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Why Elena Gilbert Quotes?

Elena Gilbert is a fictional character from the popular book series and the television show 'The Vampire Diaries'. Elena is a high school student involved in the supernatural world of vampires, witches, and werewolves.

As she navigates the dangerous and complicated world of the supernatural, Elena struggles with loss and grief and the challenges of growing up and making difficult decisions.

Despite these challenges, she remains a determined and compassionate character who is always willing to stand up for what she believes in. Her journey is very inspiring and her approach to life is refreshing, which is reflected in many of her quotes.

What Parents Should Know

  • She is a high school student who becomes involved in the supernatural world of vampires, witches, and werewolves after her parents die in a car accident. 
  • Elena is portrayed as a strong and independent young woman capable of making tough decisions and standing up for what she believes in. 
  • A tale of fantasy that may take you and your kids on a ride full of emotions.
  • The TV show deals with a lot of gore, blood, and graphics that could be uncomfortable for children.

What To Talk About With Kids

  • This theme of loss and grief is something that parents may want to discuss with their kids, particularly if they have experienced loss in their own lives.
  • Kids can be encouraged to talk about healthy and respectful relationships and the importance of making informed decisions about who they choose to be with.
  • Parents may want to discuss the difference between fantasy and reality with their kids and reassure them that these things are not real.
  • The famous Salvatore brothers almost had a different last name and the co-creator and executive producer of the show almost turned down the pitch of the show.

Elena Gilbert Quotes

1. “Trust is earned—I can’t just magically hand it over."

2. “There is no science here, this is magic.”

3. “Smiling doesn’t always mean you’re happy. Sometimes it simply means that you are a strong person.”

4. “In that moment, I loved him. I didn’t want to, I mean, it terrified me, but for that moment, I loved him.”

5. “Dear Diary, I made it through the day. I must have said I’m fine, thanks at least 37 times. And I didn’t mean it once. But no one noticed.”

6. “I’m at a crossroads right now, where I could go live my life the way I think I probably should — be successful and safe, and probably very happy. Or I could risk all of that for this tiny glimmer of a feeling inside that…I just can’t shake.”

7.  “The worst day of loving someone is the day that you lose them.”

8. “We met and we talked and it was epic. Then the sun came up and reality set in.”

9. “I used to think the worst feeling in the world was losing someone you love, but I was wrong. The worst feeling in the world is the moment that you realize you’ve lost yourself.”

10. “I want him to love me as much as I love him.”

11. “I’m playing with fire, with something I don’t understand.”

12. “I know what I signed up for, Damon. And I’m all in.”

13. “Thank you for bumping into me that day in the hallway. I never thought I would ever be happy again, and then I met you. You quite literally saved my life.”

14. “Elena: People are uncomfortable around Salvatores in tuxes. It stirs...feelings.

Stefan: Uh oh. Elena’s human again. Am I sensing another brother swap?"

15. “Damon: Eh, a hundred and fifty years is a long time to care.

Elena: Says the guy who pined for Katherine Pierce for a century and a half.”

16. “Breathe, eat, sleep, wake up, and then do it all over again until one day it’s not as hard anymore.”

17. “When it’s real, you can’t walk away.”

18. “All you can do is be ready for the good, so when it comes, you invite it in. Because you need it. I need it.”

19.  “I’m human. I have to do human stuff. Otherwise, I’m going to go crazy.”

Best Quotes About Elena Gilbert

20. “Elena Gilbert: You put me in a position where I have to defend you... Again. Where I have to bend my morals. Again. Where I have to go against every single thing that I believe in... Again! Because I love you!

Damon: Then stop loving me!

Elena Gilbert: I can’t!”

21. “I love you, Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go.”

22. “I tricked you into telling me the truth. That’s not stabbing you in the back. That’s using your own tactics against you.”

23. “Dear Diary, I`m not a believer. People are born, they grow old and then they die. That`s the world we live in, but how can I deny what`s right in front of me? Someone who never grows old, never gets hurt.”

