70 Cruise Ship Names That Will Float Your Boat

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(Norwegian cruise ship names will tell you more about the Norwegian cruise line and celebrity cruises.

There is nothing more majestic than having a vacation in the middle of the sea and on a private island.

Are you someone who fantasizes about having a getaway in luxurious ships, with world-class facilities? Then you must know some of the popular cruise lines in the world such as Royal Caribbean Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Cruises, and several other cruise lines.

Cruising ships are of various kinds. Each ship has its uniqueness that attracts voyagers from all around the world.

These ships have built-in shopping places, accommodations, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, infinity pools, gaming complexes, and spas. Everything that you would need to relax, away from the city life, surrounded by the beautiful sea. Check out the list of such grand cruising ship names below to choose from for your next vacation.

Princess Cruise Ship Names

Princess Cruises is the third largest cruise and tour company and among the leading names in the world. The first Princess Cruise Ship sailed to Mexico in 1965. Now, Princess Cruises takes millions of people to 380 worldwide places for vacation with its fleet of celebrity cruises.

The popularity of Princess cruise ships grew with the television show called ‘The Love Boat’. This series introduced the public to the sea vacation concept and the rest is the history. Check out the names of the famous princess cruise ships.

Caribbean Princess (British -American origin), meaning ‘place’, is a grand class cruising ship with a capacity of 3000 guests.

Coral Princess (American-British origin), meaning ‘shade of Orange’, is one of the coral class cruise ships. It has a theater, art gallery, library, accommodations, and spa facilities for the entertainment of the passengers.

Crown Princess (British-American origin), meaning ‘female heir to the throne, is a crown class cruise ship and sailed for the first time in June 2006. It is one of the leading cruise lines in the industry.

Dawn Princess (British-American origin), meaning ‘sunrise’. She was the last Cunard line vessel that was built for Transatlantic voyages.

Diamond Princess (Japanese origin), meaning ‘precious Stone’. Diamond Princess cruise ship offers a wide variety of onboard shopping, dining, jogging track, libraries, suites, and many more facilities for passengers’ entertainment.

Discovery Princess (British-American origin), meaning ‘something found for the first time', is a sixth and final princess cruise ship of a Royal class cruise line.

Emerald Princess (British origin), meaning ‘green Stone’, is a grand-class cruise ship. This ship has 19 decks and an amazing range of onboard shopping, dining, casino, and other entertainment activities.

Enchanted Princess (British-American origin), meaning ‘changed By magic’, is a royal class modern cruise ship. One of the leading cruise lines in the industry

Fair Princess (British-American origin), meaning ‘honest’, was one of the four Saxonia class cruise lines.

Golden Princess (Australian origin), meaning ‘gold’, is the largest cruise ship that is based in Melbourne. This ship provides amazing accommodation, a dance club, and an outdoor pool facility.

Grand Princess (British origin), meaning ‘big’, is a grand class cruise ship in the fleet. It has different types of luxury and budget-friendly suits.

Island Princess (French origin), meaning ‘isle’, is one of the coral class cruise ships. Coral Princess and Island Princess are the only Panamax-style cruise ships. A regent in the industry.

Majestic Princess (Italian origin), meaning ‘great’, is a grand-class cruise ship in the fleet. It has a sidewalk, a Private Gaming Room, and casinos for entertainment.

Ocean Princess (British-Atlantic origin), meaning ‘waterbody’, was a Sun-class princess cruise. It entered the service in 2000.

Pacific Princess (Brazilian origin), meaning ‘peace Loving’, is a Pacific Class ship. It is a small ship and entertains fewer guests. The destinations of this ship include small and unique ports.

Princess Carla (French origin), meaning ‘free Woman’, was an ocean liner- a cruise ship. It carried passengers on transatlantic voyages. This princess ship was destroyed after getting caught on fire on way to one of the destinations.

Princess Italia (Italian origin), meaning ‘from Italy’, this cruise ship line sailed in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and pacific.

