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Sephiroth is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Sephiroth is the archnemesis of the main characters Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart. He is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy world.

Sephiroth, before his fall into insanity, was somewhat a cold and composed person, his coldness made him antisocial. His awareness of his powers makes him confident but not to the point of arrogance.

He was known for his staunch loyalty towards Shinra Inc. His achievements in battle garnered him gain great fame and respect from his subordinates as Shinra's greatest war hero.

The video game community highly regards Sephiroth as one of the best antagonists ever in video games due to his role in the narrative of the Final Fantasy series and the challenge level and end-to-end planning it takes to defeat him in battle.

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Sephiroth 'Final Fantasy VII' Quotes

Here are some of the best quotes from Sephiroth who is thought to be one of the best antagonists of the Final Fantasy world.

1. "And it's Hojo of Shinra that produced these monsters. Mutated living organisms produced by Mako energy. That's what these monsters really are."

― Sephiroth.

2. "Sephiroth: After a long sleep the time, time has... come… ...Who are you?

Cloud: Cloud.

Sephiroth: the time......is now."

- 'Final Fantasy VII'.

3. "Only death awaits you all, but do not fear. For is it through death that a new spirit energy is born. Soon, you will live again as a part of me."

― Sephiroth.

4. "I am always by your side. Come. Splendid. A treasure house of knowledge… Look well. At that which adds to the knowledge of… I am becoming one with the Planet."

― Sephiroth.

5. "The ability to change one's looks, voice, and words, is the power of Jenova."

― Sephiroth.

6. "Cloud, lend me your strength. Let us defy destiny together."

― Sephiroth.

8. "I want to take you back to your real self. The one who gave me the Black Materia that day……"

― Sephiroth.

9. "What I want, Cloud, is to sail the darkness of the cosmos with this planet as my vessel, just as my mother did long ago. Then one day we'll find a new planet. And on its soil, we'll create a shining future."

― Sephiroth, 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children'.

10. "On your knees. I want you to beg for forgiveness."

― Sephiroth.

11. "Ohh...where did you find this strength?"

― Sephiroth, 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children'.

12. "What I want, Cloud, is to sail the darkness of the cosmos with this Planet as my vessel -- just as my mother did long ago. Then one day we'll find a new planet, and on its soil we'll create a shining future."

― Sephiroth, 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children'.

13. "I will... never be a memory."

― Sephiroth.

14. "At the end of their harsh, hard journey, they would find the Promised Land and supreme happiness. But, those that disliked the journey appeared. Those who stopped their migrations built shelters and elected to lead an easier life."

― Sephiroth.

15. "I will meld with it all. I will become one with it…… it will become one with me."

― Sephiroth.

16. "You ignorant traitor. I'll tell you. This planet belonged to the Cetra. Cetra was a itinerant race. They would migrate in, settle the Planet, then move on…"

― Sephiroth.

17. "Ha, ha, ha……my sadness? What do I have to be sad about? I am the chosen one. I have been chosen to be the leader of this Planet."

― Sephiroth.

18. "You need not remind me. It was the crowning moment of our time together. But that was then, and this is now."

― Sephiroth.

19. "My mother is Jenova. She died right after she gave birth to me. My father… What does it matter...?"

― Sephiroth.

20. "How does it feel? It's your first time in your hometown in a long time right? So how does it feel? I wouldn't know because I don't have a hometown."

― Sephiroth.

21. "The knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients is held in the materia. Anyone with this knowledge can freely use the powers of the land and the Planet. That knowledge interacts between ourselves and the Planet, calling up magic."

― Sephiroth.

22. "How can there be any meaning in the memory of such a being? What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion."

― Sephiroth.

23. "Whether your words...are lies created to deceive me... or the truth that I have sought all my life... It makes no difference. You will rot."

― Sephiroth.

Sephiroth 'Dissidia Final Fantasy' Quotes

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Here are some Sephiroth Dissidia quotes that are amazing!

24. "I fear not death. I've already seen hell."

― Sephiroth.

25. "Remember who brought this pain upon you."

― Sephiroth.

26. "Let us see who is the best warrior."

― Sephiroth.

27. "Can you stop me? Everything returns to the planet. I want you to beg for forgiveness. Into the depths of darkness. All becomes one with me."

― Sephiroth.

28. "Open a new door. Stop pretending you're sad. I...will never be a memory. Only the chosen may survive."

― Sephiroth.

Sephiroth 'Kingdom Hearts 2' Quotes

These Sephiroth quotes are from the popular Kingdom Hearts series which is a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney.

29. "I see... He wants to meet me again. Then I should give him what he wants. That last bit of light is always the hardest to snuff out."

― Sephiroth.

30. "I admit you're very skilled... But apparently, Cloud is the only one who can eliminate me. Tell Cloud to come here. Tell him Sephiroth is looking to settle things."

― Sephiroth.

31. "Absurd. Defeating me is meaningless. You know that more than anyone, Cloud. No matter how many times I fall, your darkness keeps calling me back!"

― Sephiroth.

32. "Is that right? Let's see what this light of yours can do."

― Sephiroth.

33. "Face it—you turn your back on the present and live in the past. Because the light of the present is too much!"

― Sephiroth.

Quotes From Other Character


Great quotes from other major characters from the Final Fantasy series.

34. "Two years ago ... think of the strength we all had when we fought that last battle. It's only been a couple years, but already that feeling is gone. But Cloud, I think he's found it again."

—Tifa Lockhart, 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children'.

35. "Sephiroth's strength is unreal. He is far stronger in reality than any story you might have heard about him."

— Cloud Strife.

36. "I just want to do everything in my power to help. All of you - and the planet."

— Aerith Gainsborough.

37. "Defeat Sephiroth... Defeat the son of that beloved woman... Am I on the verge of committing another sin...? Or am I atoning as best I can for only watching...?"

— Vincent Valentine.

38. "Those strong feelings we had two years ago during the final battle... It seems as if they have dulled somewhat two years down the road. But now it seems as if they've been resurrected in Cloud."

—Tifa Lockhart.

39. "I offered the woman with my child to Professor Gast's Jenova project. When Sephiroth was still in her womb, we infused him with Jenova's cells..."

— Professor Hojo.

40. "Is it right to go on? They're all gone. Died for the planet. Will they ... will they ever forgive me? ... Right now, I don't really know."

— Barret Wallace.

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