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32 Harmony Of The Seas Facts You Didn't Know About The Cruise Ship

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Being the largest ship, the Harmony of the Seas is a new Royal Caribbean fleet member.

The excitement isn't just about its size. It's packed with features and services that will make you think and never let you feel dull during your entire cruise.

The ship is designed to accommodate some of the unique features a cruise offers to its guests and make sure that they never forget this experience. Since the time it has been in the water, it has amazed and fascinated thousands of people. There is much more for you to know and marvel upon about this ship, so take a look at some of these amazing facts about this marvelous creation.

Origin And History Of Harmony Of The Seas

As fascinating as the ship itself is, the history of the Harmony cruise ship is far more interesting. Keep reading to learn more about it: 

Royal Caribbean International decided to order a third oasis-class ship in fall 2012, following the success of its previous cruise ships.

The Harmony of the Seas ship was created for Royal Caribbean International by STX France. The ship is named after the Harmony module on the International Space Station. Harmony of Seas was handed over in May 2016 and is presently the world's second-largest cruise ship, after Symphony of the Seas.

To gain perspective on the size of the project, you should know that over 2,500 workers at STX France put in over ten million hours to finish the work on this Harmony Seas ship in France. Its maiden sailing took place in 2016 toward Barcelona, Spain.

Captain Of The Harmony Of The Sea

Royal Caribbean ship sails under the command of captain Johny Faevelen. To handle such a massive ship, you need to be experienced and skilled, and when we talk about captain Johnny Faevelen, he is no amateur.

He captained and sailed Allure of the Seas for six years before taking command of Harmony of the Seas, which overtook the latter to become the primary attraction of Royal Caribbean cruises.

Harmony of the Seas is a sailing ship from Royal Caribbean's Oasis-class of cruise ships, including Harmony, Symphony, and Oasis.

Features Of Harmony Of The Seas

Harmony of the Seas offers one of the best cruise travel experiences in the world while boasting a few of the best features that one can expect from such a massive ship with such a huge deck.

Monohulls are immense structures, and those on Harmony of the Seas justify their size. The decks hold a central park, boardwalk, royal promenade, sports zone, vitality at seas spa and fitness center, entertainment place, and youth zone. All this comes under the seven neighborhood plans of the ship.

Royal Caribbean tried to give different areas and decks of the ship a different look and feel, so they created seven 'neighborhoods' across 16 passenger decks, including every utility that one may think of during the cruise.

Central Park upholds a living park with 10,600 plants, 52 trees, two living walls that contain 10,240 live plants, and 70 t (63,503 kg) of soil for these plants. Within 46 planter beds, 2200 modules contain all the plant material.

There's more to Central Park than just supper and cocktails. This area also has several high-end retail outlets, quiet spots for leisure, and plenty of opportunities for midnight ventures. You will enjoy spending time in this paradise regardless of your mood. Balconies are featured in the 1768 chambers, including the boardwalk and overlooking Central Park.

With the ocean as its backdrop, the Aqua Theater is the focal point of the broadwalk area. This extensive outdoor facility includes unique entertainment, such as diving and aerial acrobatics that you don't want to miss.

Royal Caribbean offers unparalleled stateroom experiences on Harmony of the Seas. Every stateroom in the inner accommodation boasts a fascinating virtual balcony with an ocean view. Suites also offer some exclusive features that are not available to others, such as a suite lounge to rest and spend time at an exclusive restaurant called Coastal Kitchen that you can access anytime.

With 20 stateroom types ranging from premium double-story residences high on decks 17-76 internal rooms featuring Royal Caribbean's unique 'virtual balconies,' there's no shortage of options when it comes to finding a place to sleep.

In order to make your experience better and more convenient on the Harmony of the Seas cruise, guests onboard the cruise are given Royal WOWBands embedded with RFID technology that will allow them to access staterooms and make transactions onboard with ease.

Harmony of the Seas has a dynamic meal concept, which provides guests and people on board with more flexibility and options while they dine than what most cruise travel offers. The concept of dynamic meal choice allows customers to select restaurant or food depots and dining periods at any time of either the day or the night according to their convenience.

Many different types of food are available at the area's restaurants, including Hibachi & Sushi, the Grande Restaurant, Sorrento's Pizzeria, Chic, Vitality Café, Boardwalk Dog House, 150 Central Park, Giovanni's Table, Park Café, Chops Grille, Wonderland Solarium Bistro, and Coastal Kitchen.

Harmony of the Seas offers a unique experience with Rising Tide Bar, the first-ever moving bar at sea is featured on this ship. Robot bartenders serve beverages at the Bionic Bars on Royal Promenade, and you can enjoy them during any part of the day.

Harmony of the Seas offers shows and other live entertainment at its entertainment spots, including live jazz clubs, a park café, a karaoke bar, a bionic bar, and a comedy club. There are arcade games in the boardwalk neighborhood for kids to fashion.

Royal Caribbean International introduced three multi-story waterslides with twists and turns over a central park that is ten decks below are available on this cruise liner. The full-service Vitality Spa offers a thermal suite and a luxurious treatment menu and a variety of options, as well as yoga and tai chi courses in a designer fitness center.