Princess Patricia (Canadian origin), meaning ‘noble’, was one of the first princess cruise ships in the fleet. Passengers traveling to destinations on this luxury ship used to enjoy great facilities as soon as the ship set sail.

Regal Princess (British-American origin), meaning ‘majestic’, is a grand class cruise ship, cruising to New Zealand crossing the Mediatarrean coast.

Royal Princess (British-American origin), means ‘related to queen king'. It is a majestic cruise ship that has a glass-bottom walkaway.

Ruby Princess (British-American origin), meaning ‘red Stone’, is the star of the grand class cruise line. It offers a wide variety of dining and entertainment options and a spacious deck.

Sapphire Princess (British-American origin), meaning ‘blue precious stone’, has world-class gourmet dining, 700 balcony cabins, and a spa facility for passengers cruising with this ship.

Sea Princess (Bristish-American origin), meaning ‘sea princess’, was a cruise ship for the American-Swedish line. One of the best-known cruise lines in the industry.

Sky Princess (Bristish-American origin), meaning ‘the heavens’, is a royal class cruise ship and has a higher guest capacity than sister ships.

Star Princess (British-American origin), meaning ‘celestial Body’, is a luxurious cruise ship among a range of other options.

Sun Princess (British-American origin), meaning ‘Ccelestial Body’, has established new standards for the cruising experience. One of the prominent cruise lines in the industry.

Disney Cruise Ship Names

Disney Cruise Line currently operates four ships in its fleet. It takes Disney lovers to the exotic destination with Disney’s private Island. Read the list below to know the cruise ship's names.

Disney Dream (British origin), meaning ‘vision’, has three pools, beverage tasting, a Remy, a French-style restaurant, and beautiful star-quality suits for passengers aboard.

Disney Fantasy (British origin), meaning ‘imagination’, is a sister ship of Disney Dream. The cruise ship is known for Alladin musical and Pixar world. A sun-soaked star experience awaits travelers aboard after the ship starts sailing.

Disney Magic (British origin), meaning ‘sorcery’, is a classic grand-looking vessel. It has many world-class facilities for passengers to enjoy after they set sail to their destinations.

Disney Wish (British origin), meaning ‘desire’, is the newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet. It will start sailing in the summer of 2022 to different destinations.

Disney Wonder (British origin), means ‘awe’. Passengers can enjoy luxury cruising while watching their favorite Broadway-style musicals

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Names

Royal Caribbean Internation is a Norwegian cruise line. It is the largest cruise line by revenue. The five largest passenger ships in the world belong to this cruise line. Here is the list of Royal Caribbean Cruise ship names and the top 10 cruise ships around the world.

Adventure Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning ‘experience’, has cruised from American ports to European ports to the Caribean sea as well.

Brilliance Of The Seas (Norweigian origin), meaning ‘sparkle’, is a Radiance class cruise ship and can carry 2543 guests.

Celebrity Apex (Miami origin), meaning ‘personality’, is a celebrity cruise and can carry 2900 guests.

Enchantment Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning ‘delight’, is the third ship in the Vision class cruise line of Royal Caribbean International.

Explorer Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning ‘discoverer’, is a voyager class cruise ship and can take up to 3000 guests. The ship has a laboratory as well that is operated by the University of Miami.

Freedom Of The Seas (Norweigian origin), meaning ‘privilege’, is the namesake of the Freedom-class line. The facilities of this ship include an ice rink, boxing ring, and basketball court along with world-class attractions.

Harmony Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning ‘euphony’, is the third-largest passenger ship in the world. It belongs to the Oasis-class Line.

Independence Of The Seas (Norweigian origin), meaning ‘self-rule’, has several pools, a mini-golf course, a kid's water park, and a hot tub facility.

Jewel Of The Seas (Norweigian origin), meaning ‘gem’, is a Radiance class cruise ship.

Liberty Of The Seas (Norweigian origin), meaning ‘philosophy’, has 15 decks and can accommodate 3634 passengers onboard.

