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Why Itachi Quotes?

Itachi Uchiha was an unsung hero of the Hidden Leaf Village, who decided to be considered a villain instead. Itachi was a member of the famous Uchiha clan of Konohagakure or the Hidden Leaf Village.

He was regarded as a rogue ninja and a criminal because he assassinated his entire clan and fled, sparing only his brother Sasuke.

Much later in the story, it was revealed that he intended to protect the Village from destruction at the hands of the Uchiha clan.

Itachi chose to be persecuted for his crimes and be regarded as a criminal to save his Village and his clan’s reputation. Itachi was a highly skilled and feared shinobi, wearing the mask of a cold antagonist.

In reality, Itachi is a tragic hero similar to many other influential characters in the Naruto franchise who are not in a leading role. His quotes are a collection highlighting some of his pivotal moments in the story.

The character provides a better understanding of the grim nature of reality and the complexities of human beings.

He also acts as a teacher helping viewers to realize the true difference between good and evil, the use of power, and the value of relationships.

Naruto fans might find some words or phrases that do not match their knowledge of Itachi’s sayings. The reason is due to possible differences in the use of the English Language in the dubbed version of the series, the subtitles, and the manga translations.

What Parents Should Know

  • Masashi Kishimoto is the creator of the original ‘Naruto’ manga and the character of Itachi Uchiha. 
  • Adult Itachi was voiced by Hideo Ishikawa and young Itachi was voiced by Yuka Terasaki. The English voice actors were Crispin Freeman and Michelle Ruff.  
  • He was listed in the Konohagakure Bingo Book as one of the most dangerous S-ranked rogue ninjas. 
  • “Forgive me… Sasuke… But this is it.” - these were Itachi’s last words before he passed away for the first time after fighting Sasuke.

What To Discuss With Kids

  • In the final years before his demise, Itachi was suffering from an unknown terminal illness. 
  • Itachi became a captain of the ANBU spies of the Hidden Leaf village at the young age of 13 years.  
  • Although he never confessed, some scenes portrayed the character of Izumi Uchiha as Itachi’s love interest. 
  • Itachi did not have a catchphrase, but a special gesture to show his love for his brother. He would extend his middle and index fingers and gently strike Sasuke's forehead.

Best Itachi Uchiha Quotes

1. “A bloodless revolution?”

2. “Sasuke… Are you safe?”

3. “I leave Sasuke to you.” 

4. “He cannot escape this samsara, this loop. This is the Izanami.” 

5. “There’s no right way or wrong way to fight in a battle.”

6. “I’ll show you what the Sharingan can do when it’s wielded by a true heir of the bloodline.” 

7. “The next 72 hours will be nothing but this. Over and over.” 

8. “I’m not the one who can change you, Sasuke.” 

9. “Shisui. Things have gotten much worse since then. I don’t think I can protect everyone.” 

10. “They say you take your personality to the grave. Well, I’ve already died once. I intend to honor it.” 

11. “I have no more regrets.”

12. “Sorry, Father. You’re the face of the Uchiha. I’m proud to be able to walk alongside you.” 

13. “I want to fight Sasuke one on one. Do me a favor and keep everyone else out of it.” 

14. “For someone who is not of the Uchiha clan, you have mastered the Sharingan well. However, not being one of us you lack the physical strength and that’s something you can’t copy.”

15. “I witnessed everything. And I will continue to watch. If you as much as touch Sasuke, I will pass on classified Village intel to every enemy nation.”

16. “He has grown. But… he’s still not good enough.” 

17. “The Mangekyo Sharingan… are very special eyes.” 

18. “First of all, the problem with you… is your greed.”

19. “Pain is pain, call it what you will. Do you feel it any less deeply by thinking it’s not real?”

20. “Just try not to overdo it. Your moves tend to stand out.” 

21. “I am prepared to bear his hatred.” 

22. “Edo Tensei… of all the forbidden techniques you could steal, this one is most tiresome.” 

23. “Unfortunately, your goal will end as mere fantasy and vanish like a dream upon waking.” 

24. “If you take this man on, it won’t be without cost. Furthermore, it will take time, and the commotion is liable to bring more shinobi running.”

Famous Itachi Quotes

25. “But Madara still lives on, with his visual prowess intact.” 