24. “We’ll survive this. We always survive.”

25. “You know what? Friends don't manipulate friends. They help each other.”

26. “That’s what love should be. You should love the person that makes you glad to be alive.”

27. “Elena Gilbert: Where is everyone?

Matt Donovan: Tyler and Caroline got a call from their moms. What were you dreaming about?

Elena Gilbert: Sophomore year.

Matt Donovan: Seems like forever ago.”

28. “Elena Gilbert: Jeremy locked himself in the bathroom again. Does he think we don’t know what he’s doing in there?

Jenna Sommers: He’s 14. They don’t think.”

29. “When you lose someone, it stays with you. Always reminding you of how easy it is to get hurt.”

30. “It’s an antique, Damon. Like you.”

31. “You're going to think that the pain will never end, but it will. But first you have to let it all in. You can't fight it, it's bigger than you.”

32. “Our actions are what set things in motion, but we have to live with that.”

33. “I want to thank you for giving me everything I ever wanted. A love that consumed me, adventure, passion, there’s nothing more that I could have asked for—except for it to last forever.”

34. “I feel good, which is rare, so I’ve decided to go with it. Fly free, walk in the sunshine, all that stuff.”

35. “There’s more to me than just a gloomy graveyard girl.”

Interesting Elena Gilbert Quotes

36. “Oh, you’re ogling me in this, are you?

I supposed I really should have bound up my bosom - although, A: to be honest, I’m not exactly sure how you do that; and Two: I don’t know any way to bind up my hips without wearing Spanx or something and that I absolutely refuse. I mean, the name in itself is degrading.”

37. “I…don't think it's vain to say that I am beautiful. If I did not know I was, I would have to have never looked in a mirror or heard a compliment.”

38. “People are born, they grow old, and then they die. That’s the world we live in—there’s no magic, no mysticism, no immortality. There is nothing that defies rational thought.

It’s not possible—I’m not a believer, I can’t be. But how can I deny what’s right in front of me? Someone who never grows old—never gets hurt—someone who changes in ways that can’t be explained.”

39. “It’s not something I should be proud of—it’s just something that was passed down from Mom and Dad.”

40. “People are going to stop giving you breaks, Jeremy. They just don’t care anymore. They don’t remember that our parents are dead; they have their own lives to deal with. The rest of the world has moved on.”

41. “Stefan Salvatore: Do you ever mean it?

Elena Gilbert: Ask me tomorrow.

Elena Gilbert: It's warmer in the house. We can talk. Would you like to come in?

Stefan Salvatore: Yes.”

42. “When someone asks "How are you?", they really don’t want an answer.”

43. “But then she remembered something else, just a flash: looking up at Damon’s face in the woods and feeling such—such excitement, such affinity with him. As if he understood the flame that burned inside her as nobody else ever could.”

44. “I would write, Dear Diary, Today I convinced myself it’s ok to give up.

Stick with the status quo, now just isn’t the time. But my reasons aren’t reasons, they’re excuses, and the truth is, I’m scared Stefan. I'm scared that if I let myself be happy for one minute, that the my world's going to come crashing down and I don't know if I'll be able to survive that.”

45. “Peace exists. It lives in everything we hold, dear. That is the promise of peace, that one day, after a long life, we found each other again.”

46. “I want so much to make things right but every instinct in my body is telling me to be careful. What you don’t know can hurt you.”

47. “I can accept the fact that the world is a much more mysterious place than I ever thought possible, but this, this lie, I cannot take. What am I to you? Who am I to you?”

48. “One day you’re gonna have to stop pretending that everything’s okay.”

49. “First rule of being a vampire is realizing how awesome you are.”

50. “New year. New life.”

51. “We’re gonna slumber it.”

52. “I’m not gonna be one of those pathetic girls whose world stops just because of some guy.”

53. “I don’t feel anything.”

54. “I won’t love a ghost for the rest of my life.”

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