Why Do We Need Government? Types And Importance Explained

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Originally Published on Oct 22, 2021
The government plays a significant role
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The government plays a significant role in maintaining the security of the economy.

Many people often question why do we need government in the first place? We need government because it is responsible for making the major decisions to keep the country running smoothly.

Founders of a free country like America believed in the people’s right to life. One of the many political tasks that the government is responsible for includes maintaining economic security and ensuring that its citizens benefit.

A government is required to maintain the order and social control of the country and work for people’s welfare. It is also responsible for ensuring that the citizens of the country are safe and their welfare is protected.

Governments exist at various levels like local, state, and national.

We also need government to ensure that societies function with peace and harmony. Without the political and legal system and a power figure implementing them, a country would likely be in chaos, and life would be unpredictable.

The role of every government is to build various infrastructures like roads, schools, and hospitals. Constructing playgrounds, parks, libraries and providing the citizens with police and fire protection are vital responsibilities of governments.

Keep reading to learn about a government’s purposes, rules, laws, liberty, and more! In this article, we will learn about the importance of government in society, the role of government, and the different types of governments.

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What is the importance of a government?

A government is known as an institution where leaders enforce laws and exercise their power. The leaders answer to the people by using their power to maintain order, provide leadership, give public services, and provide economic and national security.

Governments need to overlook a political and legal system that is fair and non-discriminatory. A government should use its power for good and ensure every human in society gets equal rights.

Governments need to protect people from each other; otherwise, a worse power structure will rise, depriving people of their rights. The American founders believed that John Lock, an English philosopher, espoused the natural rights held by all people.

These natural rights were property and life liberty. Today, we refer to these rights as basic or fundamental rights. Without a government, states would not have the power to maintain order or prevent chaos.

What is the role of the government?

The government plays numerous roles regularly. It earns money, employs people, and consumes goods and services. It is pretty similar to a business.

State, federal and local governments raise funds through taxes. The government also sells securities like bonds when they wish to borrow money from the public. The definition of a bond is an investment where people loan money to the government at an interest rate for a specific time.

Governments also have the role of distributing disbursements via contracts with social programs or businesses that can help in benefitting the welfare of people. We can establish that a government has various functions, but have you ever wondered who developed the purpose of a government? Or why was there conflict among people throughout history?

There was so much conflict throughout history as there wasn’t a fair and robust means to create a government system to help guide and protect the people for them to feel free. Eventually, the need to establish governments came into place worldwide. They had three essential purposes to provide in societies.

They establish the defense for protecting people from external military threats, crime, and internal violence.

They ensure the government can provide justice to the people through fair and lawful police and court systems.

They ensure safety and protect people from exploiting the environment, government, market, and other citizens.

Providing a solid medical and education system is also a significant purpose of a government.

How is a government formed?

A new government is formed right after the parliamentary election has taken place. The foundations are laid down in this process that the new government will have to pursue.

In the Constitution, there are no rules laid down to form a government. The Constitution only handles the beginning and end of this process, which is the dismissal of the old government and the appointment of the new one.

The unwritten constitutional laws and customs act as a means to the formation procedure. According to the constitutional law, the process may differ from the last time the formation of a government took place.

When the elections are finally over, all the winning representatives become members of parliament or M.P.s. Opposition M.P.s are the members who don’t get the chance to form the government. The term official opposition usually refers to the second-highest elected numbers after the winning party.

Parliamentarians usually debate or discuss new bills and make important decisions that can affect the whole country. We need the government to make fair and correct decisions.

A government is required to maintain the order

What are the types of government?

There are numerous kinds of governments present around the world. Let’s look at some of their names and meanings!

Authoritarian: This type of government has complete control of a nation. They usually gain this kind of control through force, and most citizens are not content with such a system of governance.

Democracy: In the U.S., the people have the power. It is the complete opposite of an authoritarian government. Some examples of democracy include Sweden, Canada, and Colombia.

Monarchy: It isn’t as common as a democracy. In a monarchy, the ruling family passes down the title for generations. The most popular monarchy is a constitutional monarchy. They are royal families present, but they mainly serve as ceremonial figures.

Oligarchy: This is slightly similar to a monarchy, as they place power in a few people. But unlike a monarchy, titles aren’t passed down from families for generations. Titles are passed from one family to another, but it isn’t related to bloodlines.

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