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Corey Taylor from Stone Sour and Slipknot performs in concert at Rock im Park festival

Corey Taylor is an American musician and the lead vocalist of the metal band Slipknot.

Corey Taylor is also the main lyricist of the heavy metal band and his songs are very powerful lyrically. Apart from Slipknot, Corey Taylor has worked with a number of bands like Korn, Anthrax, Disturbed and others.

Corey Taylor also co-founded another band Sour Stone, earlier in his life. Slipknot started out with guitarist Jim Root in Iowa. This heavy metal band is well known for their stage antics, gruesome masks and aggressive lyrics. So tune into your playlist and enjoy these Corey Taylor quotes.

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Famous Corey Taylor Quotes

Corey Taylor of Slipknot performs in support of That Metal Show featuring Anthrax and Living Colour at Thunder Valley

Corey Taylor has been motivating millions of his fans since his early days. Corey Taylor sayings are quite well-known.

Enlisted below are some the famous Corey Taylor quotes along with quotes about doing what you love. You will also find Corey Taylor Seven Deadly Sins quotes, Corey Taylor quotes about love, Corey Taylor quotes about music and Corey Taylor quotes on other interesting topics.

1. "The people I respect the least are the ones that take themselves way too seriously."

- Corey Taylor.

2. “You ever want to feel powerless? Watch the people you care about being hurt and know there is nothing you can do about it.”

- Corey Taylor.

3. "Bad things happen when good people pretend nothing is wrong.”

- Corey Taylor, 'Seven Deadly Sins: Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good'.

4. "The future is meant for those who are willing to let go of the worst parts of the past."

- Corey Taylor.

5. "I started to find that music was something that really brought a lot of joy into my life, and it was sort of cool because I discovered that I had a gift for it, too. So the stuff I would listen to I could play along, I could sing along.”

- Corey Taylor.

6. "I still harbor lingering doubts about most people. I guess I always will."

- Corey Taylor.

7. "Do what you do and mean it every second of the day. If you don't, you're living someone else's life."

- Corey Taylor.

8. “I'm really proud of the fact that anywhere, at any time, I can make music. A lot of people can't do that.”

- Corey Taylor.

9. "Life owes you nothing. You owe yourself everything.”

- Corey Taylor, 'Seven Deadly Sins: Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good'.

10. "You don't break ground by doing the same thing over and over and over. That's like standing in place. You have to risk to gain it all."

- Corey Taylor.

11. "Slipknot is the darkness; Stone Sour is the light. Slipknot is chaos; Stone Sour is structure."

- Corey Taylor

12. "I don't mean to be overly sensitive or anything like that, but you just have to take a minute in every day, and just reflect on where you are, and just realise what you've got, because you just never know where the next huge change in your life is going to come from."

- Corey Taylor.

13. "The best friends you will ever have are the ones who don't make you feel like you owe them a damn thing.”

- Corey Taylor, 'Seven Deadly Sins: Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good'.

14. "I want you to understand something: I am a loving father who would do anything for his kids, whether they are mine or belonging to others in my family."

- Corey Taylor

15. “Take one more deep breath, savor it, and plunge forward without thinking. Do not allow yourself hesitation. Do not allow yourself a moment of doubt.”

- Corey Taylor.

Best Corey Taylor Quotes

Corey Taylor always has something interesting to say. Corey Taylor quotes are loved by people all over the world. Here you will find the best quotes from Corey Taylor along with Corey Taylor quotes about life. Enjoy these Corey Taylor quotes.

16. "There is one statement I want you to keep after you are finished with this book. It is more of a mantra, really."

- Corey Taylor, 'Seven Deadly Sins: Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good'.

17. "I don't know whether we will find ourselves in the cross hairs, pulled by the short hairs, or just trying to find the next inane hairstyle."

- Corey Taylor.

18. "Our proximity keeps us honest. Our intentions keep us strangers."

- Corey Taylor.

19. "Reality, for all intents and purposes, is just life - the real world, pure and uncut, shot straight to the vein of our souls every day we draw breath.

Whether it's good or bad, it's still reality; the opposite of illusion, the foe of fantasy, and the anchor that keeps us stuck on this plane. And thank Buddha it does, because some people need it in huge doses."

- Corey Taylor.

20. "I think of how and where all the horrible people I've come across in my life ended up, and I smile."

- Corey Taylor.

21. "You have to live in these moments, not for them. If you look too hard, they blow right by you. If you do not live enough, you will regret every breath."

- Corey Taylor.

22. "You can have the best intentions in the world but if you do nothing, you are nothing."

- Corey Taylor.

23. "Before you tell yourself its a different scene remember its just different from what you've seen."

- Corey Taylor.

24. " But change is coming; it is inevitable. It is as steady and reliable as a ticking clock."

- Corey Taylor.

25. "Do not allow yourself hesitation. Do not allow yourself a moment of doubt. Follow your instincts and go where you never would have considered possible."

- Corey Taylor, 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven'.

26. "If you want to be taken seriously, always check your fly."

- Corey Taylor, '11 Questions With Stone Sour'.

27. "As much as I love Slipknot, I don't want that to carry over into what I do for Stone Sour. I want both bands to stand on their own."

- Corey Taylor

28. "When Paris Hilton can top the bestsellers' lists, we are one more Connect Four move closer to Armageddon."

- Corey Taylor.

29. "I am tired of the superficial smiles that adorn the many ghouls among us. I am tired of the righteous indignation that hides beneath those visages that feign our best interest and deign to think we cannot and will not stand for ourselves."

- Corey Taylor.

30. "So many people in the world would rather stay in a situation that's painful but familiar because they're comfortable with it. Not a lot of people have the strength or heart to realize when something's not good for them and to turn around and be alone."

- Corey Taylor.

31. "It is always the nights you cannot remember that eventually become the stories you don't forget."

- Corey Taylor.

32. "Nobody can dare me to do anything that I don't come up with on my own."

- Corey Taylor.

33. "The mind is left bereft when it is nothing more than a tool of regurgitation."

- Corey Taylor.

34. "When you're a kid, nine times out of 10, everything is pure depending on how you grow up. Everything is new as a kid, so it's all amazing and wonderful. But as we get older, things start to lose their luster or possibly their relevance."

- Corey Taylor.

Cool Quotes From Slipknot Songs

Here you will find some of the finest quotes from the different songs of Slipknot.

35. "So if you love me, let me go."

- Slipknot, 'Snuff'.

36. "I tried, you lied to me for so long

Everywhere I go, there's a sense of it."

- Slipknot, 'Eyeless'.

37. "Undo these chains, my friend

I'll show you the rage I've hidden."

- Slipknot, 'The Devil In I'.

38. "Oh, she's beautiful

A little better than a man deserves."

- Slipknot, 'Killpop'.

39. "Maybe it's the way you gotta spread a lotta rumor fodder."

- Slipknot, 'Spit It Out'.

40. "All hope is gone"

- Slipknot, 'Best Of Slipknot'.

41. "Over and over and under my skin

All this attention is doing me in!"

- Slipknot, 'Surfacing'.

42. "Fray the strings

Throw the shapes."

- Slipknot, 'Before I Forget'.

43."Bury all your secrets in my skin

Come away with innocence and leave me with my sins."

- Slipknot, 'Snuff'.

44. "Everybody defamates from miles away

But face to face they haven't got a thing to say."

- Slipknot, 'The Heretic Anthem'.

45. "You got all my love, livin' in your own hate."

- Slipknot, 'Surfacing'.

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