Are Crickets Good Luck? What Do They Symbolize

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Originally Published on Oct 27, 2021
cricket perched on a bark.

Hearing shrill chirps of crickets in and around your home?

You are in for some luck! Because it is considered to be an auspicious sign in many cultures.

A cricket is an Orthopteran related to grasshoppers that has a cylindrical body and round head with long antennas. Found extensively across the world, crickets are insects that are primarily found outdoors.

Crickets can be identified by their characteristic chirp-like sound. The chirping song of the crickets is created by the male of the species to attract potential mates. Children love to catch and play with these insects.

In the US, you are likely to come across three types of crickets, field cricket, house cricket, and camel cricket. This is primarily an outdoor insect that thrives in warm climates.

When the weather becomes cold, crickets seek warm conditions and hence enter homes and other buildings. The male bangs its wings to create a chirping sound to attract females. Crickets breed and lay eggs in the fall that hatch around the spring season.

It takes three months for the eggs to mature into adult crickets. Their diet consists mainly of dead insects, fruits, and common outdoor items.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Crickets In Your House

Cricket symbolism represents that it is possible to achieve your dreams as luck and wealth are on your side in life. From their singing to fighting, everything has a spiritual meaning. Maybe it is time to participate in that lucky draw?

The spiritual significance of crickets has been tracked in history by cultures around the world. Among the Chinese, it is a symbol of all three aspects of life. Asian culture associates crickets' singing with deep meaning.

A cricket's song spreads a cheerful, happy, calm, and patient vibe in the surroundings. In fact, William Shakespeare in his play 'Henry IV' referred to the merry character of crickets. When the cricket's stopped their song, it was a symbol of a bad omen.

Also, it is bad luck to kill a cricket. A visit by a cricket brings forth blessings. Hence, the Chinese made it a practice to keep crickets in cages to have constant access to their soothing songs.

In some European countries, crickets are considered old souls. They have the ability to recite your history through their song.

Through their song, they allow you to sleep carefree at night by keeping the fairies and other bad spirits at bay. In China's agricultural community, crickets are considered sacred as they indicate climatic changes. In ancient times, farmers were guided when to sow the seeds by the chirps of the crickets.

The cricket is also a symbol of fertility. The birth of a new idea, a new child, a new way of thinking, and more are all linked with cricket symbolism.

If a cricket is your spirit animal or totem then you are likely to sing well and have an appreciation for music. You also have the gift of the gab and can successfully get out of difficult situations.

Apart from being excellent communicators, those with a cricket spirit animal are go-getters and nomads. Like the insect, you are restless and keep moving from one place to another.

Some can also be vegetarians. On the other hand, dreaming of crickets signifies a need to introspect to find solutions and release any baggage. If you hear their chirps, it is a sign of you allowing petty things to cloud your vision.

You are spiritually guided to look inward and overcome such barriers. And spotting a leaping cricket suggests exceptional spiritual growth.

Is having crickets in the house good luck?

Have you come across a cricket in your house? Well, you may be in luck! Many believe it will bring good fortune, prosperity, and happiness.

While crickets prefer to live and breed their eggs outdoors, sometimes they can be found in buildings and houses, especially house crickets. But an insect in a home is generally regarded as a pest, so why are crickets considered special guests?

Simply, because they are symbols of good luck. In your home, spotting a cricket in the kitchen or at the hearth is considered really lucky. This has been referred to in popular English literature such as Charles Dickens' 'The Cricket on the Hearth'.

The Chinese believe that crickets safeguard homes at night through their continuous singing. If the singing played by them stops, then the crickets are warning of the presence of an intruder or danger.

That is why they are kept in cages in Chinese households like pets. Having crickets as pets is quite common in China. However, a cricket venturing into your house is thought to be prophetic.

It signals the arrival of an unexpected guest who will bring auspicious news. Their ability to jump brings playful energy to your home.

Whatever you do, avoid killing a cricket on purpose as it symbolizes the rejection of wealth and luck. The death of a cricket could represent bad luck. However, in some cultures, its death, if natural, can signify that bad times are over.

So, killing a cricket is to be avoided, instead, you can capture and put it outside. Though this may result in you pushing away your blessings out of the window.

Are crickets lucky?

A cricket is lucky indeed! Whether you see it in your dreams or in real life, cricket symbolism is associated with good luck.

Different cultures, particularly Asian cultures, believe crickets are a sign of good fortune. Chinese people also identify crickets with happiness and as a symbol of longevity.

The population is known to keep crickets in cages just so that they can hear their singing every day. Native Americans saw a cricket's jumping skill as a symbol of beating obstacles.

Europeans are known to wear a cricket charm or amulet to attract abundance and luck. When it comes to ancient Greece, the cricket was a sacred insect to Apollo, the God of music, healing, and truth.

Why is a cricket a sign of good luck?

In some popular folklore, it is written that crickets were sent to Earth as a sign of hope, prosperity, and wealth. Their ability to lay a large number of eggs inspired cultures to have big families with lots of children.

Just like spotting a cricket on the hearth is a symbol of good fortune, on the flip side, it is considered bad luck to kill a cricket.

Around the world, crickets are associated with luck and prosperity so many welcome them. Many Chinese and Japanese people enjoy listening to male cricket sing and also hold cricket fighting competitions.

A symbol of fortune, good health, and happiness, crickets are revered in a number of countries. This is the reason why crickets are prominently featured in folklore and ancient literature.

The superstitions surrounding crickets inhibit people, including Americans, from killing a cricket as it tends to attract bad luck. While most insects are considered pests, crickets are welcomed in houses to attract good fortune.

In fact, cricket on the hearth is believed to be a prosperity magnet. Spiritually, crickets are described as a symbol of life, vitality, abundance, and happiness.

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