43 Ever-So Curious Truck Driver Facts Describing The Trucking Industry

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Trucks are primarily used to transport
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The trucking industry is a vital element in the economy of a country.

A commercial truck consumes as much as 20,500 gals (77,600 l) of fuel every year. While standard cars only consume 500 gals (18,92 l) per year.

The trucking industry plays a significant role in the employment sector of a nation. Most of the trucking companies are, in fact, small businesses. Among the many trucking facts, an interesting one is that 6% of the truckers in this industry are females. This rounds up to as many as 234,000 female individuals.

Trucks are primarily used to transport goods within a country and to neighboring areas. The average cost of fuel per gallon in diesel trucks equals $2.44.

The truckers, in particular, have to spend a significant amount of time away from their home. In return, they are also not given enough credit, nor are they considered valuables.

Not only that, but they also have to undergo several training programs and have enough expertise to be able to drive. There are various difficulties that truckers have to face, like poor maintenance, health hazards, and many others, along with many other physical and mental health issues.

Requirements For Being A Truck Driver In The US

The truck industry is one of the essential industries for the transportation of goods not just within the country but also to neighboring borders. It is not as easy a job as it may seem. In fact, truck drivers have to go through many tests before finally getting the job.

The basic requirements for being a truck driver include a person being 21 years old. Almost all trucking companies across the world follow this particular rule.

Sometimes, 18-year-old semi-truck drivers may also be hired, although their movement is restricted only within that specific state. They are not allowed to cross that state's borders. On average, the age of truckers in the US usually is around 49 years old.

The qualification also includes details of the 10-year driving record of an individual and the Commercial Driver License (CDL). All drivers in this industry need to have CDL.

Truck drivers can also join various training programs to pass the CDL exam. Other requirements include meeting the expected medical conditions to avoid any trucking accidents. Truck driving requires a lot of hard work and training.

The trucking industry is an essential industry, and in fact, most trucking companies are small businesses. But without these small businesses, the world might come to a halt.

A major reason for the nation's economy functioning correctly can be credited to the trucking industry. It serves as a good employment sector as millions of workers are involved in this industry.

An interesting fact about this freight industry is that, in the US alone, the trucking industry is responsible for transporting 70% of all the goods in that country. Thus, you can well imagine how vital they are for the economy's stability.

When we speak of truck drivers, the first thought that comes to our minds is male truck drivers. However, not all truck drivers are male.

In fact, according to the American Trucking Association, as much as 6% of the trucking industry consists of females, which rounds up to approximately 234,000 female truck drivers. A single truck can carry different items, depending on its size, from canned items and prepared dairy to wood and various agricultural products.

Traffic Rules For Truck Drivers In The US

Every driver needs to follow some basic rules while driving, regardless of whether the person is a truck driver or drives a standard car. Some of the universal driving rules to be followed by truck drivers include truck speed limits.

Truckers need to follow the speed limits that are laid by each state. The speed limits may, however, differ from place to place.

It is also a requirement for truckers to turn on the headlights of their trucks every time they use their windshield wipers. Although it is not a hard-fast rule in all countries, it is expected of truckers to follow to avoid any trucking accidents.

It is also essential for truckers to avoid their usage of phones as much as possible. Any form of distraction can lead to deadly consequences.

Therefore drivers are required not to use their phones for texting while driving, although they can use MP3 players. Music and podcasts are a very effective way to battle sleep or pass long road journeys.

Some countries, however, restrict drivers from using mobile phones totally, unless it is an emergency situation. These are among the various rules that drivers are required to follow, not just in America but all over the world.

An interesting fact about the trucking industry is that as much as 20,500 gals (77,600 l) of fuel is consumed by commercial trucks every year. It costs around $2.44 per gallon for diesel trucks.

The US trucking industry has as many as 15.5 million trucks. With so many active trucks in the US alone, air pollution can turn out to be a very serious problem for the people of the nation.

Therefore in order to curb the problem, clean diesel technology was introduced.

As a result of this, the emissions from heavy trucks have been reduced to as much as 95% over the years, thanks to the EPA regulations. In the US, the average pay a truck driver receives per month is $4,242.

Difficulties that truckers have to face

Type Of Vehicles A Truck Driver Can Drive In The US

The Commercial Driver's License (CDL) has three different classes, namely Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A grants the drivers to operate vehicles like tractor-trailer trucks, tanker trucks, and livestock carriers among many others. Class B includes straight trucks, box trucks, and dump trucks, among a few others.

Class C includes buses and double trailers.

Truckers having Class A CDL can operate trucks from Class B and Class C as well, depending on the requirements. This means tractor-trailer truck drivers can also operate straight trucks or dump trucks with the correct endorsement requirement.

The trucking industry is one of the major industries in the US. Among the various trucking facts, an interesting one is that as much as 72% of freight transported is done using trucks.

Thus, you can well imagine how essential this particular industry is for the economy. The trucking industry is also rapidly developing over the years and is expected to have a 21% increase by the year 2022 alone. They are a valuable mode of transportation and fuel a country's economy and employment sector in ways unimaginable.

As mentioned earlier, the diesel fuel used in trucks is also much more than any other standard car. Having said that, while any standard car uses as much as 500 gals (1892 l) of fuel, the amount used by heavy trucks or any commercial truck equals 20,500 gals (77600 l) of fuel every year.

According to research, the trucking industry pumps a humongous amount of $30 billion into the economy.

Difficulties Faced By Truck Drivers In The US

Besides all the positive sides of the trucking industry, there are quite a few negative sides as well.

One of the significant difficulties that driver has to face is that they have to stay away from their homes and families almost most of the time.

According to statistics, on average, drivers have to spend at least 66% of their nights away from their homes and family members per year. It is very painful to realize how much effort they have to give for something, which does not even earn them a good reputation or a better standard of living.

They also face many physical health issues like hypertension, sleep apnea, and mental health issues.

Among the many other interesting trucking facts is that, on average, a truck driver drives for 2083 days, which amounts to five years of their lifetime. Other difficulties faced by the drivers include poor truck maintenance, as many drivers in this industry have a hard time driving those trucks that are not maintained in a suitable working manner.

It can lead to many trucking accidents and can turn into a safety hazard very quickly.

Most trucking accidents can be attributed to factors like brake problems, driver fatigue, or distractions, among many others. Therefore, it is essential for drivers to avoid any form of distraction that can turn deadly at any given moment on the road.

Yet another difficulty that the drivers of the trucking industry have to face is the pressure of delivering the goods in suitable condition and at the right time. Many times the estimated time of delivery given to the customer and set by the trucking companies can be unrealistic.

Such circumstances create an enormous amount of stress on the drivers to deliver the goods on time. Sometimes, to avoid delays, the truckers may also resort to methods like fast driving, taking unknown shortcuts, or not taking the appropriate amount of driving breaks.

All these have the potential to cause serious life risks for the drivers.

Trucks carry a variety of items, like canned items, and agricultural products, among many others. It is therefore extremely essential to deliver the goods in the perfect condition.

Any haphazard turn on the road can damage the products severely. Therefore, the truckers need to be extra careful on the road and the traffic, to avoid any such disaster which will not only damage the product but also risk their own lives.

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