the world. Passion fruit also has a purple-colored outer skin.

However, the inner portion of the passion fruit is yellow in color. This yellow portion also happens to be the edible part. The purple outer cover is inedible for human beings.

An eggplant or aubergine is also purple in color in terms of the outer skin. One little-known fact about the eggplant is that this vegetable is very nutritious and, since its flesh is spongy, it soaks up any flavor in which it is cooked.

Why don't you consider making a middle eastern baba-ganoush the next time that you find an especially fresh-looking eggplant at the supermarket?

Plum is a stone fruit whose skin is purple in color. The juice or nectar of this fruit is very sweet and hence, it is a favorite among many people.

The purple cauliflower, like the name suggests, is also purple in color, as opposed to the white cauliflowers that we usually see. When paired in a dish with purple basil, you can expect it to taste amazing!

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