20+ Best Dave Strider Quotes From The Homestuck Paint Adventures

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Dave Strider is one of the main characters of the webcomic named 'Homestuck'.

Dave Strider is obsessed with being cool. The readers can experience the new ironic depths it adds to the comics.

It is one of the complex series which has been created on the interface of Microsoft Paint.

The comic has been receiving a different level of craze and love from the audience; one can find different memes related to it as well.

'Homestuck Paint Adventures' was animated and written by Andrew Hussie is the longest and the fourth 'Paint Adventures' which revolved around a story of a boy and his four friends who used a play a game together.

Here are some quotes to illustrate the fun part about the character, Dave Strider.

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Funny Quotes By Dave Strider

American Comic book with Superman and Supergirl

The quotes from the Homestuck webcomic will help you gain insights into the character. They will help you to join the dots and get to know the character for a better understanding and appreciation of the comics.

1. "Don't worry, miss. You have a Strider now; everything'll be just fine."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

2. "It is right that the good should be happy, that the wicked and the impious, on the other hand, should be miserable; that is a truth, I believe, which no one will gainsay."

-Dave Strider quoting Aristophanes, 'Homestuck'.

3. "My bro taught me a few tricks; he basically knows everything and is awesome!"

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

4. "You figure you'll cool it on the time travel for a while. Don't want to see the Dave corpses start to pile up. Especially if one of them winds up being you."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

5. "Just one of those little joys in life you take for granted you know this miraculous gift of vision."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

Dave Strider Rap Quotes

These are some Dave Strider sayings from the first-ever comic made using paint interface. No matter whether you a series lover or not, you are definitely going to like the funny Dave Strider quotes given below. So, have a read and see what you think!

6. "Hope you like hammers, dude!"

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

7. "God so beautiful to look at with my perfect eyesight."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

8. "Hammerkind? Ok, that will be the permanent allocation for your specibus. I guess I should have mentioned that."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

9. "Anyway, guess I'll go back down and burn that book."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

10. "You two have always been like this scheming giggling enigma huddled together in peapod for hella self-tickled murderdorks."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

11. "Oh hell! That is such a coincidence. I just found an unopened container of apple juice in my closet. It is like...Christmas up in here."

- Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

12. "Did you try to draw shades on his face and miss what even the point is? He's already wearing shades."

- Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

13. "Couldn't for the life of me figure out what you've been getting up to on that meteor."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

Cool Quotes By Dave Strider

Dave Strider is a character filled with ironic jokes and coolness.

Dave was amongst the main characters, so he is definitely the best character to take inspiration from; so here is a collection of some cool quotes by Dave Strider that will end up boosting you up as well as them also having the fun element in them to help you add a spin of sarcasm to your personality.

14. "Also, Fred Savage has a really punchable face."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

15. "Anyway, guess ill go back down and burn that book."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

16. "What's so hard about apple juice, it's like the most basic goddamn juice, it's like the square one of juice."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

17. "But in situations like this, I think you need to remind yourself there's only so much you can do for somebody."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

18. "Why do you even bother with this stupid charade."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

19. "Maybe they aren't going to want or need your help, and you just have to figure out how to deal with that."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

20. "You would still be all coy, like Is it a date or isn't it? Hmm, who can really say for sure?"

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

21. "Like, at some point in your life, one of your friends might start spending all her time with a guy you think is bad news."

-Dave Strider, 'Homestuck'.

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