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Poison Ivy is a fictional character appearing in DC Comics.

She first appeared in Batman comics. Since then, she has played the role of Batman's one of the love interests sometimes.

She has worked against Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, and Robin in Gotham City and worked with Harley Quinn and Catwoman at times. She has been one the love interests of Harley Quinn, too.

Her real name is Pamela Isley and many actresses have played the role over the years. Such as, Peyton List, Maggie Geha, Lake Bell, Clare Foley, and many more.

The character has been seen as a villain most of her time in the comic books but like her friend, Harley Quinn, she has also tried being hero at times. Read up on these quotes below to know more about the character.

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Quotes From TV Shows And Movies

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There have been many movies revolving around the sass queen. Here's just a few quotes from those movies, like 'Poison Ivy', Drew Barrymore quotes, funny Poison Ivy quotes, and more.

1. "It's been a long time, Harvey. You're still looking around halfway decent."

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman: The Animated Series', Season One, Episode 35.

2. "Sylvie Cooper : I like the ivy.

Ivy : Well the cross makes me think of death, but the ivy is life. Sort of the tragic and hopeful you know."

- 'Poison Ivy', 1992.

3. "They can bury me in the ground, as deep as they like. But I'll grow back. We always grow back. Don't we, baby?"

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman: The Animated Series', Season One, Episode Nine.

4. "Poison Ivy: Freeze has taken the new telescope and turned it into a giant freezing-gun. He's about to turn Gotham into an ice cube.

Robin: I've gotta stop him!

Poison Ivy: One kiss, my love...for luck."

- 'Batman & Robin', 1997.

5. "Actually, Batman, you and I are surprisingly alike. We both strive to see evil-doers punished. But while you have your gallery of rogues, I have my grove."

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman: The Animated Series', Season One, Episode 16.

6. "I am Nature's arm. Her spirit. Her will. Hell, I am Mother Nature, and the time has come for plants to take back the world so rightfully ours! 'Cause it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature."

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman & Robin', 1997.

7. "Harley Quinn: Don't get me wrong. My puddin's a little rough sometimes, but he loves me, really.

Poison Ivy: Sure he does. You're just one big forgiving doormat, aren't you?"

- 'Batman: The Animated Series', Season One, Episode 47.

8. "Batface and Birdbrain turned out to be much more resistant to my love-dust than expected... No matter. Next time I'll just give them a stronger dose. They'll literally be dying for me!"

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman & Robin', 1997.

9. "Batman: Man or woman, a sick mind is capable of anything.

Poison Ivy: A very enlightened statement, Batman. We'll carve it on your headstone."

- 'Batman: The Animated Series', Season One, Episode 47.

10. "Come with me. My garden needs tending."

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman & Robin', 1997.

Quotes From Comics

Even though she is all sassy in nature, she still has some serious moments. Here we have the best of Poison Ivy and Batman quotes and other quotes from various comic books.

11. "I've killed many men who disregard the fundamental rights of all life. I poison them - they die - but there's always another to take their place."

- Poison Ivy, 'Solomon Grundy', Vol 1 #3, 2009.

12. "Did you truly believe your efforts tonight would get me to change? To be grateful? Don't hold your breath waiting for an apology. You know who I am and what I am."

- Poison Ivy, 'Detective Comics', Vol 1 #823, 2006.

13. "Some things are worth dying for, Batman."

- Poison Ivy, 'Detective Comics', Vol 1 #752, 2001.

14. "I prick you with thorns and you respond with lead. Isn't that the very heart of the problem?"

- Poison Ivy, 'Detective Comics', Vol 1 #751, 2000.

15. "I can give you relief, honey. Permanent relief. Sweet relief."

- Poison Ivy, 'Detective Comics', Vol 1 #694, 1996.

16. "This place isn't a prison. There's no release date. No parole…When you're scared enough - or hurt enough - to be quiet, to be 'good'...Then they'll let you out. Or maybe they won't. And nobody gives a damn. You want me to help you?"

- Poison Ivy, 'Black Orchid', Vol 1 #2, 1989.

17. "Still, when the dark threatens to overwhelm me, I'll remember how you took a bullet for me. You couldn't do that if you didn't love me."

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman: Poison Ivy', 1997.

18. "It's one kind of man who can come up with a plan...and another who can see his plans well executed. I like that kind of man. I like you."

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman: Dark Victory', Vol 1 #11, 2000.

19. "I am the new Eve. The mother of the men of tomorrow."

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman/Green Arrow: The Poison Tomorrow', 1992.

20. "You're not my enemy, Batman. I used to think defeating you was my main objective in life. No. You're merely a hindrance. My main goal now and forevermore will be a better world. If that means we cross swords, so be it, but... I've changed."

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman', Vol 1 #651, 2006.

21. "You...Still the Dark Angel, immune to my allure, ever tempted, never succumbing. And you've come to save them...how noble, Batman...how wretchedly, disgustingly noble."

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman', Vol 1 #495, 1993.

22. "If you are strong enough, you will survive. That is the law of the jungle."

- Poison Ivy, 'Batgirl', Vol 1 #52, 2004.

23. "Life. It's a beautiful thing...But that was yesterday. Today...today is about death."

- Poison Ivy, 'Poison Ivy: Cycle Of Life And Death', Vol 1 #2, 2016.

24. "Once you've been touched by poison ivy, you can never get rid of her. Never, Never, Never!"

- Poison Ivy, 'Batman', Vol 1 #339, 1981.

25. "I don't need anybody. I just wish...I wish I had someone like me."

- Poison Ivy, 'Poison Ivy: Cycle Of Life And Death', Vol 1 #1, 2016.

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