World Polio Day

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On this World Polio Day, make sure that every child in your community is vaccinated
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Where is World Polio Day observed?

World Polio Day is an international holiday and is observed all over the world. It aims to spread awareness of the fatal consequence of this virus, and how proper immunization can help in its prevention.

Who is World Polio Day observed by?

The day is mainly observed by various health organizations, health care centers, and disease control centers around the world. They constantly come up with new vaccination programs and carry out the polio eradication resolution so that more and more people can lead a safe and healthy life.

When did World Polio Day first start?

There is no proper record of when it was started, but it is believed that Rotary International founded the event over a decade ago.

Who started World Polio Day?

To commemorate the birth of Jonas Salk, the person who first developed vaccines to fight poliomyelitis, Rotary International started this day.

Fight today to get a polio-free world tomorrow

History And Timeline

Standing at the threshold of a polio-free world, let us see some important events in the history of this disease.

The Beginning Of Infection

Poliomyelitis was not unknown in ancient times. There is some evidence of people getting infected back then.


Resurgence Of Polio

Polio had survived for over millennia, and then resurfaced as an epidemic at the dawn of the 20th century. Frequent epidemics became a regular case in the developed countries, especially during the summer of 1910.


Polio At Its Peak

Every year over half a million people from all over the world got infected and lost their lives due to polio.

'40s and '50s

Invention Of Inactive Polio Vaccine

Jonas Salk developed Inactive Polio Vaccine or Salk Vaccine and tested it for the first time in 1952 using the HeLa cell. The invention was announced to the public in 1955. Albert Sabin developed Oral Polio Vaccine eight years after Salk's invention.


Founding of Global Polio Eradication Initiative

After the World Health Assembly resolved to eradicate polio, The GPEI was created to fight the disease worldwide and to achieve a polio-free world.


Traditions And Customs

Polio has been around since ancient times and it caused a lot of damage until the Inactive Polio Vaccine and Oral Polio Vaccine were invented. So, the best thing to do on this day is to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Polio Day

You can visit a polio survivor if you know one, and get to know that person and the challenges she/he faces daily. You can also inform others about these challenges and the role played by the vaccine in polio eradication.

Facts And Stats

  • The first (unsuccessful) attempt at developing an effective vaccine for polio was made in 1935 by Maurice Brodie.
  • In 1905, Rotary International was established. Thanks to the organization we have World Polio Day to help raise awareness.
  • In 1988, 125 countries and over 350,000 children suffered from polio every year. Now, Polio is an endemic disease in only two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan. No wonder why World Polio Day is given so much importance.

Why is World Polio Day observed?

World Polio Day and other events related to polio aim to raise awareness and to achieve a polio-free world.

What is the theme of World Polio Day 2020?

The theme of World Polio Day 2020 was 'Stories of Progress: Past and Present'.

When was the first World Polio Day?

It is a bit of a mystery when the day was first observed, but it is believed that it was started over a decade ago

Why is World Polio Day on October 24?

 It is observed to commemorate the birth of the first IPV developer, Jonas Salk

What is the significance of World Polio Day?

 The day aims to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination and immunization to prevent polio until it is completely eradicated.

What country did polio come from?

According to the historical evidence, it originated in Egypt.

How is World Polio Day different from World Lupus Day?

Both the events are about fighting diseases. While the first one promotes the eradication of polio, the latter one aims to cure lupus.

When Is This Day Celebrated

  • Saturday, October 24, 2020
  • Sunday, October 24, 2021
  • Monday, October 24, 2022
  • Tuesday, October 24, 2023
  • Thursday, October 24, 2024

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