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Learn about the rich history of Albania.

In southeastern Europe, there is a country called Albania.

The official language of Albania is Albanian. The capital of this lovely country is Tirana.

Located on the western side of the Balkan Peninsula, Albania is one of the least visited countries in the world. More Albanians live outside of their country as compared to those living in the country.

Albanians are referred to as sons of eagles. They call themselves so. Ancient Illyrians are ancestors of Albanians. These ancestors migrated to Albania after they lived in central Europe.

Albania became an independent country in 1912. However, the boundaries of Albania were demarcated by powers in Europe that were great such as Austria-Hungary, Britain, Germany, France, Russia, and Italy. In World War II, Albania was a communist state and they had managed to protect their sovereignty.

Albania has grown so much that they are appreciated for western technology and also achievements in the cultural field. In spite of being so well-versed, they retain their own ethnic identity, culture, heritage, and individuality.

Albanian people, in the Albanian region, are majorly Islamic people which make up 59% while 17% of the population are Christians and 15% are undeclared. 9% of the people follow no religion. Albanian is the official language of the country.

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Where is Albania located?

This country lies to the south entrance of the Adriatic Sea. To the northwest of the country is Montenegro and the northeast is bound by Kosovo. Italy lies 50 mi (80 km) across the Adriatic Sea from Albania.

The length of Albania is about 210 mi (336 km) and the width of this country runs up to 95 mi (152 km). Three quarters of this country is covered with mountains and hills. The northern part of the country is the North Albanian Alps which is an extension of the Dinaric Alps.

The elevation in this country runs up to 8,900 ft (2,696 m). The population seems to be lesser there for the place is heavily forested. Mount Korab is the highest Albanian peak.

This peak goes up to 9,030 ft (2,736 m). Mountains and valleys in Albania contain limestone rocks. Central parts are covered with forest areas that are dense.

Albania, even though being near western Europe and eastern Europe, during the Roman Empire was very different. It may not seem like it on Google maps, but this country has a rich history.

The Byzantine Empire used to rule Albania back in the Middle Ages of the 13th and 14th centuries. The country started off as northern Albania, with many cities, and eventually with power and good luck, acquired the entire country.

Albania had Ottoman rule by the Ottoman Empire in different periods from the 14th century to 1912. Albania served to be an atheist country.

Unlike other countries of the communist rule in the communist era, with the communist party at its highest point, the Albanian culture of this small country followed constitutional monarchy. In Albania, World War II began with its invasion by Italy in April 1939.

Fascist Italy set up Albania as its protectorate or puppet state. Albanians living today work and pay taxes like people of every other country.

They have private cars, traffic lights and other facilities similar to those of western culture. Albania, like other countries, has issues like major floods.

Albania is also known as the country Shqipëri.

What is Albania famous for?

Albania is a wonderful tourist destination. The most famous place in Albania happens to be the Albanian Alps. The Accursed Mountains are known for their isolation and remoteness. These mountains are inaccessible virtually even now. Street art and colored buildings are also famous and are found in Tirana. Art and colorful buildings were initiated by Edi Rama.

Edi Rama is the current prime minister of Albania. The current prime minister was a painter before becoming a politician. 

Lazarat had gained a reputation as the cannabis capital city of the country due to its large-scale growth of cannabis by the local population and among the neighboring countries: the two countries of Kosovo and Macedonia.

Today, there is a grand tour of the country. Bunkers in Albania are refurbished and were formed by the communist dictator Enver Hoxha. He ruled the country from 1941 to 1985, and now the country has 750,000 bunkers.

The Lake Koman Ferry provides the most famous boat trip in Albania and the boat trip is known for the immense beauty you can see on the trip. This lake is long and it almost looks like a river which makes it special and unique.

The mountains that can be viewed from this boat ride are awesome. Blue Eye in Albania is also known for being the most natural wonder. This is a freshwater spring that is very clear and is turquoise in color.

Albanian minibusses are also famous as they are an adventurous experience. They are called Furgon in the Albanian language. The owner of the bus is the driver of the bus.

The Pyramid of Tirana has been a main historic landmark in Tirana since 1988.

Albania has a wonderful culture and a rich history.

What food is Albania famous for?

Albanian food is a mix of the two most delicious cuisines: Balkan and Mediterranean. Albanian food is colorful too. There are multiple flavors that are available varying from different regions in Albania. The coastline has a different flavor than the flavor from rural and mountainous regions.

The most popular dish in Albania happens to be Fergese, which is a summer stew. This dish is centered around tomato sauce, green peppers, and cottage cheese. Garlic is also an essential ingredient. It is eaten along with bread.

Byrek is a famous Albanian pie. This is eaten as a quick snack or as a meal as well. Sometimes Byrke is filled with meat, spinach, feta cheese, onions, and tomatoes. Cottage cheese is one of the popular fillings. It is served with yogurt.

Tave Kosi is a famous dish that is made with baked lamb in yogurt. This is a lunchtime meal. The yogurt is usually folded with rice and eggs which are then baked together. 

Price is made with milk and is otherwise known as milk cake. This is originally from Turkish cuisine. Heavy cream, evaporated milk, and condensed milk are mixed together. A brown syrup is poured as a topping for this. This cake is crispy on top, soft in the middle, and juicy on the bottom.

What is the traditional drink of Albania?

The traditional drink of Albania is Raki. This is an alcoholic concoction. It can be made of almost every flavor of juice. People of Albania consume this before or after meals. Some people even consume it in the morning along with coffee. Raki made from plum is the most prevalent one.

One of the other famous drinks is coffee which is consumed often. Turkish coffee is the most famous type.

Other famous drinks are beer, wine, boze, and also dhalle which is liquid yogurt. Boze is a drink that is made of corn and wheat flour along with sugar and water.

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