Top 50 Marching Band Quotes To Drum Up Rhythm In Your Life

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Originally Published on Feb 18, 2021
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Marching bands have been a part of our lives here or there.

They are a primary part of music education and give people an opportunity to display their art. Marching bands are not just a sport or a means of education, being in one is a memory to be cherished forever.

Here we have inspirational marching band quotes that you should always know if you have an interest in marching bands. For similar quotes, visit Guitar quotes and Singing quotes.

Motivational Marching Band Quotes

The best marching band quotes to motivate the team and give a boost to their confidence.

1."When they surprised me with the full marching band and then they brought out this huge, beautiful birthday cake... I realized that I’ve got family all over the world."

-Michael Jackson.

2."You know, if I can survive marching band, I can survive anything."

Nellie McKay.

3."Big companies are like marching bands. Even if half the band is playing random notes, it still sounds kind of like music."

-Douglas Coupland.

4."There are days where maybe the obstacle is too great, maybe I don't want to get up and go to classes or attend that marching band practice, but whenever I have those days, I just realize that I have to get it done and everything will turn out great in the end."

-Patrick Henry Hughes.

5."My school had the dopest arts program - the dopest show choir, the dopest marching band. I couldn't sing or play an instrument a lick, but I was just going to fake it till I make it."

-Brian Tyree Henry.

Funny Marching Band Quotes

Hilarious marching band quotes to stir up a little fun among the peers.

6."That awkward moment when you realize the marching band works harder than the football team."  

-Kathleen Alcock.

7."Marching band, sacrificing all respect from your peers so that you get to wear funny hats."

-'Gospel Brass Band'.

8."The marching band plays along. Plays the morphine song on the charity ward."

-Ray Davies.

9."I played the tuba in high school. I wanted to be a member of the marching band. I thought, what can I play that has the most effect?"

-Patti LuPone.

10."REGARDING THE MARCHING BAND: How much more interesting it would be to see a creeping band."

-Demetri Martin.

11."Love songs played by a marching band."


Marching Band Pride Quotes


Marching band quotes you should use to express your love and respect towards marching bands.

12."Marching band, the sport for intelligent people."

-Severe Heta.

13.“The man in the shop peered disapprovingly at Evie through the glass. She pumped her arms and legs up and down in imitation of a marching band, gave the man a salute, and continued her meandering walk to the museum.”

-Libba Bray.

14."Marching band is life. The marching band brings about memories that you would never get anywhere else."

-Loner Island, 'Marching Band Quotes'.

15."Band is not proud because it performs well; it performs well because it is proud."

-George Parks.

Marching Band Quotes And Sayings

Marching band senior quotes that will seize the day on the field.

16."The regular rhythm and upbeat tunes of military music or marching bands positively affect your mood even if you don't actually 'enjoy' listening to it."

-Liz Miller.

17."Light the fireworks, bring out the marching band."

-LL Cool J.

18."Listen to the drums go hard. Like a marching band. Repeating every step, every sound, every word."

-Ricky Dillon.

19."My heart is like a marching band. I'm a fan in the stands."


20."New Orleans had a great tradition of celebration. Opera, military marching bands, folk music, the blues, different types of church music, ragtime, echoes of traditional African drumming"

-Wynton Marsalis.

21."Take my hand, let's find a marching band that beats the rhythm of our hearts."  

-Joe Brooks.

22."Addictions and compulsions were nothing but marching bands of distraction, masking truths that were unpleasant, but ultimately undeniable."

-J.R. Ward.

23.“Marching with the bands 'cause I think that I can."

-Tobi Lou.

24."In Jones's experience, the decision to turn one's life around in a different direction rarely arrived with fireworks and marching bands."

-Andy Andrews.

25."They are holding out one righteous hand. While the other leads the marching band."

-Shawn Colvin.

26."When I was in the marching band, I used to take my snare drum and turn it over and use my drumstick and scratch on the other side. That was just being creative. "


27."While some marching band keeps its own beat in my head. "

-James Last.

28."Hold on a second, could someone hire a marching band, cause I'm so happy I feel like having a parade. "

-Arj Barker.

29."Followed like a goat on a halter, hungry dog closing on his just-filled dinner bowl, water-bottle and towel carrier behind the tuba section of a marching band."

-Dennis Vickers.

30.“Music originally had a social function. You were in church, in a concert hall, a marching band; you were dancing.”

-Oliver Sacks.

31.“The U.S. military now has more people in its marching bands than the State Department has in its foreign service - and that's preposterous.”

-Nicholas D. Kristof.

32."It means like a drum in a marching band. Can't help what it does I just follow where it leads."

-Randy Travis.

33."A marching band's on the street. In the city that always sleeps. A bittersweet rhapsody. "

-Naked Lunch.

34."Listen over marching bands playing out their time."

-U2 band.

35."Here it comes, the big parade. Marching bands and barricades. Make way, for the big parade."

-The Lumineers.

36.“This loftier music I speak of tonight is more pleasing than the notes of the most gifted composers, more moving than a marching band, more harmonious than a thousand voices joined in hymn and more powerful than all the world's percussion instruments combined. That sweet sound of love.”

-Michael Jackson.

37.“And as the players tried to take the field, the Marching Band refused to yield.”

-Don McLean.

38."Where's the marching band. Just in time to take the town. "

-Barry Manilow.

Quotes From Famous People Who Were In A Marching Band

A lot of famous people were in a marching band in their younger days and this is what they have to say about it.

39.“I was in every band class I could get in, like after school jazz band and marching band, and that's where I really learned to read music from elementary all the way through junior high and high school.”

-Chad Smith.

40."I chose the trombone because the trombone players in the marching band got to be up front with the majorettes (because of the slides) and I loved that!"

-Quincy Jones.

41."I did the marching band all throughout junior high and high school Music was one of my favorite things in school."

-Tommy Lee.

42.“I played a lot of music all throughout my life, actually, but in high school I was in marching band and all the bands.”

-Kirsten Lepore.

43."Age 10. I joined the school marching band as a drummer."

-Adrian Belew.  

44."I was in the De Witt Clinton High School marching band. One of the worst bands ever formed. When we played the national anthem, people from every country stood - except Americans."

-Robert Klein.    

45.“There was one point in high school actually when I was on the chess team, marching band, model United Nations and debate club all at the same time.”

-Rainn Wilson.

46.“We went to church, and I still go with my mum and dad when I return home - it's a family thing. I played flute in my dad's marching band, but I had an integrated upbringing.”

-James Nesbitt.

47.“I studied trumpet for almost 15 years and was performing with a professional concert marching band in parades and rodeos”

-R. Carlos Nakai.

48."I actually had a movie greenlit at Disney the same week 'Burlesque' was greenlit - a movie for Disney called 'Mash-Up', about a high school marching band."

-Steve Antin.

49."My world was a community ballet school, a marching band, my two sisters and my girlfriends. I played saxophone in the band and was a bit nerdy."

-Jennifer Garner.

50."It's that marching band, second-line music, that Creole-influence in the kick, and the snare that drives everything for me. I think it's really what's separated my sound from a lot of the R&B and pop music out there."

-Dawn Richard.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotesfor everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for marching band quotes then why not take a look at Funny Music quotes, or Rock And Roll quotes.

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