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Facts about Dwight D.Eisenhower are extremely popular with history enthusiasts.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the last US President to be born in the 19th century.

The middle name of Dwight Eisenhower is David. He is known for his immense contributions in the field of military, governance, space, and technology.

Here are some facts about Dwight D Eisenhower which will inspire you. From having a normal school and upbringing but learning from the different military experiences and exposures, Dwight D Eisenhower rose to become a successful military officer and the president of the USA for two terms. He served as supreme allied commander and military governor in his time.

He had participated in the World War but was against warfare and thus helped reduced the Cold War tensions. Major Dwight was awarded honors, medals, and decorations for his skillful tactics and won the respect of many countries. He married Mamie Geneva Doud in 1916. He died at the age of 78 due to heart failure.

Read on for some more interesting facts related to the life and career of Dwight D Eisenhower.

The Early Life Of Dwight D.Eisenhower

Dwight Eisenhower was born in Denton, Texas. He was third among seven siblings. Both his parents David Jacob Eisenhower and Ida Elizabeth Eisenhower had German ancestors. Here are some essential aspects related to the early life of Eisenhower:

Dwight was born on October 14, 1890. He had a normal school life like every other child of that era, and went to Abilene High School which is located in Kansas. He graduated from high school in 1909. Dwight was an excellent football player during his school days and loved playing baseball with his friends.

His favorite academic subject was history. The family did not have enough money to send Dwight to college but he managed to get a military school admission with the help of scholarships.

Dwight was a bright student and a keen observer. He had a  profound interest in exploring the outer world. He learned the skills of hunting, cooking, and fishing as pastime activities.

He also learned to play a game of cards from an illiterate person named Bob Davis. There was a specific time devoted to Bible reading after lunch and dinner by the Eisenhower family.

After finishing his education Dwight worked at his father's creamery. Dwight also worked as a firefighter in his spare time. He was fond of the military and aimed to go to military academy.

In 1911, Dwight got an appointment call at the United States Military Academy in New York. He soon enrolled in the training course in the military. In 1915 Dwight graduated from the academy. He was soon appointed as a second lieutenant.

What is Dwight D.Eisenhower known for?

Here are some facts about Dwight D.Eisenhower to help you understand some of the standout achievements of the popular president: -

Dwight Eisenhower is famous for being the 34th President of the United States of America. He was given the credit of reducing Cold War tensions among. His initiative ‘Atoms for Peace’ gained him worldwide recognition. Before serving as the American President Dwight played a major role in his military career and had participated in World War II.

Dwight served as a Supreme Commander of Allied Forces and planned successful invasions of France and Germany. Dwight belonged to German ancestry and had a religious upbringing.

Eisenhower contested for Presidential elections in 1952 and stood firmly against the evils of Communism and Corruption. Eisenhower served two terms of being the US president. People believed in his policies and initiatives and he made the world a better and safer place to live in.

Eisenhower had an essential contribution to ending the Korean war. He also reduced the rising tensions between the US and the USSR.

During his military career, Eisenhower served at several military camps in Georgia and Texas. He held various important and high positions during his military career.

He worked as a chief military aide to General MacArthur, commanded a battalion of tanks, and was a military advisor to the Philippines Government. In 1941, after the Pearl Harbor attack, Eisenhower was chosen as a trusted military officer to formulate new war plans and strategies to defeat Germany and Japan.

Dwight D. Eisenhower carried out the Allied invasion of North Africa named Operation Torch which was successful in 1943. Soon another mission named Operation Overlord was assigned to Eisenhower to carry out the allied assault on Normandy. This was also successful and proved to be one of the reasons for victory for the Allied forces over the Axis powers.

Eisenhower was known to have several military achievements and soon was promoted to the rank of five-star general in 1944. He also served as the military governor of the US-occupied zone in 1945. He served as Chief of the army under President Truman in 1945.

