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53 Funny Facts About Missouri We Bet You Didn't Know!

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Starting from the beautiful river-cut natural landscapes to jaw-dropping architectural creations of history, the US state of Missouri is filled with a plethora of fun things to explore.

Missouri lies in the mid-western USA and is bordered by eight states on all its sides. Jefferson is the capital of the state and Missouri and it is the 24th state to join the union, attaining separate statehood on 10 August 1821.

The state of Missouri is spread over an area of 69,715 sq. mi (180,560 sq. km) and is home to over six million people, making it rank the 19th most populous state of the USA. With two major North American rivers draining the state, namely, the Mississippi River and the Missouri River, Missouri's fertile lands are a blessing to this state. Apart from the capital city, Kansas is another important city of Missouri, offering majestic views of natural wonders. Missouri history is well-crafted over time, from the first humans appearing as settlers to the introduction of slavery to finally achieving statehood under the union of all American states. In certain pockets of the state, the imprints of the past European cultures, be it French or German, are well preserved, amplifying the cultural beauty and diversity of the place. Apart from the physical and cultural facts, several other enticing pieces of information on Missouri will bewilder you.

Want to know giggle-worthy facts about Missouri? Read on to know more.

In case you want to know more about this state, you can check out interesting facts about What is Missouri the state known for and What makes Missouri unique here.

What makes Missouri unique?

Here are some Missouri famous facts that make it different from other states of the world.

Missouri is bounded by as many as eight other states of the US with Kennedy and Kentucky in the east, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas in the west, Iowa bordering in the north, and Arkansas in the south. Although it stands as the 19th most populous US state at present, the first settlers were recorded to arrive around 12,000 years ago. Earlier being an important trade and commercial hub of ancient America, Missouri is now known as the Mother of the West. Its capital, Jefferson City, is named after the third US President, Thomas Jefferson. Until 1845, Missouri was the western-most state under the union before the admission of Texas. The physiography of the state can be sectioned into three distinct zones: the north-west upland plain or prairie zone, a part of the south-eastern lowland along the Mississippi embayment, and part of the Ozark Plateau falling under Missouri's boundaries. The state is dotted with 40 state parks and six national parks. While other countries mark their tallest mountains having gigantic heights, Missouri's tallest mountain, Taum Sauk Mountain is just 1,772 ft (540 m) in height. The world's largest spring is found in the USA at the famous Big Springs, Missouri, that spurts water at 470 cubic ft (13,000 l) of water out of it per second.

The tallest artificial monument of the western hemisphere lies in Missouri. The Gateway Arch stands as the tallest artificially built arch and also the tallest monument made entirely of stainless steel. Its symbolic stature has gained global attention and is the most prominent landmark of St. Louis, Missouri. After the European exploration to the west increased, the Spanish were the first to enter here the French settlers entered Missouri and the fur traders established the cities of Ste. Genevieve and St. Louis are 1735 and 1764 respectively. Not only is Missouri known for being the highest producer of lead in the US, but also stands as the leading manufacturers of transport equipment. With an agricultural area covering 66% of the state, it leads to soybean and corn production in the US. The largest beer producing plant in the US is the Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Budweiser beer. Missouri is also known as the State Grape for its high grape yield.

Missouri Facts For Kids

Missouri is a cool state and for knowing why is it so, you will have to read these astonishing things that even its residents are well-versed with.

Missouri got its name from the native tribe called the Sioux Indians, who called themselves Missouris, as they lived by the Missouri River. The word Missouri means the "town of the large canoes". As the state is filled with over 6,4000 caves, Missouri is popularly known as The Cave State. After Rome of Italy, Kansas City is a paradise for fountain lovers. Book lovers will be delighted to know that many famous writers like Maya Angelou, T.S. Eliot, and Tennessee Williams are from this state. The three most dreadful earthquakes in the entire history of the USA hit New Madrid, the strongest ones that ever struck in the continental USA. As early as 1808, under the initiative of Joseph Charles, Missouri got its first newspaper called the "Missouri Gazette". The world's first institution to offer journalism as a formal stream of study started at the University of Missouri in 1908. Saint Louis University is the oldest university in Missouri, established in 1832. The 33rd President of the USA, Harry S. Truman, was born in Missouri.