With four pools, a solarium, ten whirlpool spas, two FlowRider surf simulators, two rock-climbing walls, a basketball court, an ice rink, and even a miniature golf course based on the ships of the sea, this resort has something for everyone.

Royal Caribbean International has a complete services spa and fitness center. You can freshen up your mind and body while being on the ship at Royal Caribbean International.

After your finish up the sessions in a full-service spa and fitness center, the Vitality Café has a wide variety of nutritious food that you can enjoy. At Royal Caribbean International, a full-service spa and fitness center are available. 

Do you like mini-golf? Royal Caribbean's other main attractions include things like a giant climbing wall, a rope slide, a bionic bar, a park cafe, a mini-golf, a fitness center, solarium bistro, a royal promenade, a surf simulator, floating Jacuzzis, a casino, a karaoke bar and a 1,400-seat theater that performs Broadway musicals.

Central Park is easily home to some of the best specialty dining and food onboard Royal Caribbean. While you are on the cruise, you can get and enjoy the food you want, be it Italian or continental or French. Many of these restaurants also have alfresco dining options so that you can fashion a romantic date too.

On Royal Caribbean, decks 15 and 16 are home to two swimming pools. These pools are a sunbather's dream and a thrill seeker's dream, located on the ships' top decks. In this area, you can do water sports and enjoy the sun.

Harmony of the Seas also provides several firsts at sea that all adrenaline seekers and guests will enjoy while on this cruise. The Perfect Storm is a water slide that includes two racing slides and a champagne bowl slide. The Ultimate Abyss, a 10 story slide 150 ft (45.7 m) above sea level, is also available for guests.

Central Park neighborhood on Royal Caribbean's oasis class ship is jam-packed with equally massive entertainment for the guests to enjoy. These venues are in the Entertainment Place onboard Harmony of the Seas, including the Royal Theater, Casino Royale, Studio B, Jazz on four, and the Attic. With so many options for entertainment in Central Park and other neighborhoods, it's a perfect place to spend your vacation.

Casino Royale on this cruise will keep you engaged for hours, but it doesn't come cheap.

You can try games such as roulette or craps tables or play at slot machines, poker, or slot tournaments.

On Royal Caribbean, there is a lot for kids too; they can enjoy Adventure Art, or at Adventure Science Lab, zip line or enjoy first-ever children's theater at sea, Adventure Ocean Theater, all inside the youth zone. The talent performances and available classes are enjoyable for students of every age group.

The ship is staffed by 184 bartenders, mixologists, and waiters. However, the Bionic Bar is one of the most incredible spots to indulge in a drink since passengers order cocktails via a tablet before a robotic arm mixes and serves their drinks.

Width, Cost, And Size Of Harmony Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean's Oasis-class ship is the world's most comprehensive cruise ship, with a width of 217 ft (66 m) and a length of 1188 ft (362 m), 164 ft (50 m) longer than the Eiffel Tower's height.

The massive oasis-class ship, which cost around $1.35 billion to build, is a state-of-the-art creation with 16 decks and can transport 6,360 passengers and 2,100 staff members.

Royal Caribbean measures 1188 ft (362 m) in length, 154 ft (46.93 m) in beam, and 30 ft (9.14 m) in a draught. The 16-deck cruise ship weighs 226,963 t (226,963,000 kg).

Royal Caribbean's ship has 2747 cabins with a capacity of 6780 guests, 2100 international crew members, and 4908 restaurant seats. There are four bow thrusters on the ship, and every single one produces the power of seven Ferraris. Its gross tonnage is 226,963 t (226,963,000 kg), which is more than 17,000 elephants.


Q. What makes the Harmony of the Seas unique?

A. It's a one-of-a-kind cruise ship, one of the most significant and unique seven neighborhood structures.

Q. How old is the Harmony of the Seas?

A. It departed on its first voyage in the year 2016.

Q. How many plants are on the Harmony of the Seas?

A. 10,600 plants, 52 trees, two living walls containing 10,240 live plants, and 70 t (63,503 kg) of planting soil for them to grow in are present in the Central Park neighborhood on the deck.

Q. How long is the Harmony of the Seas?

A. The Royal Caribbean Harmony is a piece of art that measures 1188 ft (362 m) in length.

Q. How tall is the Harmony of the Seas?

A. This work of art measures 154 ft (46.9 m) in height and is one of the most magnificent Royal Caribbean cruises.

Q. How big is the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas?

A. It has 16 decks and weighs 226,963 t (226,963,000 kg).

Q. What happened to Harmony of the Seas?

A. It will be ready to sail again as soon as the pandemic eases.

Q. What cruise line is the Harmony of the Seas?

A. Royal Caribbean International is the company behind the Harmony of the Seas.

Q. What's included in the Harmony of the Seas?

A. You will be provided with a once in life experience when you are on the deck of the ship Harmony of the Seas. The Royal Caribbean has so much floor space that it has made seven different communities on its ships, including a youth zone, pool and sports zone, ice skating rink, water slides, mini-golf course, sea spa, and a designer shopping mall called Royal Promenade.

Q. Which ship is better: the Harmony or the Symphony?

A. These ships are currently the largest Royal Caribbean cruises globally, with no better alternative. Therefore, it would be hard to pick the better of the two.

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