Longest Nose On A Living Person: World Records You Should Check Out

Tanya Parkhi
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Originally Published on Nov 10, 2021
Fact-checked by Amatullah Gulbargawala
Which living person has the longest nose in the world according to the Guinness World records? Read all about it here!

The 'Guinness Book of World Records' is known for all sorts of records.

A lot of notable records shared by Guinness world records come from people with unique natural features. This may refer to body parts or abilities, such as having the longest hair or the most flexibility.

You may have heard of the tale of Pinocchio: the boy whose nose grew longer every time he told a lie. Well, we don't think the record holder for the world's longest nose got this record in the same way as him; he was just naturally gifted with an extra-large nose!

This record was set in 2010 by a man from Turkey, and his astonishingly long nose was measured live on the set of an Italian show, earning him the record for the world's longest nose!

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Who has the longest nose in the whole world?

The record for the longest nose is thought to have been set by a British man named Thomas Wedders, who was a circus performer in the 1770s. According to reports from Guinness World Records, his nose measured a whopping 7.5 in (19 cm)!

However, this news must be taken with a grain of salt as the length of his nose could have been greatly exaggerated over the years for shock value.

According to the 1896 book 'Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine', Thomas Wedder toured through England with the circus, exhibiting his large nose to all as part of the show.

A wax bust of Wedder is present in Ripleys Believe It or Not museum, where his claim to fame as the man with the longest nose in history has been brought to life.

Whether or not you believe in this tall tale is up to you!

What is the present world record for the longest nose?

The record for the longest nose is currently registered as 3.46 in (8.8 cm). It belongs to a man from Turkey named Mehmet Özyürek.

It was recorded on the set of the Italian TV show 'Lo Show Dei Record' on March 18, 2010, and this record is yet to be beaten.

It is speculated that people with longer noses do exist; however, they haven't stepped forward to claim the title or may not know that such a record exists. Speaking of unknown records, people have also suffered from some very long nosebleeds, but the length of the longest one is not currently known!

Length of the Longest Nose

The length of the longest nose in history is thought to be around 7.5 in (19 cm).

To put this in perspective, the length of the average human nose measures between 2-2.2 in (5-5.6 cm), which means that the longest nose was almost four times the length of that of an average person! The person with the longest nose ever has been credited to Thomas Wedder, who performed in circus sideshows.

However, it is still a topic of debate as to what the actual length of his nose was and if it has been exaggerated over the years.

What is the longest nose that has been found on a living person?

The record for the longest nose currently on a living person as stated by the 'Guinness Book of World Records' is registered as a man from Turkey. His name, as we have discussed, is Mehmet Özyürek.

It is 3.46 in (8.8 cm) in length when measured from the bridge of the nose to the tip. It is around 1.7 times the length of the average human nose, which makes it quite large!

Unfortunately, there are no records for the world's biggest nose on a woman. Similarly, we have no records for the smallest nose in the world.

We also have a record for the world's longest nose hair! In the 'Guinness Book of World Records', this achievement belongs to Vernon Frenzel Sr., who presented a strand that measured 0.7 in (1.8 cm) in length. That is quite long when compared to the average nose hair, which tends to be a lot shorter!

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