Due to his achievements and endeavors, Eisenhower was also elected as the president of Columbia University. He remained as the President in this position till 1950.

In 1951, Eisenhower was serving as the first supreme commander of NATO. He was also made in charge of the command of operations of NATO forces in Europe. Eisenhower retired from his military career in 1952.

Eisenhower also worked with army chief of staff George Marshall.

Where Did Dwight D.Eisenhower Live?

Did you know that Dwight D Eisenhower attained the highest rank in the army, that is of the five-star general! He was also appointed to the position of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces by President Roosevelt.

But do you know where did he live during his early years and later on in life? Here are some interesting facts related to the residing places of President Eisenhower: -

Dwight D. Eisenhower, born in Texas, lived in Denison. However, he moved with his family to Abilene when he was small. He completed his schooling in Kansas.

He left the city to pursue higher studies and joined the college at West Point in New York. David Dwight Eisenhower also built a career as an army officer and got to visit the many places around the world he was posted to by the commanding officers.

Dwight D. Eisenhower spent years in Washington DC and the Philippines. Eisenhower also served in North Africa and many parts of Europe during World War II. After the war, he ended his military career and contested Presidential elections. He stayed in New York being the President of Columbia University.

During his term as President, he stayed in the White House in Washington DC. After retiring from the Presidency Eisenhower shifted to his farmhouse in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and spent the rest of his days in Gettysburg with his wife.

How many terms did Eisenhower serve?

Are you interested in knowing some facts related to the tenure of Dwight David Eisenhower as the President of the United States? Without a doubt, he is one of the most noted presidents of the United States. Read on to know more about the different terms that Dwight David Eisenhower served.

Eisenhower retired from serving in the military and then entered politics. He then contested the elections for the Republican party nomination against Senator A. Taft. Eisenhower won the elections and defeated Taft. Announcing his name as the candidate for the President by contesting among the Republican Party candidates. Eisenhower assumed the presidency in 1953.

After becoming US president, Eisenhower in his first term quickly resorted to reducing war tensions. He negotiated with military and army diplomats of many countries.

He proposed the application of atomic energy only for peaceful uses and not for war purposes. This landmark achievement was named 'Atoms for Peace' in 1953.

He also played a vital role in reducing and ending the tensions around the Korean war. In 1955, President Eisenhower participated in active sessions with the French, Russian and British leaders to talk and reduce the rising threat of atomic war.

In 1956, Eisenhower was re-elected as President for a second term. In his second term, Eisenhower was given the challenging task to confront the Suez Crisis and end the invasion of Egypt.

With the rising trend in the IT sector, Eisenhower created the US Information Agency in Alaska and Hawaii. He also signed the Civil Rights Act in 1957.

Eisenhower set up a permanent Civil Rights Commission for the welfare of democratic citizens in his second term. The establishment of NASA is credited under the name Eisenhower. He also launched the first artificial satellite in 1957.

Awards and Honors of Dwight D Eisenhower

For his immense contribution in World War II and in his military career, Eisenhower has received many medals and great honors for his achievement and success.

Some of these are World War II victory medals including, Order of Merit, Grand Cross, and Star USSR. In 1999, Eisenhower was also awarded the Civilian International World Citizenship Award. His name was so popular that it even appeared in the List of Most Widely Admired People of the 20th century.

In his honor, there are many places named after Dwight D.Eisenhower. These include monuments, parks, streets, and even a mountain. Mount Eisenhower is located in New Hampshire and is 105 meters high. The Avenue du Général-Eisenhower, is a street found in Paris, France.

He has been awarded from many countries, especially the US, France, and Brazil, for his extraordinary military career. Eisenhower received the Order of Liberation, Companion from France along with the Military Medal and Legion of Honor, Grand Cross. From the Philippines Eisenhower received the Order of Sikatuna, Grand Collar, Distinguished Service Star, and Shield of Honor Medal, Chief Commander.

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