39 Facts About Being A Lawyer That You Probably Didn't Know About

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Lawyers are regarded as the backbone of the legal structure.

Pursuing a legal career can either be generational in terms of being culturally motivated or sometimes individually pursued as a career in different law firms as a first-generation practice. Legal work has various characteristics, including legal research, legal writing, practicing civil law, or criminal cases.

The legal profession has many classifications all over the world. There are civil lawyers, criminal lawyers, medical lawyers, and family lawyers.

Generally, in the United States of America, lawyers are classified into two categories: district attorney and defense attorney. The district attorney association represents the interests of the state as well as the petitioner.

The defense attorney represents the interests of the accused or the respondent, where it is the duty of this attorney to prove that the respondent is innocent of the allegations that have been brought towards them.

Furthermore, there are much more classifications in the district attorney's office and a democratic method of election to choose the next district attorney and assistant district attorney.

It is integral that the lawyers qualify for the bar exam to be eligible to practice law. The lawyer has to qualify for both the state bar exams as well as the apex exam of the American Bar Association.

Learn more about law facts and history and the advent of the ABA in detail all over the internet!

Qualifications And Degrees To Become A Lawyer

Legal experts have to undergo several qualifications and degrees in order to become qualifying lawyers to practice law in the US. Here are some known facts which are going to help you enter the legal industry and provide legal services to the people.

In order to become a lawyer, an individual has to pursue a three-year or a five-year law course from a recognized law school under ABA.

Students belonging to foreign law schools are also eligible to practice law in the USA.

It is integral to pass the bar exam for practicing law or be eligible to apply in law firms and pursue a career as a corporate lawyer.

It is essential to hold a law degree for lawyers to fight civil cases alongside other cases of family law, corporate law, working in a law firm, or considering private practice.

Lawyer statistics have shown that more than 75% of attorneys and lawyers practice law in private.

Law can be practiced if an individual holds a degree from an accredited law school.

Salary, Perks & Benefits Of Being A Lawyer

Being a lawyer comes with its perks and benefits. The economy has been on the rise because of private practice as well as the high revenue generated by those working in various law firms. Here are some important facts about the salary perks of being a lawyer:

In 2020, it had been calculated that the average salary of a lawyer was around $148,920 annually.

Lawyers working in law firms generally tend to earn more than the ones that practice privately. 

25% of the best-paid lawyers make around $189,520 on average, while the lowest-paid 25% make an average salary of around $84,450. 

BLS projects have assured that there will be more than 71,500 jobs open in the field by the year 2030, leading to an economic growth of 9%. 

The best-paying cities for lawyers are San Francisco and San Jose, both in California, paying around $201,920 and $231,610, respectively. 

The cities above are followed by Washington, Los Angeles, and New York. 

The most money amongst the US lawyers is made by medical lawyers, intellectual property attorneys, and trial attorneys. 

Corporate attorneys run fifth in the race of making money. 

The benefits that are provided in the field of law come with various lucrative offers which can help an individual to help others in need by establishing pro bono legal clinics. 

A lawyer's work involves working at flexible hours in keeping with the lawyer's discretion. 

A lawyer's job or an attorney provides for adequate intellectual stimulation as well. 

Job Description Or Role Of A Lawyer

Working in a law firm or practicing corporate law does not only entail the lawyers to do only one specific job. Here are some facts about the role and job descriptions of a lawyer, which are going to pique your interest in becoming a lawyer!

A lawyer's job is not limited to providing for legal drafting and representing their clients in the courts but also to advising them thoroughly before government agencies as well. 

Lawyers or attorneys also conduct meticulous research and analysis of the legal problems faced by their clients and provide them with amicable advice. 

The duty of a lawyer is primarily to interpret laws mentioned in the US Constitution with several rulings made by the judges on this matter beforehand and also uphold democracy.

Lawyers also help their clients to look forward to business matters as well as mitigate any risks that might be faced by their clients. 

Lawyers can also pursue various careers in teaching as well as in forms of legal research. 

There are many ways lawyers can pursue an academic degree, one of which includes pursuing a doctoral degree in law. 

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Importance And Demand For Lawyers

Lawyers possess immense importance and demand in the market of any country, including the United States of America. It has given this particular profession its apex of height.

BLS in the USA has been estimated to increase legal employment by around 9%. Here are some important facts about the importance and the demands of lawyers, which makes it an elite profession!

About 46,000 openings for lawyers have been projected each year on average in the US. 

Lawyers represent individuals and corporate notions in any civil trial. 

Lawyers help their clients through the tricky legal system, which has deemed them to be important. 

Lawyers make immense contributions to society by doing pro bono work for the unfortunate who cannot afford an attorney for their cases. 

Justice Spigelman has spoken about how lawyers perform a critical role in the promotion of social order by providing fair procedures resulting in fair outcomes. 

Even though the profession is sometimes tainted with corruption, bribery, and other heinous practices, lawyers help in upholding the laws that have been made by the constitution and interpret them for the civilians to understand the strong bounds of democracy. 

Lawyers work to hold up big corporations, organizations, and sometimes governments to be accountable where they want to take advantage of an individual or a small party of individuals to protect their civil rights and help them not to fall prey to the powerful bigger parties. 

The career provides several financial as well as emotional rewards which can help lawyers succeed in future endeavors. 

The pro bono work of a lawyer helps in upholding several aspects of providing proper legal aid to the people who are not aware of their rights.

The pro bono work is specially dedicated to the people who are charged by ICE for immigration and other corrupt aspects where the immigrants cannot rightfully work for their rights. 

The demands for lawyers are increasing at a rapid rate in today's world which is making law a significant profession for individuals. 

Did You Know...

The legal profession has a huge prevalence in the USA than in any other country. Here are some more interesting facts about the legal field in the USA:

The US legal business sector is considered to have an estimated economy of $160 billion of market share.

The highest paying niche of the legal profession belongs to medical lawyers. 

Lawyer statistics have determined that around 14.4% of the US Lawyers are certified members of the American Bar Association.

4% of the attorneys are retired or inactive. 

The law industry in the USA has projected economic growth of more than 5.6% in the economic year of 2014-2024. It has been considered to be the 22nd highest paying industry in the US. 


How many years do you have to study to be a lawyer?

An individual can study for five years full from a law school or do a three-year integrated course after their graduation in law. Students can also pursue a law degree from a recognized law school of their country, abiding by the country's bar council.

Is a law school graduate a lawyer?

Technically, a law school graduate is not a lawyer. However, graduating from law school does provide an individual the necessary qualification to pursue a state bar exam and be a member of the ABA to become a lawyer.

Is a lawyer different than an attorney?

No, the term lawyer has been more widely used than an attorney in most countries. It is considered to be an umbrella terminology that refers to the fact that an individual is licensed to practice law.

Are lawyers rich or poor?

The lawyer statistics have represented that, on average, a lawyer earns around $148,910 a year. This indicates that the lawyers earn significantly in their respective fields and are not poor.

What is a positive thing about being a lawyer?

One of the good things about being a lawyer is that a lawyer can uphold the legal framework of the country as well as provide a significant contribution to society if there are any forms of wrongdoings.

What do lawyers do daily?

There is no specific aspect to the nature of a lawyer's work. But mostly, they are engaged in legal drafting and legal research on a daily basis.

What are some interesting facts about becoming a lawyer?

Lawyers provide significant insight into their profession and are considered to be intellectually enhanced individuals. Famous fictional characters like Matt Murdock, Annalise Keating, Harvey Spector, and Saul Goodman provide lasting impacts on people who are thoroughly interested in actively pursuing a career in law in the future.

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