Why Do We Wear Clothes? History Of Clothing For Kids

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Interesting facts about why do we wear clothes

Clothing, from today’s perspective, is seen as a material to protect the body of a human being by wearing them. It makes us look more elegant and gives us the opportunity to express ourselves more in situations where we have to be.

Clothes can describe a person quite well. It can show how a person is or their personality to people without even him talking to them.

Clothes are not the same everywhere around the globe. Every religion, caste, creed, and country has a particular set of clothing that defines them very well.

Food, clothing, and shelter are three basic needs of a human to survive on the Earth.

It can be really a fascinating part of the lives of people. The very first reason for us to wear clothes is to give protection to our body from every type of climate cold, sun, dust, rain, and wind.

There can be very serious effects of weather on our body which cant get tolerated for a long time. Anything can harm the uncovered skin very easily, and that’s why we wear clothes.

Clothing also protects us from any possible injury.

So there is a particular set of clothing for safety reasons. Since time immemorial, people are involved in jobs that are very hazardous and need special clothing to protect themselves from the general type of injuries.

The way people of the different groups are dressed gives the impressions about their cultures, art, class, style, and status. Clothing nowadays is a style statement and that's why more and more people pay good attention to the type of clothing they are wearing on every occasion and in every place.

Thousands of brands have given the liberty to search for whatever you feel is best for you and wear them.

Many clothing brands like Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Gucci, have given many choices to people. When people wear or dress as per latest fashion, it gives them a class, status, identification, good personal impressions, and also on top, protection.

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What is the origin of clothing?

It is not very clear today about the time when people first started wearing clothing. But anthropologists are of the opinion that humans might have started wearing clothes around 100,000-500.000 years ago.

Earlier, when we first started to cover our skin, humans used animal skin, grass, fur, bones, leaves, and shells. These types of garments were tied using small needles like things made out of the bones of animals.

There are pieces of evidence about sewn clothes or fur garments from 30,000 years ago. Over the course of time, the types of clothing changed.

History tells us that the styles of clothing changed continuously in alignment with fashion, culture, and wealth. During the late stone age in the Middle East, the first extraction of clothing was started.

In around 6500 BC, knitting got introduced as an art and a special technique to create fabrics, and even now it is quite popular. The natural fibers were used first for clothing, like flax, leather, wool, and silk, and they were obtained from various plants and animal sources.

The very first seeds of plants that were used for clothing were the flax seeds. It is around 36,000 years old.

The silk production was first started in China around 5000-3000 BC when they used to extract silk front the cocoon of the silkworm (domesticated). Textiles also have an early origin.

This evolution of clothing with respect to plant and animal skin material is very colorful and vast. With different cultures and geographical locations, a huge variety of clothes appeared.

Every fiber, be it natural or synthetic has its own history. We identify a class of people on the basis of covering worn to protect

Benefits of clothing

A brief about the benefits of clothing can be easily understood with this example. If you are stepping out of your home in a cold and windy climate with just a half-sleeved shirt and shorts, won't you feel cold?

And you can even do the same with a warm and sunny day, you will get sunburn! This is the benefit of clothing. It protects you from hot and rain-type climates!

A particular set of clothing with different colors and accessories will give you a certain type of representation in society among your group members and people at work. This gives identification to every individual.

A specific style and color of dressing are very necessary to let people know about the people and their occupation as the school teaches that to students from kindergarten. One of the most important benefits of clothing is that it helps us show various standards of modesty.

Our society has some unwritten rules about a particular way to dress on different occasions. You can’t wear a fancy set of clothes at a funeral or wear party clothes while going to official work.

Here, modesty is the way people feel to cover themselves in clothes according to a particular situation. Clothing is quite a decorative piece for individuals.

People like to be different and look good all the time.

And therefore, they try to decorate themselves using a particular set of jewelry and clothing. It enhances your appearance and gives an edge in personality.

People feel more confident in their environment good, fashion-related, and stylish garments. We have good access to different types of clothing elements like dresses, fashion article.

People wear clothing of the latest fashion to give them a separate identification and status in their environment and institute. Cotton clothes and flowing garments help in air circulation, which will help in keeping the body cooler.

A person wears clothing for protection of their physical self

Types of clothes

There are different types of clothing that are available today. They are further divided into an array of groups and subgroups. Generally, clothes are sold on the basis of season and want.

Types of clothing can be understood by a daily-life example of anybody going shopping in either Walmart, malls, or target, and there you can see the different sections of various materials of clothing lined up according to a particular season, occasion, age, and gender.

Garments broadly are divided into two categories, one by the materials and the other by the occasion.

If we look at the material, there are three types, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and mixed fibers. When we go for occasions, there is a much larger category.

They can be outerwear, swimwear, activewear, tie, textiles, tailored clothes, casual wear, legwear, neckwear, evening wear, bridal wear, shirt, uniforms, workwear, knitwear, loungewear, vacation wear, mourning wear. Whenever someone wore good dresses, they gave a place to form impressions.

Clothes are also worn according to science. Men and women have different types of clothing.

Importance of wearing clothes

Clothes are very important in the life of every individual as they reflect personality, culture, and style. People use clothes to enhance their personal look and make them look even more presentable in front of others. Clothing is very important because people form opinions about others based on what they wear, and that’s why we say dress well always.

The status symbol and impressions of individuals get represented by clothing. In earlier times, the king and queen used to have a very unique set of clothing which was very different from what people wore in general.

This set of clothing is used to make them quite distinguishable from others. Now, when we wear suits, ties, coats, or any costly dress, that becomes our status symbol in the outer world.

Designer jewelry, designer clothes, leather items, classy fabrics, and fur coats, are very expensive and set a style statement for people. Clothes cover our body and all the private parts, which are very important, especially for women.

We represent our modesty by the choices of clothing we make.

We let the world know about us by dressing up for different occasions like work, group affiliation, activities, or any special occasion. We identify stranger's behavior by the way they dress.

Covering the body with shabby and untidy clothes is often a sign of threat according to our brain if we have to judge somebody. Based on our wearing preferences only, we decide whether we want to talk to this particular person or not.

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