What are fun facts about Missouri?

Over the years Missouri has witnessed some real funny incidents that are interesting enough to make their way in the list of the Missouri trivia.

Although the state has 114 counties, more than half of its population resides in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri. The Cave State also boasts of having a special cave restaurant in Richland, a unique one in the entire US. In the years 1811 and 1812, Missouri was hit by over 2000 earthquakes along the Mississippi River Valley. Gateway Arch, the tallest building of St. Louis, Missouri is strong enough to withstand severe earthquakes that can sway it up to 18 in (45.72 cm) in the ground.

Unlike our Gmail that we know of today, between April 1860 and October 1861, Missouri had a special mailing system called The Pony Express. As the name suggests, lone horsemen used to carry the mails from one place to another at a super-fast delivery speed of only 10 days. The crunchy waffle cone tastes the best after the ice cream is over, thanks to Missouri for inventing it. At the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904, ice cream cones were invented by a Syrian gentleman named Ernest A. Hamwi, who created a cone ice cream made out of waffles and pastries and sold it at the fair. At the same St. Louis World's Fair, the world got its first iced tea invented by Richard Blechyden. The first-ever cow to take an airplane ride was at St. Louis in Missouri in 1930. Even the world's first jump out of an airplane using a parachute was done by Captain Berry in 1912 at St. Louis.

In the world of politics, these Missouri fun facts are amusing to read. Missouri acquired the nickname of "Show Me State" after a speech by a Congressman saying, "I am Missouri. You have got to show me." There are two different pronunciations of Missouri: "Missouruh" and "Missouree". Before contesting at elections, politicians use both these pronunciations in their public speeches to win the votes of both pronunciation users. Another funny Missouri information talks about the tale of a man named Valentine Tapley, who was anti-Abraham and had sworn of not shaving his beard if Abraham Lincoln won the election. Keeping his word, his beard grew up to 12 ft 6 in (3.8 m) from 1860 to his death in 1910, as Lincoln won the election.

Enticing Missouri state facts kids will love to read.

What are some weird facts about Missouri?

Humans, in their act of exploration, involve in some weird activities that are weird enough to earn fame and Missouri is no exception to this.

The movie 'Exorcist' was based on the life of a 14-year old boy from St. Louis, who experienced episodes of paranormal activities at his own house. One of the weird incidents that made its way to the list of weird Missouri facts was the burning down of a steamboat at the Mississippi river in 1869, killing 210 out of 270 passengers. However, it left a thousand dollars scattered and floating in the river. Can you imagine buying a pie for $3100 at an auction? A 95-year old farmer named Jerry Mumma bought the world's most expensive pie baked by his 18-year old granddaughter. In Maryville of Missouri, there are strict laws prohibiting 'notorious squirrels', as those fearless squirrels are known to disrupt the normal functioning of the people there. Another prohibitory law restricts people from owning any reptile that is over 8 ft (2.44 m) in size. The capital of Jefferson City underwent a series of tragic incidents starting with the burning down of the capitol in 1837 followed by a bolt of disastrous lightning that struck upon it in 1911. Thereafter, the present capital of Jefferson City was rebuilt by the year 1917. Over 90% of Missouri was devastated by the Tri-State Tornado in 1925 that happens to be the most destructive one in the history of the country.

Did you know?

The longest river in the USA, the Missouri River, drains the state.

Displaying vivid German culture along with high-class wineries, the Hermann village along the banks of the Missouri River has acquired nationwide recognition for its high-quality wines.

Missouri celebrates Missouri Day on the third Wednesday of October every year.

The Gateway Arch, Museum of the Westward Expansion, and St. Louis Courthouse are all part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.

Kansas City has the most number of freeways per capita and boulevards than any other metropolitan area across the entire USA.

A unique law, known as the Brothel Law, restricts the dwelling of more than four unrelated people in a single house.

The "Frisco" or the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway started in 1870 as the first passenger train of the Atlantic-Pacific Railway.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 53 funny facts about Missouri we bet you didn't know, then why not take a look at Albuquerque facts or Ohio facts?

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