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Originally Published on Jan 26, 2021
'Young Frankenstein' (1974) quotes are both scary and funny at the same time.

'Young Frankenstein' is a 1974 cult classic film that has some really quotable moments.

'Young Frankenstein' (1974) features some of the most amazing lines in cinema history. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best quotes from 'Young Frankenstein' (1974).

The 1974 Frankenstein movie called ‘Young Frankenstein’ is a cult classic. If one was to make a list of amazing movie quotes, it would features lots of 'Young Frankenstein' quotes.

The quotes from this classic starring Gene Wilder, Peter Feldman, Teri Garr and Marty Feldman are amazing.

In the movie, Peter Feldman plays the role of the monster and the humorous character of Igor is played by Marty Feldman, Indeed, Feldman adds his own charm to the Igor quotes from the film. Gene Wilder plays the protagonist, Dr Frankenstein, and his fiancée Elizabeth is played by Teri Garr.

The quotes from 'Young Frankenstein' (1974) are mostly witty with many mispronounced words that aim to make the audience laugh. 'Young Frankenstein' (1974) has a cult following and is regarded as one of the best movies made around the legendary characters of Dr Frankenstein and his monster.

The performances by Gene Wilder, Teri Garr, Peter Feldman and Marty Feldman are certainly praiseworthy. Critics have especially lauded Gene Wilder for putting life into his character of Dr Frankenstein. Some of the best movie quotes from 'Young Frankenstein' are Igor quotes.

Marty Feldman’s charisma brings out the humor in those quotes really well. In fact, Marty Feldman is probably best known for playing Igor, it was an iconic role for him.

This article will feature a wide range of movie quotes from 'Young Frankenstein'. These will include 'Young Frankenstein' castle quotes, 'Young Frankenstein' Igor quotes, 'Young Frankenstein' destiny quotes, 'Young Frankenstein' brain quotes, werewolf 'Young Frankenstein' quotes, and 'Young Frankenstein' Inspector Kemp quotes.

Phew, that's a lot of quotes! These lines from 'Young Frankenstein' are extremely quotable and the cast of 'Young Frankenstein', with Gene Wilder especially, really bring out the magic in the dialogues.

So for the best 'Young Frankenstein' the movie quotes and famous Frankenstein quotes, as well as some 'Young Frankenstein' funny quotes, 'Young Frankenstein' abnormal conversations, 'Young Frankenstein' script quotes, Gene Wilder quotes, quotes from Mel Brooks and Peter Boyle quotes, you can't miss this article, full of 'Young Frankenstein' movie quotes!

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Funny Quotes From 'Young Frankenstein'

'Young Frankenstein' features a lot of funny lines, especially from the character of Igor from 'Young Frankenstein', played by Marty Feldman. Conversations between Igor, Frankenstein and other characters can get you roaring with laughter.

Funny one-liners like, "it's pronounced Fronkensteen", and "it's pronounced eye gor", are just one example of the many laughs in this Frankenstein movie with Gene Wilder. Here are some of the funniest 'Young Frankenstein' quotes that we could find.

1. “You are talking about the nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind. Dead is dead!”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

2. “Frau Blücher: I came to tell you that your fiancé should be arriving any second!

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Elizabeth! Here, tonight?

Frau Blücher: I suggest you put on a tie!”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

3. “Fronkensteen, aren't you the least curious about it? Doesn't bringing back to life what was once dead hold any intrigue for you?”

- Student.

4. “Through the dumbwaiter. I heard the strangest music from the upstairs kitchen and I just... followed it down. Call it... a hunch.”

- Igor.

5. “Dr Frankenstein: Igor, would you mind telling me whose brain I did put in?

Igor: Abby... Normal.

Dr Frankenstein: Abby Normal?

Igor: I'm almost sure that was the name.

Dr Frankenstein: Are you saying that I put an abnormal brain into a seven and a half foot long, fifty-four inch wide Gorilla?! Is that what you're telling me !?!?”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

6. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Good man. Didn't you, didn't you use to have that on the other side?

Igor: What?

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Your, uh, oh never mind.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

7. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: You know, I'm a rather brilliant surgeon. Perhaps I can help you with that hump.

Igor: What hump?”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

8. “Igor: Dr Frankenstein...

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Fronkensteen.

Igor: You're putting me on.

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: No, it's pronounced Fronkensteen."

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

9. "Igor: Do you also say Froaderick?

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: No... Frederick.

Igor: Well, why isn't it Froaderick Fronkensteen?

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: It isn't. It's Frederick Fronkensteen.

Igor: I see."

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

10. "Dr Frederick Frankenstein: You must be Igor.

Igor: No, it's pronounced eye gor.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

11. “Elizabeth: Taffeta, darling.

