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Jiangjunosaurus facts are about herbivorous dinosaurs.
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In 2007, Jiangjunosaurus junggarensis was rendered the first formal identification by Xu Xing, Jia Chengkai, James Clark, and Catherine Foster. The genus Jiangjunosaurus is composed solely of this stegosaurian dinosaur species. The specific name was attributed because the first holotype specimen, IVPP V 14724, was found embedded in the Shishugou Formation of Junggar Basin in Xinjiang. The skeletal remains extracted from the debris were that of a dinosaur that perished at its young age. Fossils of some other species were also extracted from the formation and these include sauropods like Bellusaurus and Mamenchisaurus, and theropods such as Aorun and Zuolong. According to findings, the species was suited to a terrestrial ecosystem. However, not much information could be extracted about this extinct species because the fossils that were discovered didn't constitute the complete skeletal framework. Only bits and pieces of the skeleton such as the rear skull bone, scapula, two of the neck plates, eleven of the neck vertebrae were found. Due to this, it is one of the lesser-known dinosaurs about which the world is still inquisitive to know more.

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Jiangjunosaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Jiangjunosaurus'?

To pronounce the genus name correctly, you can simply break it up into 'Je-ang-ju-no-sore-us'.

What type of dinosaur was a Jiangjunosaurus?

Jiangjunosaurus junggarensis is an extinct stegosaurian dinosaur.

In which geological period did the Jiangjunosaurus roam the earth?

This herbivorous dinosaur inhabited the earth about 157-163 million years ago in the Oxfordian stage of the Upper Jurassic age.

When did the Jiangjunosaurus become extinct?

The exact time frame within which the Jiangjunosaurus junggarensis population was completely eradicated is not known with certainty. Nevertheless, apart from natural disasters that wiped out all dinosaurs from the earth, the Jiangjunosaurus population was also affected due to the presence of other atrocious dinosaurs which was perhaps one of the contributing factors for its extinction.

Where did the Jiangjunosaurus live?

Fossil remains of the species of genus Jiangjunosaurus were extracted from Junggar Basin's Shishugou Formation situated in Xinjiang, China.

What was a Jiangjunosaurus' habitat?

This stegosaurian dinosaur species of genus Jiangjunosaurus was adapted to a terrestrial habitat. Specific details about its habitat preferences are not clearly known.

Who did the Jiangjunosaurus live with?

The Jiangjunosaurus lived millions of years back and hence there is not much evidence about its social behavior. It is very difficult to know for sure whether it was a loner or it preferred to dwell in pairs or groups.

How long did a Jiangjunosaurus live?

Due to the lack of factual data, the life expectancy of this herbivorous species of genus Jiangjunosaurus cannot be stated with accuracy.

How did they reproduce?

Although no specific research data pertaining to the reproduction procedure of the species could be gathered, it can be deduced that the Jiangjunosaurus engaged in oviparous reproduction like all other dinosaurs. The behavior of males and females during the breeding period couldn't be ascertained but after copulation and conception, females lay eggs and engage in incubation for a span of three to six months. The young were capable of looking after themselves right from the moment of their birth.

Jiangjunosaurus Fun Facts

What did the Jiangjunosaurus look like?

The most prominent features of the species are that it possessed a deep, hooked chin and a relatively elongated skull. The tooth crowns are proportionately wide and symmetrical and the maxilla was composed of 14 teeth at least. The species displays a combination of basal as well as derived traits. In the Jiangjunosaurus, stegosaurus characters include an inclined quadrate, the upright dentary plate, and the larger cervical plates in a dual row.

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Jiangjunosaurus facts tell about the herbivore dinosaurs of China.

How many bones did a Jiangjunosaurus have?

The total number of bones that composed the entire skeletal system of this extinct dinosaur species of genus Jiangjunosaurus is not known as only some fossilized parts could only be retrieved. Parts of the neck vertebrae, skull bones, lower jaw, scapula, neck plates, ribs, and a few other sections of the skeleton have provided a vague idea of the stegosaur.

How did they communicate?

Like all other dinosaurs, the Jiangjunosaurus engages in vocal exchanges as the primary mode of communication. Perhaps it also used some body language like most other animals but there are no specific records to prove this claim.

How big was the Jiangjunosaurus?

Jiangjunosaurus junggarensis measured around 20 ft (6 m) in length. When contrasted with the average length of the gigantic Stegosaurus armatus that grew up to 30 ft (9 m), the Jiangjunosaurus posited a relatively smaller size.

How fast could a Jiangjunosaurus move?

The speed range of these dinosaurs is undeciphered due to the lack of factual evidence.

How much did a Jiangjunosaurus weigh?

The average weight of the Jiangjunosaurus junggarensis must have been somewhere around 5,000 lb (2,268 kg). As revealed from the fossil remains, it was pretty bulky.

What were the male and female names of the species?

Dinosaurs don't have sex-specific names and are commonly regarded as male and female dinosaurs respectively.

What would you call a baby Jiangjunosaurus?

Just like the sexes have no special attributions, the babies also lack unique designations. However, you can call a baby Jiangjunosaurus junggarensis a hatchling or just a young.

What did they eat?

The species is believed to be a herbivore as its diet mainly consisted of leaves and green grasses.

How aggressive were they?

It can be deduced that since Jiangjunosaurus junggarensis didn't possess predatory instincts like the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex, it was not the aggressive kind. However, it is not whether the species was entirely docile or aggressive towards its own lot or portrayed violent behavior towards weaker animals.

Did you know...

Did you know that even these herbivore dinosaurs were preyed upon by other theropod dinosaurs? The Sinraptor, a metriacanthosaurid theropod was one of its common predators.

Are you aware that the species had a unique skull? The skull was proportionately elongated when compared with its width. On the other hand, the neck plates have a circular, diamond-like shape.

How did the Jiangjunosaurus get its name?

The dinosaur derived its name from the Chinese language. The genus name is derived from 'Jiangjunmiao', an abandoned Chinese town. The term 'Jiangjun' or '將 軍' stands for 'general'. The amalgamation, therefore, implies 'temple of the general'. This literally refers to the burial grounds of the generals who were buried solitarily. The term 'junggarensis' is related to the Junggar Basin, the area from where the fossil remains of the species had been excavated.

How many specimens of the Jiangjunosaurus were discovered?

Only one holotype specimen, IVPP V 14724, was retrieved from the Shishugou Formation of Junggar Basin located in Xinjiang, China. However, the fossils were not those of a fully grown individual. The fossils obtained from the site were also incomplete.

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Jiangjunosaurus Facts

What Did They Prey On?


what Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?


What Did They Look Like?


How Much Did They Weigh?

About 5,000 lb (2,268 kg)

Skin Type


How Long Were They?

Approximately 20 ft (6 m)

How Tall Were They?










Scientific Name

Jiangjunosaurus junggarensis

What Were Their Main Threats?

Natural disasters

What Habitat Did They Live In?

Terrestrial ecosystems

Where Did They Live?

Xinjiang‭, China (Shishugou Formation)
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