National Sons Day

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National Sons Day is a day celebrated every year on March 4 and September 28.

Where is National Sons Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated throughout the USA.

Who is National Sons Day celebrated by?

 This day is celebrated by all fathers and mothers who wish to let their sons or son know how proud they are to raise them.

When did National Sons Day first start?

The National Sons Day was started in 2018 by Jill Nico.

Who started National Sons Day?

The founder of this day is Jill Nico. She created this day as she felt it is important to recognize and appreciate our sons as much as our daughters and celebrate the special bond between a son and their parents.

Some countries observe National Sons Day on September 28. The reason for this is not known

History And Timeline

Celebration of National Sons Day is as important as celebrating a Daughter's or Sister's Day. Let's take a look at the history and timeline that lead to the development of this day.

Daughters To Work Day

Our Daughters To Work Day was created by Ms. Foundation for Women, a nonprofit organization in the USA, with the help of its treasurer, president, and founder.

April 22, 1993

Early Efforts

A group of people took the initiative and worked towards creating a day for sons similar to Daughters To Work Day.


First Day For Sons

National Take Your Sons To Work Day was created during this year.


Children To Work Day

Both Daughters To Work Day and Sons To Work Day were combined this year to form Take Our Children To Work Day.


Official Sons Day

Jill Nico founded this day in the year 2018 to honor sons and to show our sons how much we love and appreciate them, so we can celebrate sons all over the world.


Traditions And Customs

Though there are no specific customs or traditions surrounding this day, parents can work towards nullifying false stereotypes surrounding men. This could help their son believe in himself more than what people believe or perceive to be true.

As parents, guiding your son through false beliefs and teaching him values of kindness and compassion can help him become a better person who can impact many lives positively.

As a mother, you may adore and dote on your son as a hero, which is common as mothers see their sons as heroes in their own eyes. Fathers often teach their sons about family values and what is important in their family.

This tradition can occur at any time throughout a son's life, but National Sons Day is a chance to focus on the special relationship that parents have with their son.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Sons Day

National Sons Day is the perfect day for you as a parent to take some time out for your son or sons.

You can talk to them about their hobbies, school, understand their aspirations, and engage in healthy conversations to help discuss any concerns or issues they may be experiencing. Parents can also post something unique about their sons on social media to publicly recognize their talents.

Such shout-outs on social media platforms can be a medium through which parents can let the world know how proud they feel about them.

Parents could also use this day to teach their sons the importance of becoming a volunteer and undertake community services. This can help sons to learn the habit and importance of giving back to society.

Parents could give their son a gift, stating they are proud of their son on this day.

Facts And Stats

  • National Sons Day is also celebrated on September 28.
  • Many other national days such as National Brothers Day and National Men's Day have also come up to celebrate boys and men of a family.
  • Did you know that during the '90s, too, there were attempts at declaring National Sons Day? Although it was after 30 years, in 2018 that this day was declared.
  • Share images of you and your son on social media on this day to show how much you love him.

Is there a National Daughter and Son Day?

There is a National Son And Daughter Day that is celebrated on August 11 every year.

How do families celebrate National Sons Day?

Some families spend this day playing video games with their sons and spending quality time with them. National Sons Day is a way to express appreciation of boys and their importance in our lives.

What are some advantages of celebrating National Sons Day?

The advantage of celebrating this day is that children will value the legacy their parents would leave for them.

Who encouraged the celebration of National Sons Day?

Jill Nico encouraged the idea behind the creation of this day.

What are some events similar to National Sons Day?

Events such as National Daughters Day, National Middle Child Day, and National Son and Daughter Day are similar to National Sons Day.

When Is This Day Celebrated

  • Wednesday, March 04, 2020
  • Thursday, March 04, 2021
  • Friday, March 04, 2022
  • Saturday, March 04, 2023
  • Monday, March 04, 2024

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