60+ Best Pig Quotes, Sayings And Phrases That Are Really Cute

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Fattening pigs on a large commercial breeding pig are looking at the cameras in pig farm

Pigs are some of the smartest domestic animals, maybe even smarter than dogs!

Pigs might not be gifted with a great eyesight, but it's their sense of smell that makes them unique. Pigs make their nose work to find food and other things.

Pigs are the perfect example of why we should never make assumptions. Pigs may look dirty and unhealthy but they are more than what meet the eyes; these pig quotes to follow will back the statement up!

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Best Pig Sayings And Quotes

People have interesting things to say about pigs, and not just pork related! According to some, pigs help us, many say pigs are dangerous, and others just use the word as a slur to degrade someone. Check out some of the greatest pig phrases and pigs sayings.

1. "Pigs are smart little creatures. They just need love."

- Shelley Duvall.

2. "Man thrives where angels would die of ecstasy and where pigs would die of disgust."

- Kenneth Rexroth.

3. "Pigs prefer to wallow in clean mud, but if nothing else is available, they will frequently wallow in their own urine, giving rise to the notion that they are dirty animals."

- Marvin Harris.

4. "Pigs may not be as cuddly as kittens or puppies, but they suffer just as much."

- James Cromwell.

5. "Hogs and pigs are very intelligent."

- Jack Hanna.

6. "Teach him how you will, a pig will never play the flute."

- Robert Jordan.

7. "Pride grows in the human heart like lard on a pig."

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

8. "Yes, it only takes two things: realizing that you can't get rid of the pig by yourself and secondly, to let God intervene."

- Unknown.*

9. "Pigs eat more tuna than all the planet's sharks combined."

- Paul Watson.

10. "Critics are like pigs at the pastry cart."

- John Updike.

11. "More people are killed every year by pigs than by sharks, which shows you how good we are at evaluating risk."

- Bruce Schneier.

'Peppa Pig' Quotes

Peppa Pig is a cartoon character from the famous show 'Peppa Pig' which has many fans. The show is popular among many children and young adults alike. Peppa has many interesting quotes and sayings that we want to share with you.  

12. "Silly Daddy, your tummy is too big."

- Peppa, 'Peppa Pig'.

13. "Teacher: George has drawn a wonderful tomato. Peppa, what vegetable have you drawn?

Peppa: My dad watching television."

- 'Peppa Pig'.

14. "Daddy, make the magic windows go down."

- Peppa, 'Peppa Pig'.

15. "In the world there are two kind of balloons. Up balloons and down balloons."

- Peppa, 'Peppa Pig'.

16. "George, you throw the ball and I will catch it... George, catch."

- Peppa, 'Peppa Pig'.

17. "Peppa: What's an attic?

Grandpa Pig: It's where we keep all our old things.

Peppa: Like You Grandpa?"

- 'Peppa Pig'.

18. "Blah, blah, blah, that's how daddies talk."

- Peppa, 'Peppa Pig'.

19. "If you are jumping up and down in muddy puddles, you must wear rain boots."

- Peppa, 'Peppa Pig'.

20. "George, come back, you little piggy."

- Peppa, 'Peppa Pig'.

21. "I am sorry I said you cheated. Even though you did cheat!"

- Peppa, 'Peppa Pig'.

Cute Pig Quotes

We get that some people may not be fans of pigs. Here's one list of quotes that might change their minds.

22. "You can put wings on a pig, but you don't make it an eagle."

- William J. Clinton.

23. "I've always loved pigs: the shape of them, the look of them, and the fact that they are so intelligent."

- Maurice Sendak.

24. "When I see bacon, I see a pig, I see a little friend, and that's why I can't eat it. Simple as that."

- Paul McCartney.

25. "Pigs may like honey, but that doesn't stop it being sweet."

- Germaine Greer.

26. "In their capacity to feel pain and fear, a pig is a dog is a bear is a boy."

- Philip Wollen.

27. "The fact is, I diet every day of my life. I have to work at it. But I diet so I can pig out."

- Jack Nicklaus.

28. "I am very proud to be called a pig. It stands for pride, integrity and guts."

- Ronald Reagan.

29. "It was jolly in the country. A cow and little pigs to play with and milk warm from the cow."

- Georg Brandes.

30. "I seen a pig so big it’d block out the sun."

- Ira Glass.

