20 Best Kintsugi Quotes To Mend A Broken Heart

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Kintsugi, also termed as Kintsukuroi is a beautiful Japanese art of golden joinery.

Artisans repair broken pottery by using lacquer mixed or dusted with gold, platinum, or silver. This preserves the history of the object rather than disguising it, thereby making it even more beautiful.

The art of golden repair, called Kintsugi, is loosely based on the philosophy of Wabi-sabi which encourages the art of embracing imperfection and owning it with pride. According to Japan, the marks of wear and tear and use of any object are held in high regard and considered aesthetic, thereby giving birth to this beautifully empowering and artistic concept.

Here's a fascinating list of some of the most beautiful Kintsugi quotes to help boost the moral of everyone who reads it. If you like our content, you can check out other amazing articles like keep going quotes and art quotes for kids.

Best Kintsugi Quotes On Healing

Melting gold for jewelery

Are you seeking to heal yourself with some golden Kintsugi quotes related to healing and repairing Japanese broken pottery with gold? Here is a wholesome list you will fall in love with and can apply to your life. In time, everything becomes beautiful. Which is your favourite quote from our list?

1. "Kintsugi is a pottery technique. When something breaks, like a vase, they glue it back together with melted gold. Instead of making the cracks invisible, they make them beautiful...To celebrate the history of the object....What it's been through. And I was just... Thinking of us like that. "

-Leah Raeder.

2. "A break is something to remember, something of value, a way to make the piece more beautiful, rather than something to disguise. They use gold, not invisible superglue because mistakes shouldn’t be considered ugly."

-Penny Reid.

3. "Kintsugi is based on the belief that something broken is stronger and more beautiful because of its imperfections, the history attached to it, and its altered state."

-Jo Ann V. Glim.

4. "My heart full of gold veins, instead of cracks."

-Leah Raeder.

5. "The point of Kintsugi is to treat broken pieces and their repair as part of the history of an object."

-Penny Reid.

6. "Did you know that pottery can be repaired with gold?" Kami asked. "Then it's meant to be stronger than before, and more beautiful."

-Sarah Rees Brennan.

7. "It symbolizes how we must incorporate our wounds into who we are, rather than try to merely repair and forget them."

-David Wong.

8. "In repairing the object you really ended up loving it more, because you now knew its eagerness to be reassembled, and in running a fingertip over its surface you alone could feel its many cracks - a bond stronger than mere possession."

-Nicholson Baker.

9. "Broken pieces and their repair merely contribute to the story of an object, they don’t ruin it."

-Penny Reid.

10. "Why be broken when you can be gold?"

-Sarah Rees Brennan.

Inspirational Kintsugi Quotes

Here's a great list of inspirational quotes about the art of Kintsugi which involves piecing broken pieces together and mending scars with this beautiful inspirational Japanese technique that suggests that scars are nothing to be ashamed of. Scars are beautiful and an inevitable part of life.

11. "I am looking forward to getting shattered only to add further elegance to myself."

-Aura Trevortini.

12. "It’s not what people are showing that’s worrying, it’s what they are concealing and the extent of the concealment."

-Et Imperatrix Noctem.

13. "Kintsugi [is] not just a method of repair but also a philosophy. It’s the belief that the breaks, cracks, and repairs become a valuable and esteemed part of the history of an object, rather than something to be hidden. That, in fact, the piece is more beautiful for having been broken."

-Kathleen Tessaro.

14. "I sit and pick up those pieces with their renewed essence and identities, with their flawed edges and imperfections, and join them together like Kintsugi, displaying the damages with pride."


15. "The scars are the design. Your attention is drawn to the cracks and how they are mended. That is what you’re supposed to see. The beauty is in the brokenness."

-Justin Whitmel Earley.

16. "And now every time that it shatters I build it back together better, stronger, with more unique random scars to redefine, to beautify, to create more success stories that I can claim to be mine, alone."


17. "The bonded seams become an intrinsic part of the ceramic and add a personalized, one-of-a-kind beauty through its imperfections."

-Jo Ann V. Glim.

18. "To become beautiful it had to break."

-Aura Trevortini.

19. "If you're broken, hold until each piece of you heals one again. Life is but a Kintsukuroi."

-Samara Rhea Samuel.

20. "The struggles will become your story, And that's the beauty of Kintsugi. Your cracks can become the most beautiful part of you."

-Candice Kumai.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Kintsugi quotes then why not take a look at what goes around comes around quotes, or karate quotes.

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