11 Amazing July Birthday Facts We Bet You Didn't Know

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July born people have either Cancer or Leo as their zodiac sign.
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People having July birthdays are considered to be very optimistic by nature.

Babies born in July can either be a Cancer or a Leo. Both are quite contrasting zodiac signs with very different personality types.

Each zodiac sign is associated with different personalities. People born during July 1 and July 22 are of the zodiac sign Cancer, while those born after July 23, are of the zodiac sign Leo.

Both these zodiacs are very different from each other. While Leo is a fire sign, Cancer is considered to be a water sign.

Regardless of the zodiacs, people born in July are considered to be optimistic, and healthy. One of the birth flowers of July-born babies is the water lily. Therefore July babies are very compassionate and loving by nature.

The birthstone of these babies is the regal ruby. Some famous July celebrities are Margot Robbie, Tom Cruise, Pamela Anderson, and Claire Forlani among many others.

July babies are indeed lucky because they do not have to share their special day with any other major holidays. Although the months of summer can tend to get very hot at times, the silver lining is that July is also the National Ice-cream month.

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July Birthday Personality

Babies born in July are very optimistic and fun to be around, like all other summer babies. They always look on the bright side of life and try to approach any problems in their life with a confident attitude.

You can always rely on them during your most difficult times because they are known to care for their friends and family members deeply.

Some of the interesting facts about July kids are they are known to have good self-control. They are bright individuals and according to a study done by Cambridge University, July kids tend to be taller than most others when they reach adulthood.

The birth flowers of a July baby are larkspur and water lily. Both of these flowers represent affection and divinity.

Babies born in July also tend to be less prone to mental disorders like schizophrenia and depression, like most other summer babies. They are good company to keep since they are happy most of the time and take great care of their friends and family.

July borns are also known to be very creative and artistic by nature. This will be visible to their parents, right from the toddler phase.

Keeping, paintbrushes handy, will prove to be beneficial for the parents. Although, a July baby may be more prone to myopia, because the more sunlight, the higher is the risk of suffering from short-sightedness.

July Born Celebrities

A July-born person is especially considered to be lucky since there are no major holidays in this month and therefore, they can celebrate their birthdays without having to worry about getting their special day overshadowed by other events. Therefore, July babies are indeed special.

Some famous people having their birth month July are Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Selena Gomez, Kevin Hart, Nelson Mandela, Kristen Bell, Daniel Radcliffe, and Liv Tyler among many others. Thus you can surely expect July borns to be creative and famous.

They are such optimistic and happy people, that you will never feel bored around them.

This is in fact, true for all babies born during the summer months. According to a study, babies born during the summer months of June or July are in fact much more fun-loving and cheerful by nature.

July Born People Traits

July borns have the birth flowers water lily and larkspur. Therefore, July kids tend to be much more affectionate, optimistic and cheerful than others.

With the summer in full swing, you can expect your July baby to be much healthier than others, because of the rich amount of Vitamin D they get. They love their close ones unconditionally and can go to great heights to make them feel safe and loved.

There can be some negative traits however of July babies. For example, a July baby has a much higher risk of suffering from myopia, which leads to short-sightedness.

However, a simple solution to such a problem is making use of sunglasses. Other than that, they are known to have a better immune system and therefore have a lower risk of suffering from any reproductive disorders, cardiovascular disorders, asthma, and ear infections.

A July baby is also very affectionate by nature and cares for their friends and family deeply. They are very optimistic in life and determined by nature.

In other words, they are great people to surround yourself with. Some fun facts about July babies are, the chances of them being left-handed is more than those born in the winter months.

July-born people are very optimistic and caring by nature.

July zodiac signs

July babies can be under either of the zodiacs, Cancer, or Leo. Both these zodiacs are quite different from each other, although they have some characteristics in common. Each month has two zodiacs. For example, those born during August 23-22 September are Virgos, and those born after September 22nd are Librans.

A child born during July 1-July 22 is a Cancer baby and those born after 23rd are Leo babies. A Cancer baby is more sensitive and shy than a Leo child.

They tend to be very emotional and can withdraw themselves from any uncomfortable situation. Therefore the parents of a Cancer baby needs to be very careful while raising them, as even the smallest incidents can hurt them a lot.

A Cancer baby is also much more affectionate and cares deeply for their family members and friends. Their love is unconditional and they can go to great heights to make sure their loved ones are happy and safe.

Leo's on the other hand are stronger and courageous. They are natural leaders and very confident by nature.

They can be rigid at times, however, they are also very devoted by nature. To sum it up, the July personality is always associated with optimism, devotion, affection, and caring.

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