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One cool Kingdom Hearts fact is that there are around 13 games ready for you to play!
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The Walt Disney Company is unsurprisingly one of the leading companies when it comes to games, cartoons, or creating magical universes to blow the minds of children and adults alike.

Their mission has always been to be to entertain, inspire and inform people all around the world. They have a great sense of amazing storytelling and reflect creative minds and top-notch technology!

The company has taken various other businesses under its belt, including online streaming, entertainment and distribution, animation studios, sales, and so much more! They have also created experiences and products globally through their amazing Disney Parks, by telling fascinating stories which include diverse, simple, and sometimes complicated characters that everyone around the world can relate to. They cater to various fun activities, including books, cruises, and even video games, creating a unique experience for everyone involved!

There have been various famous and exciting video games produced by Disney, like 'There Roger Rabbit', which is said to feature amazing sound and graphic quality. The game comprises four levels with unique tasks to be completed at each level. They have also produced many 'Star Wars' video games which are a hit with the film's fans. Many video games also include voiceovers of Disney veterans. Some other famous video games from different companies include Pac Man, which grossed over 1.14 billion dollars, and Mario Kart! One of the most known consoles to play video games is on Sony's PlayStation. This console was hugely popular when first released, and Sony introduced their PlayStation 2 console in 2000. Even today it's the best-selling console to play with at home! Sony sold over 155 million units of the PlayStation by the end of 2012. Sony also released PlayStation3 in the year 2006 and then eventually PlayStation4, which was released in 2013 and sold millions of units on the first day of the sale itself! The latest console, PlayStation5, in the series was released in the year 2020.

Disney also has a new game that immerses players in a battle of three versus three with characters from its franchise like Frozone from 'The Incredibles', 'Wreck-It Ralph', 'Mickey Mouse', 'Maleficent', and more.

To know more about the video games that have sold multiple merchandise and collectibles along with manga series, continue reading the article!

Kingdom Hearts: Game Development History

Kingdom Hearts is a crossover between various Disney worlds and is completely based on fiction. The game centers on some Pixar and Disney characters and some Square Enix logo characters as well. The plot centers around the protagonist fighting against the different incarnations of the antagonist Master Xehanort. This game has catchy theme songs called 'Hikari' and 'Chikai'.

  • 'Kingdom Hearts' was the first game in the series, which was released in Japan in 2002. This game established the main characters and plots consisting of the Heartless. They also include cameos from the 'Final Fantasy' series. 'Kingdom Hearts Final Mix' (final mix form) was also released in the Japanese version later.
  • This final mix version includes the additional content from the North American release with more enemies, weapons, and cut scenes. After this, the sequel 'Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories' was released in Japan on Game Boy Advance in 2004.
  • One year after the exciting events of Chain Of Memories, 'Kingdom Hearts II' was released in 2005. This continues the initial plot with more enemies and the concept of Nobodies, the shells of people who became Heartless.
  • 'Kingdom Hearts Coded' was released as a mobile game and was released in the years 2008 and 2010 in original Japanese release with episode type game series for Kingdom Hearts. 'Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days' was finally released in 2009 and focused on Roxas and his story in Organization XIII. It also has AI-controlled partners.
  • 'Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep' was released as a prequel to the series and was released on PlayStation in 2010. This game is set 10 years into the past of all events that happened in the Kingdom Hearts universe.
  • Kingdom Hearts III was released in the year 2019 and is an action role-playing game developed by Square Enix. The game ends in the last game of Dark Seeker Saga.

Developers Of Kingdom Hearts

Disney's gaming division, also known as the Disney Interactive Studios Inc, is owned by the Walt Disney company. Even though it closed in 2016, it distributed its gaming platforms throughout the world. Kingdom Hearts was developed after a talk with the Disney executive in an elevator. It's also called 'Square Enix'.

