National Couples Day

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Over the years, the definition of a relationship has evolved to suit the ideals of the 21st century. Discover National Couples Day facts here.

Where is National Couples Day Celebrated?

National Couple's Day Date! Each year on August 18, millions of couples worldwide celebrate National Couple's Day.

It's a special occasion to honor your partner for almost all their love and support. This event isn't about couples enjoying their secret romance; instead, it's about couples supporting one another in their efforts to make one another successful and happy.

Showing your lover how much you are concerned for them is the right time to say, 'I love you.' It's National Couple's Day, which means it's time to celebrate the one you love!

Who is National Couples Day Celebrated by?

Marriage anniversaries, first dates, living together, and visiting each other's families are milestones that people commemorate.

When did National Couples Day first start?

Since 1993, this annual worldwide love festival has occurred every year. Every year on August 18, National Couple's Day is observed to honor love and togetherness. The celebration of National Couples Day is a more significant concern now than it has ever been.

Who started National Couples Day?

A story posted in a journal in 1938 sparked the notion of a national day for couples. It would remind and inspire people to consider how they should commemorate love day and their relationship.

People frequently utilize National Couple's Day to reconnect with old friends and reminisce about shared experiences.

History And Timelines

National Couples Day is all about relationships and love. Read more about the past of this couple's day.

Traditions And Customs

It is incredibly beneficial to reside near a large city with many local events. A healthy couple is joyful.

National Couple's Day is recognized today as a day to foster harmony among those who love one other. There are a variety of celebrations to select from, including seminars, parades, and other activities, but visiting one of these seminars is possibly the most famous method to display your love for someone.

Ways To Celebrate National Couples Day

Couples that want to spend some time with one other and eat dinner together might do so on this day. They may decide to travel to share their emotions and feelings on this special day.

They exchange gifts such as gift cards, chocolate, watches, and batch lights to make the day more enjoyable.

Some people will opt for a simple picnic and possibly some indoor spaces, such as a game of golf, to maintain the spark alive. National Couple's Day will be a day to relax and enjoy being with your significant other.

There is nothing more fulfilling than to be in a partnership with the person who is also your best friend. National Couple's Day is about showing your partner how much you care about them. Praise your partner for everything they do to serve and protect your house and family on this day.

Facts and Stats

After being published in Life Magazine in 1942, the concept of National Couple's Day took off and traveled across the United States. The idea was to send pictures of your wedding anniversary celebrations and send them to a magazine to create a calendar out of it.

According to studies, happily married couples live longer, have become less likely to contract life-threatening illnesses, and have better mental health. These National Couples Day facts like this encourage a happy and loving life.

As per research, your partner acts as a support system for you. Laughter and memorable moments with your partner may be the most effective treatments! In addition, your partner relieves your tension. National Couples Day allows you to express gratitude to your partner for their support and love.

Initial reference of Valentine's Day

Geoffrey Chaucer first created Valentine's Day in his poetry 'Parliament of Foules.'


Loving v. Virginia

Interracial marriage was made legal in the United States.


The past of National Couple's Day

National Couple's Day has a long history, evolving from St. Valentine's Day.


Pride Parade Begins

As a result of the Stonewall Riots, the first pride march occurs.


Marriage Equality

The United States Supreme Court has overturned all restrictions on same-sex marriage.


What are some reasons for celebrating National Couples Day?

Various types of couples are happy to celebrate their presence as the world becomes more liberal and open to the many kinds of love.

What is the motto of National Couples Day?

It's National Couple's Day, a day to celebrate the person you love.

What is the importance of celebrating National Couples Day?

National Couple's Day is the ideal day to display your commitment and love to your partner, whether you're a newly married pair, a newlyweds pair, or even a recently separated couple.

Who encouraged the celebration of National Couples Day?

There should be a day set aside to celebrate and relive the excitement of any couple's first encounter.

When Is This Day Celebrated

  • Monday, August 17, 2020
  • Tuesday, August 17, 2021
  • Wednesday, August 17, 2022
  • Thursday, August 17, 2023
  • Saturday, August 17, 2024

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