Famous Pig Quotes From Pop Culture

We have a list of famous pig quotes from movies, series, and songs that will work a charm when the times are tough.

31. "Well, I have to warn you, I may be small, but I can be ferocious if provoked."

- Babe, 'Babe: Pig In The City'.

32. "But is is a good word, Charlotte? I mean, is it a true word? I don't feel like I deserve all of the great words you've written about me."

- Wilbur, 'Charlotte's Web'.

33. "The pig is led to the slaughter

Pig is led to the slaughter

This he says

Is the price some pay

For a simple life."

- Jane's Addiction, 'Pigs In The Zen'.

34. "You can play and laugh and fiddle

Don't think you can make me sore

I'll be safe and you'll be sorry

When the Wolf comes to your door."

- Practical Pig, 'Three Little Pigs'.

35. "Have you seen the little piggies

Crawling in the dirt?

And for all the little piggies

Life is getting worse,

Always having dirt to play around in."

- The Beatles, 'Piggies'.

36. "Pig the Pig: Man, that looks like it hurts.

Duke the Dog: Oh, that's very profound, 'Insight Man'.

Pig the Pig: Well excuse me for being a pig!"

- 'Barnyard'.

37. “Don’t worry! You’ve got daddy here. He’s got credit cards and cash.”

– Akio Ogino, 'Spirited Away'.

38. "Oh then complain and pray more from above greedy little pig."

- Dave Matthews Band, 'Pig'.

Funny Pig Quotes

Listed below are some funny pig sayings, proverbs, and funny pig quotes that may help you cheer up:

39. "I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals."

- Winston Churchill.

40. "If pigs had wings, they would be pigeons."

- W. C. Fields.

41. "If it looks like a pig, sounds like a pig, acts like pig, don't be mistaking, it is a pig!"

- Unknown.*

42. "Sometimes love doesn't come to us. We have to go out hunting. It's like pigs looking for truffles. It's called dating."

- Patti LuPone.

43. "He comes off a little like Practical Pig in 'The Three Little Pigs'."

- Steig Larsson.

44. "Pigs are smarter than dogs, and both are smarter than Congress."

- Elayne Boosler.

45. "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."

- George Bernard Shaw.

46. "Why, this fellow doesn't know any more about politics than a pig knows about Sunday."

- Harry S. Truman.

47. "An artist is like a pig snouting truffles."

- Igor Stravinsky

48. "You should never try and teach a pig to read for two reasons. First, it's impossible; and secondly, it annoys the hell out of the pig!"

- Will Rogers.

49. "A pig's tail will never make a good arrow."

- Unknown.*

50. "If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket would be elected swineherd every time, no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side."

- Orson Scott Card.

Popular Pig Quotes

Quotes about pigs used to be a popular topic and we are here to give you a taste of that popularity. Every man and woman will love these pig quotes:

51. "A pig resembles a saint in that he is more honored after death than during his lifetime."

- Irma S Rombauer.

52. "I've always put my horses, dogs, and pig before my own needs, so I was well prepared to put my son first. I'm used to waking up in the middle of the night... no matter how tired I am, jumping up to take care of my animals. Now, I do the same for my son."

- Georgina Bloomberg.

53. "The concept of marriage must have been thought up by an unimaginative pig."

- Albert Einstein.

54. "Between pigs and human beings there was not and there need not be any clash of interest whatsoever."

- George Orwell.

55. "I would eat healthy at times and pig out at times. But I never had to go on a strict diet plan."

- Tori Spelling.

56. "Besides the physical strains I realized men can be pigs to women even when it's a man dressed as one."

- Michael Rosenbaum.

57. "The theme of 'Charlotte's Web' is that a pig shall be saved, and I have an idea that somewhere deep inside me there was a wish to that effect."

- E. B. White.

58. "If wishes were wings, pigs would fly."

- Robert Jordan.

59. "If we could establish a deep abiding relationship with nature, we would never kill an animal for our appetite; we would never harm, vivisect, a monkey, a dog, a guinea pig for our benefit. We would find other ways to heal our wounds, heal our bodies."

- Jiddu Krishnamurti.

60. "You can't make a racehorse out of a pig. But if you work hard enough at it you can make a mighty fast pig."

- Bob Akin.

61. "Well-being and happiness never appeared to me as an absolute aim. I am even inclined to compare such moral aims to the ambitions of a pig."

- Albert Einstein.

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