Malizia II Facts: Details On Greta Thunberg Yacht Revealed

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Malizia II facts will tell you more about used sails its construction materials used in the boat.

Malizia II is a boat which is also known as Gitana 16, Edmond de Rothschild, and Seaxplorer- Yacht Club de Monaco.

The Malizia II was designed by Guillaume Verdier, a French naval architect, and VPLP Design. It was launched on 10 August 2015.

Malizia Ocean Challenge is a mission to promote, protect, and educate people about ocean science and ocean research. It was supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation.

The Malizia II belongs to the class IMOCA 60 (International Monohull Open Class Association). It is a monohull yacht used for sailing.

It was built in the Multiplast yard in Vannes, France. It was initially named Gitana 16 which was later changed to Malizia II.

It is a racing yacht that took part in Vendee Globe with skipper Boris Herrnamm (2020-21, 2016-17), Le Defi Azimut Race (2020, 2016), Vendee Arctique Race (2020), Transat Race (2020), Transat Jacques Vabre Race (2019), Rolex Fastnet Race (2019), Bermudes 1000 Race (2019), Monaco Globe Series (2018), Route du Rhum Race (2018), Rolex Fastnet Race (2018), Transat (2016), and various others.

Malizia II is owned by Pierre Casiraghi.

It costs 2,700,000 Euros. Malizia II took climate action activist Greta Thunberg on her journey across the Atlantic.

Malizia II is powered by solar power and hydro-generators that can run all the systems on-board continuously along with navigation instruments and ocean laboratory. After reading interesting facts about Malizia II, also check interesting Kansas day and grass facts.

Malizia II Features

Malizia II, a racing yacht, has many features that have helped the climate in significant ways. German skipper Boris Herrnamm participated in Vendee Globe of 2020-21 with this race boat. It is owned by Pierre Casiraghi. It took Greta Thunberg across the Atlantic.

Some of the features of Malizia II have been mentioned below.

Malizia II is 60 ft (18.2 m) in length. Malizia II can reach the speed of 35 knots. Malizia II is the fastest boat of its class of new boats.

The social goals of Malizia II include environmental protection, research, and youth work. It is fully equipped with sensors that are attached to collect various data. It includes pH, temperature, salt, and carbon dioxide.

This data is important for marine research and helps understand marine environments. It has a navigation instrument, has torqeedo ribs powered, and a live tracker. The boat’s interior is quite compact and does not give a lot of privacy.

The two main mottos of Malizia II were #FridaysforFuture and ‘United Behind the Science’. The Malizia II was built in France in 2015. Team Malizia bought the Malizia II in 2017 and now it belongs to Germany. The registered port of Malizia II is in Hamburg, Germany.

Malizia II does not have a kitchen or a washroom. Malizia II has solar panels which convert sunlight into electricity. Malizia II also has underwater turbines that use the water currents to produce energy which can be used when sunlight is not available or during a storm.

This makes Malizia II a zero-carbon sailing yacht. It is also known as Gitana 16, Edmond de Rothschild, and Seaxplorer - Yacht Club de Monaco.

What is the Malizia II Yacht made of?

Malizia II yacht, also known as Yacht Club de Monaco, was constructed and launched in 2015. It has been used in various yacht races but its most popular voyage is with the climate activist, Greta Thunberg in 2019.

Pierre Casiraghi owns the Malizia II. Boris Herrnamm, with Malizia II, participated in Vendee Globe of 2020-21. The Malizia Ocean challenge was supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation. Some of the details about the construction material used while making the Malizia II yacht have been mentioned down below.

The total length of Malizia II is 60 ft (18.28 m). The height of the mast of Malizia II is 95.8 ft (29 m). Malizia II is made from composite material and carbon fibre. This helps in reducing the weight of the boat.

The hull of Malizia II has a receding upward slope and might be made up of fiberglass. The hull also has a foiling system which helps Malizia II to use all the wind power in its favor. The foiling system has been upgraded twice. Once in 2016 and then in 2020.

Malizia II does not use any kind of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and others. Malizia II has solar panels which can give an output of approximately 1.7 hp (1.3 kw). They are used to produce energy using sunlight.

Malizia II also has turbines located underwater and two hydro generators near the stern. They use the water currents and water to produce electricity.

journey across the Atlanti

Malizia II Difference From Other Yacht

Below are a few differences between the Malizia II and other Yachts. The average speed of a yacht is 4-6 knots but that of Malizia II is 13.89 knots.

The average yacht is about 78 ft (23.6 m) long but the length of Malizia II is 60 ft (18.1 m). An average yacht uses Marine Gas Oil (MGO) and Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) as fuels. The Malizia II uses hydropower and solar energy to function.

Other yachts have luxuries like the kitchen and bathroom but the Malizia II does not have any of these features. Other yachts have a 15 ft (4.5 m) average length of the mast but the length of the mast is 95 ft (28.7 m).

How long did it take for Greta Thunberg to cross across the Atlantic?

Greta Thunberg is a climate activist from Sweden. She was born on 3 January 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2019, she went to New York to participate in a climate action summit.

She raises awareness about climate change throughout the world. She has won various awards including the Fritt Ord Award (2019), Rachel Carson Prize (2019), Ambassador of Conscience Award (2019), Right Livelihood Award (2019), International Children’s Peace Prize (2019), Time Person of the Year (2019), Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity (2020), and others.

Greta Thunberg voyaged across the North Atlantic Ocean with the Malizia II to attend the climate action summit. Her journey was sponsored by BMW and EFG International, a private Swiss Bank. Few details about her voyage have been mentioned down below.

With Malizia II, Greta Thunberg took 15 days to reach New York by the Atlantic crossing. The boat was captained by professional race skipper Boris Herrmann and Malizia team founder Pierre Casiraghi.

Greta began her journey on 14 August 2019 from Plymouth. She was just 16 years old during this voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

Greta Thunberg was accompanied by Svante Thunberg, her father, filmmaker Nathan Grossman, and the Malizia team.

Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist, was going to New York to attend the conferences for climate change including the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit and COP 25 Climate Change Conference.

Thunberg decided that she would not fly or sail on a cruise to reach New York as they are great contributors to carbon emissions, which results in carbon footprint.

Greta wanted to prevent even the smallest carbon footprint from her part. In late June 2019, Malizia II was offered to Greta Thunberg for her journey. This voyage was called the ‘carbon neutral transatlantic crossing’.

Malizia II didn’t have any kind of luxuries like a bathroom, kitchen, or shower. Thunberg completed her transatlantic trip and reached New York City on 28 August 2019. The journey took an additional day because of the bad weather conditions in the sea.

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