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17 Julie Anne Haddock 'Facts Of Life'. Is She The Best American Artist?

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Julie Anne Haddock started her acting career with a feature film when she was very young.

Now known as Julie Anne Becker, who lives in California and loves singing at church, Julie Anne Haddock was a part of the original cast of the NBC television series named the 'Facts of Life'! Even though her career in movie-acting was limited, Julie Anne Haddock gave us a few memorable characters before stepping out of the public limelight and starting her life anew as a civilian in California. It is believed that she is five ft seven in (1.70 m) tall.

Born in the Los Angeles County of California, she started her career as a child and became recognized through her roles in 'Wonder Woman' and 'Mulligan's Stew', before becoming a part of the cast of the first season of 'The Facts of Life'. Keep reading to learn more facts about Julie Anne Haddock!

The Career Of Julie Anne Haddock

Julie Anne Haddock was born on April 3, 1965, in the state of California. Her acting career started very early, as she was a child actress to begin with. Julie started her career as a child actress at the tender age of 10 with a feature film named 'The World Through The Eyes Of Children'.

  • As a child star, she then appeared in some movies and television series. Some of these roles have been memorable. The most notable role that Julie Anne Haddock ever played was that of Cindy Webster in an NBC television series named 'The Facts of Life'. Apart from this, her role in a single episode of the television show 'The New Adventures of Wonder Woman' is also remembered widely. The name of the episode was 'The Girl of Isandia'.
  • She also took on the role of Melinda Mulligan in the show named 'Mulligan's Stew', although her part was short-lived. Another short-lived show that she was a part of was the NBC show named 'Boone'. Her impact on the television industry may be seemingly small, but she has undeniably given life to some very memorable characters through her acting.
  • Julie Anne Haddock only appeared in the first season of 'The Facts of Life'. In the second season, there were major lay-offs since the producers wanted to change the look of the show. Julie Anne Haddock's character, Cindy Webster, was removed at the beginning of the second season. However, for the sake of continuity, all the four characters removed at the beginning of the second season kept making guest appearances in the show throughout other seasons.
  • Even though Julie Anne Haddock seemed to have seamlessly portrayed her role in the first season, the tomboy character was written out rather abruptly. The final appearance that Cindy Webster made on the show was in a season eight episode named 'The Little Chill'. This episode was a reunion of all the seven girls that were in the show in the first season and had everyone except Molly Ringwald, who played a character named Molly on the show as well.
  • Julie Anne Haddock was, therefore, a member of the original cast of the television show that was a spin-off of another show of the time. Even though her character made appearances throughout seasons two and three, the limelight had already been taken away. The reunion of the main cast with all the characters who had been written off in the first season in 'The Little Chill' also remains to be the last appearance she made on television. After this, Julie Anne Haddock got married and started living in California. She is known as Julie Anne Becker and sings at a church!
Julie Anne Haddock is 56 years old now and played the role of Tina in 'Wonder Woman' in the year 1978.

The Filmography Of 'The Facts Of Life'

The 'Facts of Life' was a sitcom that was centered around some teenagers and Edna Garret, who was the house-mother at Eastland School. This school was located in New York, and the character of Edna Garret was played by Charlotte Rae.

  • The show was a spin-off, which was a desperate measure taken by NBC to regain its name and fanbase. Most of the famous shows of the late '70s were from ABC and NBS, which made them realize the importance of monopolizing on the fanbase that sitcoms based on school-going teenagers were drawing at the time.
  • This show was a very clear imitation of the concept projected in the television series 'Diff'rent Strokes', and some critics were even of the impression that the writers did not even make an attempt to make the storyline seem convincing.
  • In spite of the fact that the second and third seasons had to try to establish continuity after having laid off some characters, the characters that appeared in the first season were well researched. The producers of the show actually visited a school in order to see how a teenage girl would behave when in school. In fact, they even picked up a girl from the school to play Natalie's character. It was Mindy Cohn who was randomly picked because her humor and demeanor were catchy. One of the funniest facts is that she actually agreed to talk to the producers since she would get to be out of class and also could have some free doughnuts!

Awards And Nominations

The show was one of the longest-running programs in the '80s and the longest-running one for NBC at that point in time. Throughout its many seasons, it bagged three Emmy nominations and a TV Land Award nomination! Julie Anne Haddock was also nominated for an award: TV Land Favorite Characters Who Went Missing Award. There have been several wins for the cast in Young Artist Awards.

Important Details About 'The Facts Of Life'

One of the most important and easily missed facts about the show is that before George Clooney became a huge celebrity, he made several appearances on the series as a janitor! The list doesn't even end there. There are many more celebrities who made appearances on this television series before going on to become very successful actors themselves!

  • Actors like Helen Hunt, Juliette Lewis, Seth Green, Richard Dean Anderson, and David Spade also made appearances on the show. If you don't trust us, the show also had a DVD release in the late '80s. Find a copy and see for yourself!
  • What if we told you that Nancy McKeon almost played the role of Monica in the American sitcom named 'Friends'? It's true! If Courtney Cox hadn't bagged the role in time, 'Friends' might have looked very different!
  • Kim Fields, who played the role of Tootie in the show, was also a part-time singer in her own time. You can check out tracks such as 'Dear Michael' and 'He Loves Me He Loves Me Not' to see if she was as good at dancing and singing as she was at acting!
  • Mindy Cohn (Natalie to huge fans of 'The Facts of Life') was the voice artist behind Velma in certain Scooby-Doo episodes. These artists really were multitalented!
  • Mindy Cohn was one of the well-read actors in this television series, holding a degree in cultural anthropology!
  • Kim Fields and Julie Anne Haddock joined the show at the age of 10. It was because of her age that Kim Field's character had to wear roller skates to hide how short she was next to the other girls.
  • Charlotte Rae was beloved for her role in 'The Facts of Life'. Sadly, she passed away of pancreatic cancer in 2018.
  • Mackenzie Astin, who played the role of Andy Moffett in the show, is the son of John Astin and Patty Duke.
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