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Fun And Crazy April Fools' Day Facts That Your Kids Will Enjoygra4z

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April Fools' Day or simply known as All Fools' Day is a worldwide prank day, celebrated across many countries.

April Fools' Day is officially celebrated on April 1, and it has become one of the annual customs across the world. You can typically witness children and even some adults being ‘naughty’, trying out practical jokes and hoaxes with their fellow friends or family. Most of these jokesters often shout during or after their prank succession, ‘April fools’ towards their recipients.

We do know April Fools' Day is a worldwide phenomenon and a pretty popular day, but most of us are not aware of its history. The first origins of April Fools' Day are believed to be recorded in the book of Geoffrey Chaucer, named 'The Canterbury Tales' in the year 1392. Most of the people have disputed over these origins since they do not actually confirm the timeline. There are another bunch of writers in this world who suggest that April Fools' Day originated because New Year’s Day was celebrated on March 25 in the Middle Ages in numerous European towns but in other parts of France, France switched the holiday and it was extended till the April 1. Just like this, there are numerous origin theories pertaining to April Fools' Day and other April Fools' Day facts that you will surely enjoy.

Read on for some interesting April Fools' Day facts to make your April 1 even more fun. Afterward, also check April fun facts and April birthday facts.

Types Of Pranks

Playing pranks on April Fools' Day is a voluntary activity that defines the day. Pranks or practical jokes during this day can also be seen on television, radio. Let us check some April Fools' Day facts related to different types of pranks that you can play!

Now, with the help of the internet, there is officially no shortage of overwhelming practical jokes. However, most of these pranks are invented by each individual and they do not come from a religious perspective. Most of the world holds a brighter and positive view on the significance of April Fools' Day because they believe it encourages hoaxes, jokes, and practical jokes which in turn brings laughter and joy to the people witnessing them.

This contains the list of some of the pranks you can practice on your friends:

Out of control remote: Stick a piece of tape to the sensor of the remote, make sure the tape is transparent and undetectable, so whenever you have friends over and they ask you to put a movie, give them the remote, and no matter what they try they won't be able to get the TV channels to budge!

Confetti fan fun: This is yet another fun way to prank your friends and have a good laugh. Cautiously place confetti on the top of your ceiling fan, so that when some switches it on, they will have confetti spinning all over the room!

Undrinkable Jell-O: Take some Jell-O and let it set in the typical juice glasses and place a straw in each of them. Serve them to your friends as ‘drinks’ they will have no idea what's in it for them, and they will profusely try to use the straws but without any success!

Is it good?

Here are some interesting April Fools' Day facts to help you determine if this day is actually any good for pranks.

Most historians believe that April Fools' Days dates back to 1582 when France changed to the Gregorian calendar from the Julian calendar. In medieval times, ancient Celts and Romans celebrated this festival of mischief-making.

Most of the pranks which are carried out on April Fools' Day are meant with good intentions and are harmless. Some other parts of the world do witness some of the mean jokes being carried out and yes, you guessed it right, those jokes do not usually bring out the best in people

Pranking ‘innocent children’ however makes the day more fun and interesting because their innocence restricts them from seeing through the prank. Here is the instance of one of the famous hoaxes carried out by BBC; the spaghetti-tree hoax was a three-minute report depicting a family in southern Switzerland harvesting spaghetti from the family ‘spaghetti tree’. The reason for this hoax being successful was, most of the people in the UK during the time were not aware of spaghetti and its ingredients.

The book 'The Canterbury Tales' by Geoffrey Chaucer associated April 1 with foolishness.

Who all celebrates?

Here are some April Fools' Day facts to offer you more information on how people across the world celebrate this day.

In ancient Rome, April Fools' Day was celebrated by making fun of their citizens and playing games and masquerades likewise. Except for Odessa in Ukraine, April Fools' Day is not a public holiday, but people do celebrate it with fun pranks nevertheless.

After the month of March, everyone longs for this month for the joke. Everyone loves to crack a joke, and this month takes the joke to a whole new level with good pranks. April gives them the excuse that March did not. The April fools joke is long-awaited. It is also the time around the gag 'spaghetti harvest' from the 'spaghetti trees' by the Swiss farmers. The Scotts celebrated this day by sending enclosed letters that had messages like ‘dinna laugh, dinna smile. Hunt the gowk another mile.’ TV stations broadcast some good laughter content for the day. Even press releases have some prank ideas. Pranking is nice but try to not cause harm to mother nature or to anyone with your prank.

Fun Facts About April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day is celebrated on April 1 every year. The day has no shortage of pranks and at the same time, it also has an abundance of fun facts. So let us without any further delay, dive into reading some more interesting April Fools' Day facts.

April Fools' Day in Scotland was called Huntigowk Day!

Scotland April Fools' Day lasts two whole days!

Most of the Nordic countries celebrate April Fools' Day, and mostly their media, or press will publish one false story on the same date!

In the United Kingdom, the pranks on April Fools' Day should be stopped at midday, if it is still continued then the person who is pranking is called an April fool!

There is yet another tradition in France where the people of France stick paper fish on each other's backs and shout loudly 'April’s fish!' or 'April fish'. There is no significant origin of this paper fish to April fish story, but it is a tradition.

In the Korean royal family, April Fools' Day is the only day where they are allowed to lie and play pranks!

In the year 1996, Taco Bell Corp issued ads in numerous newspapers claiming the purchase of Liberty Bell, renaming it as Taco Liberty Bell!

Most people believe April Fools' Day is also linked to the first day of spring!

In 1683, Poland believed so seriously in April Fools' Day that the Polish anti-Turkish alliance signed was backdated from April 1 to March 31!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for fun and crazy April Fools' Day facts that your kids will enjoy, then why not take a look at when do the days start getting longer, or January birthdays facts?

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