Obama's Kids! How Many Does He Have? What Are Their Names?

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Read about Barack Hussein Obama's kids to know more about Barack Obama's family and life.

Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States of America, has a prominent American family active in politics and celebrates racial and cultural diversity, as Obama himself was born to a white woman and black man.

Obama's close family circle was the first African-American descent USA family from 2009-2017. Former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama have two daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama.

However, many questions about the Former President Barack Obama's children remain unanswered. For example, how many children does former President Obama have, and What are their names? Here, we talk about the Obama family's lives before and after living in the White House and office.

Special Details About Obama's Kids

Time Magazine named Sasha and Malia Obama under the 'The 25 Most Influential Teens in the Country' in 2014. In addition, there are original beanie babies named after Obama's girls, 'Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia.'

Malia Obama is interested in filmmaking has interned at HBO. She has been recognized in the media for her works on 'West Wing Week (2010),' 'Access Hollywood (1996),' and 'CNN Newsroom (1989).' The secret name used to refer to Malia is 'Radiance,' also describing her personality.

Malia is fluent in Spanish, so during Barack Obama's visit to Cuba in 2016, he brought his daughter to help him translate.

Sasha Obama has been the youngest child to reside in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. arrived in 1961. Natasha has a huge crush on Ryan Renolds, the actor.

She met Ryan at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's state dinner held in 2016. Natasha got advice from her elder sister on talking to a celebrity crush. The photo revealed by the media also shows Malia giving thumbs up to her sister for nailing the talk with Ryan Reynolds.

On May 6, 2020, Netflix released a documentary on former first lady Michelle Obama and her husband, Barack Obama. Malia and Sasha made their first digital debut through their parent's documentary. During the interview in office, Obama also confirmed that his daughters participated in Black Lives Matters protests that happened in the country.

Life Experience Of Obama's Kids

Malia kept a low profile, and the Obama's guarded their girls' privacy during the eight years of Obama's presidency. Nevertheless, she grew to be an intelligent, sweet, and beautiful young woman. Malia has a boyfriend, Rory Farquharson, whom she has been dating since 2017, and he has gotten to know her family. 

From June 26, 2016, to July 3, 2016, Marian Robinson (Michelle's mother), former first lady Michelle Obama, and both her daughters went to Liberia to promote a peace initiative, 'Let Girls Learn Peace Initiative,' for which the United States of America provided $27 million aid.

During their trip for 'Let Girls Learn Peace Initiative,' they met former Liberia President and first elected female head of state in Africa, Elle Johnson Sirleaf.

Later their initiative trip proceeded to Morocco and Spain.

Malia is a budding activist, and she appeared at Sundance Film Festival in supporting protests conducted by the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. She also met Malala Yousafzai to discuss education for girls and marched for equality on June 10, 2019.'

Three months out, Natasha was sick and suffered from meningitis. It was a severe case of inflammation of the spinal cord and brain.

Even in interviews, when asked about the most challenging time of Obama's life, he (Barack Obama) would refer to when Natasha was sick. He also mentioned that he still remembers when he went to the hospital, and doctors would give her a spinal tap.

Lifestyle Of Obama's Kids

Obama's girls had a modest allowance and had a simple lifestyle when they were living at White House. Their parents made sure they were raised well in terms of everything from doing homework to daily chores.

In an interview, Obama mentioned that they initially gave a dollar a week as an allowance to their girls as they did all their chores.

Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson got married on October 3, 1992. Obama and his wife Michelle Obama have two daughters; both delivered at University of Chicago Medical Center by their friend and physician Anita Blanchard.

While at White House, Barack Obama adopted a six-month-old Portuguese Water Dog, gifted by Senator Ted Kennedy to Obama's daughters Maria and Natasha. They named the dog Bo; Bo is referred to as 'First Dog.' After Bo, the family adopted a second Portuguese dog and named him Sunny.

Obama's elder kid, Malia Ann Obama, was born on July 4, 1998, in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. When she was 1o years old, her father became the President of the United States (POTUS), and her family moved to the White House, and Maila became the 'First Daughter.'

Natasha Marian, commonly known as Sasha Obama, was born on June 10, 2001. Natasha was only seven years old when former President Barack Obama and his family entered the White House.

Obama's youngest daughter Sasha is also a prominent and talented young woman with big dreams. Natasha spent her 13th birthday at a One Direction concert, and her sweet 16 birthday was celebrated with her family and friends.

In August 2016, Sasha began working at a seafood restaurant owned by Nancy. It was located in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Later in fall 2016, she went on an 83-day trip to Peru and Bolivia.

Sasha has a boyfriend named Chris Milton. She even brought her date to homecoming. Sasha is also well-known for her Tik Tok videos and Instagram photo with her friends.

When Sasha was 15 years old, Barack Obama's two terms in the White House ended on January 20, 2017, so Sasha couldn't complete her high school there. So instead, Sasha graduated high school in the fall of 2019 at the University of Michigan.

Close family members of the Obamas are Michelle Obama's brother, Craig Robinson, and Obama's half-sister Maya Soetoro Ng. Craig Robinson coached Oregon State University Men's basketball team. And Maya Soetoro was born to Obama's mother and her husband, Lolo Soetoro (second husband).

Education Of Obama's Kids

Malia and Sasha Obama graduated from Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC. It's a private school where Archibald Roosevelt, Joe Biden's grandchildren, Tricia Nixon Cox, and Chelsea Clinton's children studied. Later, after the family moved to Chicago, both studied at the University of Chicago Laboratory School (private school).

Malia Obama attended college at Harvard University after a gap year in 2016, taking her parent's way. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama both attended law college at Harvard. Upon graduation, Malia landed a writer's room job headed by Watchmen's Janine Nabers with showrunner Donald Glover for an Amazon TV series.

Before Malia's graduation, Barack Obama published an open letter in Parade magazine, expressing what he wanted from his daughters and every child in America. The statement follows to grow up with no limits on dreams and grow into committed and compassionate women who help build that world.

As a high schooler, Malia worked in New York and Los Angeles television studios during the summer of 2014 and 2015. And in 2016 summer of 2016, she worked in the US Embassy in Madrid, Spain as an intern.

After graduation from high school, Natasha Obama started attending the University of Michigan in the 2019 fall. Previously Sasha attended Harvard University and interned at The Weinstein Company film studio in New York City. Additionally, she interned for Harvey Weinstein.

Sports Played By Obama's Kids

In the White House in Washington DC and Chicago, Obama's daughters had busy schedules with extracurricular classes. The classes include soccer, dance, and drama for the older daughter; tap dance for the younger daughter; piano and tennis for both daughters.


How old is Sasha Obama now?

A: Natasha Obama was born on June 1, 2001. She is 21 years old, and she is the youngest of the Obamas, Barack Obama, and Michelle Obama.

How many children does Obama have?

A: Former President Obama and Michelle have two daughters. His older daughter Malia was 10 years old, and her younger daughter Natasha was seven years old when they lived in the White House.

What are they called?

A: Obama's daughters are Malia Ann and Natasha Marian. They are called Malia and Natasha.

Where did they go to school?

A: When they lived in the White House, Malia and Sasha both went to Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC.

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