Mariner Of The Seas (Norweigian origin), means ‘sailor’. This voyager class cruise ship can accommodate more than 4000 guests aboard.

MSC Virtuosa (Swiss origin), meaning ‘a woman who is virtuous ’, is the largest vessel of the MSC fleet and offers 2421 stunning cabins to choose from.

Navigator Of The Seas (Norweigian origin), meaning ‘pilot’, is the fourth installment of the voyager class line.

Oasis Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning ‘spring’, is the lead ship of Oasis-class cruise. This cruise ship has an aquatic amphitheater.

Odyssey Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning ‘quest’, is the first Quantum Ultra class cruise ship to sell in American waters.

Radiance Of The Seas (Norweigian origin), meaning ‘shining’, is the radiance class line’s lead ship which offers a great maritime sailing experience.

Rhapsody Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning ‘an Epic poem’, is a vision class Royal Caribbean ship.

Serenade Of The Seas (Norweigian origin), meaning ‘music piece dedicated by lover’, has 700 balcony staterooms and outdoor pools along with two-level glass-windowed dining rooms.

Silver Moon (Monaco origin), meaning ‘celestial body’, is a Silversea cruises' new cruise ship. It only carries a few hundred people so travelers can expect an attentive and intimate experience.

Silver Muse (Monaco origin), meaning ‘inspiration’, is another cruising experience from Silversea cruises.

Symphony Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning ‘musical composition’, is a Royal Caribbean cruise vessel and has 18 decks.

The Allure Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning ‘pull’, is an oasis-class Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

The Grandeur Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning ‘glory’, is a Vision class cruise ship with a facility like a full-service spa, outdoor jogging track, and bars.

Vision Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning ‘sight’, was a vision class ship that sailed in European waters for more than a year when it entered the services before taking up other routes.

Voyager Of The Seas (Norwegian origin), meaning 'a person who goes on a long sea journey’, is a Voyager-class cruise ship. It has been sailing to South-East Asia, Tokyo, Manila, and Shanghai to name a few places.

Carnival Cruise Ship Names

Carnival Cruise Line is the largest cruise line in terms of carrying passengers annually. Carnival cruise line is the most popular cruising brand in North America. Here is a list of the carnival cruise ship names that have made it the best choice for voyagers.

Carnival Breeze (American origin), meaning ‘gentle wind’, is a dream class cruise ship by Carnival cruise line.

Carnival Conquest (American origin), meaning ‘defeat’, is a Conquest class ship and its 60% toom has an ocean view.

Carnival Dream (American origin), meaning ‘vision’, is a dream class cruising ship. The movie ‘Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked’ was shot on the Carnival Dream.

Carnival Ecstasy (American origin), meaning ‘joyful’, is a fantasy-class cruise ship owned by Carnival Cruise Line.

Carnival Elation (American origin), meaning ‘happiness ’, is currently part of the fantasy class fleet.

Carnival Glory (American origin), meaning ‘honor’, will carry its passengers to New Orleans.

Carnival Legend (American origin), meaning ‘myth’, is a perfect cruise ship for those who want to voyage the Baltic sea and Mediterranean sea.

Carnival Liberty (American origin), meaning ‘freedom’, is one of the conquest class lines cruising vessels.

Carnival Magic (American origin), is a dream-class cruising vessel and has 19 decks. This ship trips to the ports of New York, Bermuda, and the Bahamas.

Carnival Paradise (American origin), meaning ‘heaven’, entered service in the year 1998 in fantasy class.

Carnival Pride (American origin), meaning ‘pleasure’, is a spirit class cruise ship that makes sails from Long Beach to Mexican Rivera.

Carnival Spirit (American origin), meaning ‘soul’, is a Spirit-class cruising vessel.

Carnival Sunshine (American origin), meaning ‘sunlight’, is a Destiny class cruise ship and takes voyages to Bermuda, Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

Carnival Valor (American origin), meaning ‘bravery’, is a Conquest class ship under the Carnival Cruise Line.

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