The Femur Bone Facts: Strongest Bone In The Body!

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Originally Published on Nov 11, 2021
Amazing facts on the femur bone, the strongest bone in the body.

The strongest bone that helps and supports you daily is not what you think might be.

This article will explain that the femur, or the thigh bone, is considered the strongest bone in the body. It holds a lot of weight of the body but despite being so strong there are still chances of the femur getting fractured.

It is one of the longest proximal bones of the human body also they are the largest and thickest of all the bones. Now, talking about the structure of the thigh bone, at the top there is a round ball-like structure called as head of the bone, which is located at the side of the hip bone.

This helps in the flexibility of our leg and to rotate properly as it works as a supporter of the body, this length is called the shaft.

The femur meets the knee joint and articulates with the tibia. Apart from bones, when it comes to the strongest and largest joint in our body, it has always been the hip.

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What is the strongest bone in the human body?

The femur, or the thigh bone, is also known as the femoral bone and is the strongest bone in the body, it is very long and holds a lot of strength. They cover the hip and knee joints and make the body structure erect by giving support.

The femur is formed by joining the knee joint and the tibia and while lifting the limb the muscles of the hip and thighs are in much use as they are very powerful. You can see the same while examining a skeleton, it makes sure to put in while running, jumping, or doing any exercise.

It is very interesting to know that by examining the femur through a skeleton one can identify the age and sex of the person.

The humerus bone is also one of the strongest bones in the body.

Apart from this, there are several other bones that are strong and protective of our different body parts, and one of them is the cranium, the bony skull surrounding our brain to protect us from injuries. The clavicle is the weakest bone.

Why femur is the strongest bone in the body?

The femur is also known as the thigh bone in the body, is situated at the upper leg which you will see in a human skeleton, it joins the joints from the hip to the knee joint. The knee joint is formed by joining the tibia and fibula.

The femur might be the longest bone in some of the flying as well as aquatic animals, but still, there are chances of breaking in this bone and it could happen because of a severe car accident may be.

A person must take proper care of these joints and bones because if they break they hurt so bad and there are chances of muscle damage. The femur also provides support to the lower leg in various activities as the muscles are very strong therefore the femur is considered the longest and strongest bone of the human body.

In this case, muscle and bone strength depends on the health of the body and work accordingly.

Do females have more bones than males?

Despite all the differences women have strong pelvis as they have the capability of carrying a child for nine months. Males and females have several differences in their body which becomes the major reason for their bone issues, and why differences like height vary from person to person.

Women are comparatively shorter than men in most cases, and the skull, tibia, and femur are also different.

There is an age in both sexes by which they start losing bone tissue. In females this starts in the early-mid 30s and women are also more prone to bone diseases like osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Can you tell gender from a skeleton?

No, it is not possible to determine someone's gender from a skeleton, however, it is possible to identify the sex of a person with the skeleton. This can be done by examining the skull and pelvis. The pelvis in females is different from those of males as they allow childbirth.

Another major source of identifying the sex is through the skull, as males have a broader skull than females.

The muscles in a male are typically stronger and longer, the head part is quite broad and big whereas the females have a strong pelvis which is the best sex indicator. The humerus also shows a difference, it is situated in the upper arm which joins the shoulder and elbow joints.

Muscles of the femur or the thigh muscles are very strong as they can hold a bodyweight for around 30 minutes and can also provide support to the lower leg.

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