26. “Your fate is already in my hands.” 

27. “The Uchiha clan is intent on revolting against the Hidden Leaf.” 

28. “I’m going to reveal to you my final trump card. The Susanoo.” 

29. “I leave the rest to you… Naruto.” 

30. “So this is… the Great Ninja War.” 

31. “Birth… death… birth… death…”

32. “I’ll stop the Reanimation Jutsu. I leave Madara to the two of you.” 

33. “Sasuke, you are the one who’ll become my new light.” 

34. “Genjutsu of that level doesn’t work on me.” 

35. “I’ve found aid from a group called the ‘Akatsuki’.”

36. “Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!” 

37. “There’s something I would like you to help me with.” 

38. “And one day, when you have the same eyes as I, come before me!”

39. “However powerful you are, don’t take it all on yourself. Because if you do you will surely fail.” 

40. “Lord Third, will you swear to me that you will protect Sasuke?”

41. “What’s the matter? You use up all of your chakra and run out of options?”

42. “Couldn’t kill your best friend. And you dare to come here, to face me with such weak resolve?”

43. “Sasuke is still a blank canvas. He can easily be dyed into any color.” 

44. “The Uchiha have a Visual Jutsu that can be used on an opponent without eyesight. An Ultimate Visual Jutsu that holds his fate within its grasp. Izanami!”

45. “I’m going to watch over the Hidden Leaf from within the shadows.” 

46. “Both knowledge and awareness are equivocal. One’s reality might be another’s illusion.” 

47. “Why is it that the Uchiha clan is known by all, and feared by all?”

48. “You are good. You almost anticipated my moves. Almost.” 

49. “I told you. I’ve seen through your attacks.” 

50. “This technique’s weakness and risk… is my existence.” 

51. “Telling yourself it’s an illusion will do you little good.”

52. “Life… flocks together.”

53. “Your way is inefficient and unnecessarily risky. Don’t lose sight of our goal.” 

Sad Itachi Quotes

54. “You are weak… because you don’t have enough hatred.”

55. “Will the day come when you’ll possess these eyes too? The day when you come to know what sadness is?”

56. “I stopped listening to anyone else. I stopped trusting anyone.” 

57. “Sasuke: Why did you spare me?

Itachi: Because you didn’t know anything. You had no part in the Uchiha clan’s folly.”

58. “Observe carefully with those eyes, Sasuke. Observe how shallow this clan is.”

59. “I wanted to be judged and dealt with only by another Uchiha. Ultimately, I filled you with hatred and made you go rogue. And turned you into a criminal!” 

60. “You don’t ever have to forgive me. And no matter what you do from here on out, know this… I will love you always.” 

61. “Fugaku: Itachi, promise me this. Take care of Sasuke.

Itachi: I will.” 

62. “To be frank, I don’t know whose spy I was… even to this day.”

63. “The Village… the clan… shinobi. Is fighting… inevitable?”

64. “What is life, anyway?”

65. “We all live inside our own fantasies.” 

Inspiring Itachi Uchiha Quotes

66. “You can’t do everything yourself. That’s why you have comrades who can help you.” 

67. “I tried to do everything myself too, and I failed. So this time, I will leave that task for a comrade to handle.”

68. “He who forgives oneself, who can acknowledge one’s true self… is the most powerful of all!” 

69. “Appearance has no place in undertaking a mission, does it?”

70. “Look at me, and find in yourself what I was unable to find in myself.” 

71. “Naruto, you must remember. You know why the people of the Leaf Village stop hating and fearing you. You know why they accepted you as one of their own. It’s because you showed them that you understood them. And you fought for their acceptance.” 

72. “Life is born, and life dies… But life is saved again.”  

73. “You gain nothing when you attach your self-value to something external that’s admirable and praiseworthy to you.” 

74. “Becoming Hokage isn’t about getting people to acknowledge you. Only those already acknowledged will ever become Hokage. Never forget your friends.” 

75. “Those who cannot acknowledge themselves will fail. Just like I did.” 

76. “You just said, everyone who cares about you helped you get where you are. If you forget about everyone else because you now have power, you will become arrogant and egotistical… and eventually, you will become just like Madara.” 

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