Top 20 'ATL' Quotes From The Hilarious Film About Friends, Roller Skating, And Life After High School

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'ATL' is a hilarious take on friendship and is directed by Chris Robinson, an American film, commercial, and music video director.

An original story by Antwone Fisher, 'ATL' is based on the experiences of the film's producers Dallas Austin and Tionne 'T-Boz Watkins. 'ATL' stands for Atlanta, Georgia, where most of the movie was filmed.

The film is about four working-class teenagers who grow up in Atlanta, Georgia where hip-hop music rules and the coolest place to hang out among teens is a rollerskating rink. As high school ends, the teenagers started facing challenges that bring about turning points in their lives.

The main cast of the film includes T.I. As Rashad Swann, Evan Ross as Anton 'Ant' Swann, Lauren London as Erin 'New New', Jackie Long as Benjamin 'Esquire', Albert Daniels as Brooklyn, Jason Weaver as Teddy, Big Boi as Marcus, Keith David as John Garnett, April Clark as Tondie, and Mykelti Williamson as Uncle George.

The movie is about growing up, falling in love, the importance of friends, working, and planning your future accordingly. Let's look at some of the most amusing and the best 'ATL' quotes.

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Best ATL Movie Quotes

Here are some of the quotes from 'ATL' the movie and some 'ATL' Rashad quotes.

1. "My pops used to always say dreamin' is the luxury of children, and that I should enjoy it. And he was right."

- Rashad, 'ATL'.

2. "I can't even believe I'm telling you this right now. You're different, Rashad. You're special."

- NewNew, 'ATL'.

3. Brooklyn: "Why after every sentence you call me shawty? 'Yo shawty... shawty'... I'm taller than you!"

Rashad: "Okay, well, let me ask you this then: in New York City then why ya'll gotta say "yo, son" after every sentence? I'm not your kid, I'm not your child, why I gotta be your son?"

Teddy: "Money..."

Rashad: "B..."

Brooklyn: "I call you sun, 'cause you shine like one. Ya' feel me?"

Rashad: "That was real sentimental. Thanks."

Famous ATL Quotes Uncle George

Some beautiful lines by Uncle George.

4. "My loneliness like the night air: invisible to the eye, oblivious to the touch, in its cold uncomfortableness."

- Uncle George, 'ATL'.

5. "Now, look, I ain't trying to get in your business... but, I mean I do know a little something about being pissed. I mean, it's all - You know, it's all just feelings, man.

From females to friends to's all about the feelings. I just want you to recognize the difference between what you feel and what's real. That way you don't look back on life with a bunch of regrets."

- Uncle George, 'ATL'.

Funny ATL Quotes

Here are some hilarious ATL quotes.

6. "Fine, be that way! That's why you need a timing belt."

- Antwone 'Ant' Swann, 'ATL'.

7. "[to his brother]You ain't gotta be a dope boy to have money."

- Rashad, 'ATL'.

8. "I don't know. They keep hangin' up."

- Star, 'ATL'.

9. "Here come Ghetto Ghetto and her two twins."

- Esquire, 'ATL'.

ATL Movie Teddy Quotes

Teddy played by Jason Weaver is one of the close friends of Rashad who delivered some but good lines.

10. "Pssh, well, then you should know that, that I'm the quickest one out there, you know? I be pumpin' in out there, baby. I pop, pop, pop!"

- Teddy, 'ATL'.

11. "I mean, why don't you just let me finish what I gotta say?"

- Teddy, 'ATL'.

T.I Quotes From ATL Movie

Some ATL quotes that we have collected for you to enjoy.

12. "Jay: [whispers] I heard you holding that!

Antwone 'Ant' Swann:Man, who told you that?

Jay:You trying to act like I haven't known you since the third grade.

Antwone 'Ant' Swann:Yeah, but you've been out of school for four weeks."

13. "New New:Why don't you cut across the middle and get your feet wet?

Esquire:Why don't you go roll neck at somebody else and get up out mine's?

New New:I'm just trying to help you out! Your takeoff is weak and you're starting to make Rashad look bad!

Esquire:[frowns at her]I don't like you. I really don't!

New New: [points to the rink]Uh-oh. And why don't you go catch up?"

14. "Brooklyn:Oh, can I get an iced tea?

Waffle House Waitress:Sweet or Unsweet?

Brooklyn: Sweet."

15. "Jay:Man, I had mono. So what's up? You holding, or what?

Antwone 'Ant' Swann:[pauses] Naw.

Jay:Aight, that's what's up.

Antwone 'Ant Swann: [walks down the stairs; whispers to his friends] Narc."

16. "Antwone 'Ant' Swann:What you hustlin'?

Rashad:You know better than that."

17. "New New:I know what you gon' ask me, Teddy, I know you. And I seen you skate.


New New:So that tells me everything I need to know about a man."

Big Boi Quotes From ATL

Here are some of the lines of Marcus played by Big Boi with Antwone Swann.

18. "Marcus:Any kids?

Antwone 'Ant' Swann: "None that I know of.

Marcus:You doing somethin'?

Antwone 'Ant' Swann: I'm doing a li'l somethin'.

Marcus:"Boy, you ain't doin' nothin', boy! What's your last place of employment, Youngblood?

Antwone 'Ant' Swann: Cleaning.

Marcus: Cleaning? Looks like Swann Cleaning Service 'bout to lose an employee."

19. "Marcus: You wanna work, right?

Antwone 'Ant' Swann: Yeah.

Marcus: But you know this is a grown-man business, right?

Antwone 'Ant' Swann: I know.

Marcus: You sure?

Antwone 'Ant' Swann: Uh-huh.

Marcus: Okay. We'll see."

20. "Austin: This is Ant.

Antwone 'Ant' Swann: [extends hand] Sup?

Marcus: [extends fist for pound] Germs. Cleanliness is next godliness, right?

Antwone 'Ant' Swann: Aight.

Marcus: Back up."

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