40+ Best Riven Quotes From The Exile Of League Of Legends

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Riven is a champion from the game 'League Of Legends'.

Riven is one of the greatest champions in 'League Of Legends'. Her strong early game and mobility with abilities help her to dominate top lane.

Being one of the strongest champions, Riven has her strengths and weaknesses in the game. She is from Noxus where she used to be a swordmaster.

And now she is a refugee in a land she once tried to conquer. She's seeking to find a place in a world that doesn't even exist now alongside the rumors that Noxus is being created differently. Here are some Riven quotes from her hustle of rising through the ranks.

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Inspirational Quotes By Riven

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Riven wields her Blade of the exile which is her best weapon. Here is a list of all 'League Of Legends' Riven quotes.

1. "My spirit is not lost."


2. "Choose your own path."


3. "Learn from your mistakes."


4. "Violence to end violence."


5. "I know my purpose."


6. "No more hesitation."


7. "A moment of clarity."


8. "No looking back."


9. "There is no other way."


10. "No more hesitation."


11. "Leave doubt behind."


Fearless Riven Quotes

Riven can use Valor which enables her to quickly cover a short distance and block damages. Here is a list of Riven quotes which prove how fearless of a champion she is.

12. "A broken blade is more than enough for the likes of you!"


13. "A sword mirrors its owner."


14. "They cannot go unpunished!"


15. "A necessary strike."


16. "Sacrifices must be made."


17. "So much death."


18. "You are beyond redemption!"


19. "The time for talk is over."


20. "They've crossed the line."


21. "I knew I should have sprung for the blade warranty."


Dawnbringer Riven Quotes

Riven is equipped to charge her blade for a greater damage. Here is a list of all the quotes from Dawnbringer Riven.

22. "There is no grey; only light and dark."


23. "The light does not fear shadow."


24. "The light reveals the limits of darkness."


25. "What the fire does not consume, will consume the fire."


26. "This world balances on the edge of my blade."


Famous Riven Quotes

Riven can attack in series of three strikes in a go. Here is a list of all other Riven quotes.

27. "Burdens of the past."


28. "My hands are stained."


29. "So long I've wandered... "


30. "What conflict awaits?"


31. "I am awakened."


32. "For those who were lost."


33. "To serve the greater good."


Other League Of Legends Champions Quotes

Every champion has their strengths and weaknesses. Here is a list of such champions alongside their quotes. Which of these quotes is your favorite?

34. "The armor keeps the world out. The lance does the rest."


35. "Do you make carpets? Because you are cutting that rug!"


36. "I've got two rules for every fight. Don't ask for permission, don't ask for forgiveness."

-Samira The Desert Rose.

37. "In life, we died at each other's hands. How can I bear to face my brother now?"

-Yone The Unforgetten.

38. "I can't stop from hiding, from being alone, but maybe, possibly dream, someone will be alone with me."

-Lillia The Bashful Bloom.

39. "They say you learn a lot from a beating. If that's true, I've made the whole world smarter."

-Sett The Boss.

40. "Order fights for light. Chaos fights for darkness. In the moon, we have found both: a way to survive."

-Aphelios, 'The Weapon Of The Faithful.'

41. "I was born where monsters die, I died where monsters are born."

-Pyke The Bloodharbor Ripper.

42. "You know that feeling when your skin crawls? Like a thousand needles poking through every pore? Blood pounding through every vein? That's just an itch compared to what lives on me."

-Kai'Sa, 'Daughter Of The Void.'

43. "Everything is better when it is molten: Lead, iron, chocolate cake."

-Ornn, 'The Fire Below The Mountain.'

44. "Only you can hear me summoner, what masterpiece shall we play today?"


45. "I'll just be over here...sharpening my feathers."


46. "Watch your mouth kid, or you'll find yourself respawning at home."

-Miss Fortune.

47. "Never underestimate the power of the scouts code."


48. "I'd rather break rules than people, but I can make exceptions."

-Rell, 'The Iron Maiden.'

49. "A new idea is just seven old ones all mixed up. That's kinda how my songs work."

-Seraphine, 'The Starry-Eyed Songstress.'

50. "Moods are like melodies. They go up, they go down and sometimes, they surprise."


51. "Do you think we've met before, in a dream we've both forgotten? Wouldn't that be wonderful? - Found at."

-Lillia The Bashful Bloom.

52. "Order fights for light. Chaos fights for darkness. In the moon, we have found both: a way to survive."

-Aphelios The Weapon Of The Faithful.

53. "One blade carries the weight of my past. The other, holds the key to my future."

-Yone The Unforgotten.

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