  • Nomura of Square Enix was given complete freedom during the development of the video game series. However, he and his staff decided to build the characters within the decided environment and roles.
  • Each of the characters has their individual specialty, and hence it was not very difficult to make the characters dark and serious even though the usual Disney characters are not that way. Nomura felt that maintaining characters through different games and different worlds was a bit difficult.
  • The developers wanted to make the game in a way that people could relate to it, using existing characters from the 'Toy Story' series, King Mickey, and Donald Duck. They made an effort to include many such characters without much overlap in each world. This made the feel of each world consistent.
  • The 'Final Fantasy' characters were made after the fans' opinions and the staff discussion about what the best fit for the 'Final Fantasy' world would be.
  • Finally, once the staff felt that the specific characters, like 'Toy Story', would fit in with 'Final Fantasy', they included them in 'Final Fantasy VII' and 'Kingdom Hearts III', 'Kingdom Hearts II', and 'Kingdom Hearts Final Universe' (Kingdom Hearts games).
  • Nomura was initially not sure about placing characters that were not designed by him in the game 'Kingdom Hearts', as he was not fully aware of their backstory. However, after pressure from staff and fans, he changed his ways in the 'Kingdom Hearts II' game.
  • Nomura also sometimes leaves some connections and events unexplained in the game as it gives the players and fans more room to use their imagination and make up theories.

Kingdom Hearts Key Characters And Their Roles

A video game uses a computer and a user to interact and play a story using a device input such as a controller, joystick, or even a keyboard. This game or story can be played on any display device, including computers, TV screens, or touchscreens. Sometimes, a virtual reality headset is used to give the game a twist. Not all computer games are video games. Some games, such as chess or text adventure, don't depend on the graphic display.

  • Sora, the main protagonist of the 'Kingdon Hearts' video game, is a teenage boy who lives in a place called Destiny Island and uses a keyblade to fight against the Heartless.
  • Riku has a personality that is very strong, almost as strong as land, and he is very confident and strong-willed, sometimes he may even be considered as arrogant. Riku values his friends very much and would do anything to protect them and respects them all.
  • Terra met Riku when they were children, and he gave Riku the keyblade and the ability to use it. This enabled Riku to train and become great at this weapon along with Sora.
  • Kairi is one of the main female protagonists of the video game and is also known to be the Princess of Heart. Her heart is pure and holds only light without any darkness. She is one of the seven maidens and is required to unlock the final keyhole to the 'Kingdom Hearts' series in the Disney Castle.
  • Kairi cannot succumb to the dark side. In case her heart is lost, until her heart is returned, she will remain in the dormant state. Hence she cannot ever become Heartless.
  • Master Eraqus is the master of Aqua and Terra and is also a keyblade master. He is also known to be the second master of Ventus.
  • Terra is also one of the main characters of Disney's gaming team. He made his debut in the series 'Hearts Birth By Sleep'. He is known to be a passionate young person and is best friends with Ventus and Aqua.
  • Aqua is the main lead in one of the games, and she is a great fighter and protector of friends. Ventus is also in 'Kingdom Hearts' and also made his debut in 'Kingdom Hearts II'.
Namine is one of the main characters, and she is the nobody of Kairi.

Details About Kingdom Hearts' Protagonist

This video game has been popular among the masses. They have also produced multiple types of merchandise. Even though this video game has mild violence, it doesn't promote bad behavior or language; hence it is not particularly bad for kids. These games have been consistent in their quality and character development and hence have been praised by many people.

  • Sora, the main character of the story, is shown as a 13-year-old boy living in Destiny Islands. Sora lives along with his two best friends, Kairi and Riku, and they go on an amazing adventure!
  • Riku was not a playable character in the first 'Kingdom Hearts' series. However, he was later enabled to be a playable character in future versions of the video game. Riku is shown as a 15-year-old boy with his main weapon of choice as a soul eater sword.
  • Kairi is one of the female leads in the video game and is one of the best friends of Sora and Kairi. She is portrayed as a 14-year-old girl, and her heart is stolen by Ansem, who is Heartless.
  • Roxas is another main character who makes an appearance alongside Sora and later discovers himself to be a Nobody. At the finale of Kingdom Hearts II, he merges his body with Sora to save him. However, during 29 hours long Kingdom Hearts III, his body is restored with a replica body.
  • In 'Birth By Sleep', Terra is one of the three main playable characters, with his main role being a keyblade welder, which was his dream.
  • Aqua is a female keyblade master who is a playable character in two of the 'Kingdom Hearts' games.

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