What Color Is Bronze? Meaning, Psychology And Types

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Saffron in traditional bronze cup front view

Every color contains its own meaning, beauty, world origin, and psychology.

Colors are selected very carefully and subtly by artists and businesses to have a long lasting and most meaningful impact. Brands use various color strategies to make their brand/products stand out.

Bronze is an element, rather a metal alloy composed of copper and tin, it is also known as strong orange. Hence it may look like tin or may look like copper.

Browns are mentioned as the originating family of the bronze color palette.

Since the bronze color is generally considered to be extracted from the earthly element, it is generally linked with maturity and modesty. Because of its nexus with earth and nature, the bronze color creates a pleasant natural aura when it is used with white and slightly white-like light colors.

If we talk about the psychology of the color bronze, it is most prominently related to the sense of development, strength, protection, and experience. This color signifies stability and comfort, which ultimately gives a long lasting impact and receives an intimate response.

People having bronze as their favorite color contains the traits to help and support people.

Bronze color code in hex is #cd7f32. After you are done reading about the bronze color meaning and natural tones of bronze and tin, you will also want to read about what color is aubergine and what color is copper.

Different Shades Of Bronze

Bronze color gives your room or interior designs a premium and luxurious look when different shades of bronze are used with other shades. The bronze color chart gives wide ranging options to designers to make an impactful difference in their decor.

This color combination can be used in the hardware that is used in the kitchen, utensils, and kitchen cabinets with antique bronze color look very luxurious and premium. Bronze exposed to moisture in the air may result in the formation of the patina.

Patina is a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals. The Statue of Liberty is an example of the patina phenomenon.

Different types of tints of bronze can be created by combining red, green, and blue colors. Just like other colors, bronze color also has different variations and shades.

Dark Bronze: This is a form of medium brown or a dark shade of brown, which has the hex color code as #804a00. Its composition in the RGB color model consists of 50.2 percent red, 29.02 percent green, and 0 percent blue.

While it has 100 percent saturation, 25 percent lightness, and a hue angle of 35° in the HSL color space.

Brilliant Bronze: This is typically considered as metal like bronze, which has a predominant glow with a light bronze color.

Reddish Bronze: This shade of brown has a reddish tone with a medium brown character.

Bronze Earth: This shade is pretty much similar to compost in appearance. It is basically a combination of dark brown tipped bronze.

Bronze (metallic): The hexadecimal color code for this color is #b08d57, it is a shade of brown. In the RGB color model, it is composed of 69.02 percent red, 55.29 percent, and 34.12 percent blue. While in HSL color space, it has a 36 percent saturation, 52 percent lightness, and a hue of 36°.

Antique vases and clock studio photo

What colors make bronze?

Despite its prevalent presence in nature and everyday surroundings, the bronze color is liked by very few people. To create a bronze color in the CMYK system you have to mix yellow, magenta, black, and cyan or black and a light blue shade while if you are creating it in RGB, you have to mix red, blue, and green.

The color bronze has a very good composition. It gives you a sense of love towards objects and other individuals.

The composition of color bronze consists of 80.4 percent red, 19.6 percent blue, and 49.8 percent green. It is composed of 75.6 percent yellow, 38 percent magenta, 19.6 percent black, and 0 percent cyan in CMYK color space. While in HLR color space it has 60.8 percent saturation, 50 percent brightness, and a hue angle of 29.8°.

Bronze vs Copper Color

Since bronze is an alloy of copper, it becomes a bit difficult to differentiate between copper and bronze colors. There might be a very slight difference in their visual appearance, which can be identified only after very close and careful comparison. The distinction becomes harder because of the range presence of red, orange, and yellow tones in both colors.

The distinction can be made on the basis of the presence of various tones in these colors. Like bronze has more brown tones than copper, while copper has a slightly higher pink tone than bronze.

In RGB color patterns, it is easier to distinguish between the colors because of numerical color codes. Generally, bronze is more red and less yellow than copper in this color pattern.

To be more accurate, the bronze needs 205 red, 127 green, and 50 blue parts, while the copper color requires 184 red, 115 green, and 51 blues parts. To put it simply, the copper color has a more reddish pink tone while bronze has a more yellow-brown tone.

Bronze Color Combinations

Bronze color has gained huge popularity in the last few years. It has been a popular color choice in various categories.

The color goes well with a large number of colors. It is best suited with the copper color because of its timeless metal like characteristic and its similarity with the copper color.

It can be used with dark blue color in the kitchen to give it a better and royal touch. It can be used to provide a special touch to utensils, drawers, and shelves of the kitchen.

It can be used as ivory white with a complete white-colored wedding invitation card to make it very stylish. It will make your keys more antique and unique.

You have to use the color, hues combination very carefully because of its heavy and saturating characteristic. Most of the color combinations of bronze are found in slightly dark tint, thus it is used with most of the colors just as a decorative finish.

However, this color has some negative aspects as well, it is considered that the person with bronze as their favorite color might have the trait of irritability, ego, and cheekiness.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for what color is bronze then why not take a look at what color is garnet, or what color is espresso facts pages?

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