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Taffeta, sweetheart.

Elizabeth: No, the Dress is taffeta. It wrinkles so easily.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

12. “Frau Blücher: Would the doctor care for a... brandy before retiring?

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: No. Thank you.

Frau Blücher: Some warm milk... perhaps?

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: No... thank you very much. No thanks.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

13. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: [singing] If you're blue, and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits...

The Monster: 'Uttin' on the 'iiiiitz.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

14. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Igor, help me with the bags.

Igor: [Imitating Groucho Marx] Soitenly. You take the blonde, I'll take the one in the toibin.

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: I was talking about the luggage.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

15. “Honey, did you see I put another hamper in the bathroom? This one's for your shirts, the other's just for socks and poo-poo undies.”

- Elizabeth.

16. “Inspector Kemp: Vee had better confeerm de fect dat Yunk Frankenshtein iss indeed vallowing een ees gandfadda's vootshtaps.

Villagers: What?

Inspector Kemp: Following in his grandfather's footsteps. [Looks at blank faces.] Footsteps! Footsteps!

Villagers: Ohhh. Footsteps.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

Conversational Quotes From 'Young Frankenstein'

Below are some conversational and contextual quotes from 'Young Frankenstein' that will leave you amazed. Who was your favorite character in 'Young Frankenstein'? Was it the Monster himself, played by Peter Boyle?

Or Abby Normal? Or perhaps you preferred the esteemed Dr Frankenstein? Whoever is your favorite, you are bound to love these conversational quotes from the film directed by Mel Brooks, that we all love!

17. “Igor: What is this?

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Schwartzwalder Kirschtorte.

The Monster: [off-screen] mmmmmmmm!”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

18. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: I am a scientist, not a philosopher! You have more chance of reanimating this scalpel than you have of mending a broken nervous system!

Medical Student: But what about your grandfather's work, sir?

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: My grandfather's work was doodoo! I am not interested in death! The only thing that concerns me is the preservation of life!

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Class... is... dismissed.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

19. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Nothing.

Inga: Oh, Doctor, I'm sorry.

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: No. No. Be of good cheer. If science teaches us anything, it teaches us to accept our failures, as well as our successes, with quiet dignity and grace.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

20. “Hello handsome, you're a good looking fellow, do you know that? People laugh at you, people hate you, but why do they hate you? Because... they are jealous.”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

21. “Dr Frankenstein: Are you ready?

Igor: Are you sure this is how they did it?”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

22. “Dr Frankenstein: My fellow scienti...

Audience: Ssssssssssssssss!

Dr Frankenstein: ...tists... and neuro-surgeons, ladies and gentlemen. A few short weeks ago coming from a background, believe me, as conceivably and traditionally grounded in scientific fact as any of you, I began an experiment in... incredulous as it may sound... the reanimation of dead tissue.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

23. “Igor: There, wolf. There, castle.

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Why are you talking that way?

Igor: I thought you wanted to.

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: No, I don't want to.

Igor: [shrugs] Suit yourself. I'm easy.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

24. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Well this explains the music.

Igor: It's still warm.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

25. “Put… the candle… back!”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

26. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Pardon me, boy. Is this the Transylvania station?

Shoe-Shine Boy: Ja, ja. Track 29. Can I give you a shine?”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

27. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: With such a specimen for a body, all we need now is an equally magnificent brain. You know what to do?

Igor: I have a pretty good idea.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

Powerful Quotes From 'Young Frankenstein'

Many of the powerful quotes in 'Young Frankenstein' come from the character of Dr Frankenstein, played by Gene Wilder.

The stars: Gene Wilder who plays Dr Frankenstein in 'Young Frankenstein', Marty Feldman who plays Igor in 'Young Frankenstein', Mel Brooks who directs the film 'Young Frankenstein', Inga played by Terri Garr and Peter Boyle who played the 'Young Frankenstein' monster, all did a fantastic job.

Below is a list of some powerful quotes from 'Young Frankenstein', from characters including Abby Normal and Dr Frankenstein.

Which of these do you remember from the film?

28. “My grandfather used to work for your grandfather. Of course the rates have gone up.”

- Igor.

29. “Igor: You know, I'll never forget my old dad. When these things would happen to him... the things he'd say to me.

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: What did he say?

Igor: What the hell are you doing in the bathroom day and night? Why don't you get out of there and give someone else a chance?"

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

30. “Love is the only thing that can save this poor creature, and I am going to convince him that he is loved even at the cost of my own life.

No matter what you hear in there, no matter how cruelly I beg you, no matter how terribly I may scream, do not open this door or you will undo everything I have worked for. Do you understand?”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

31. “For as long as I can remember, people have hated me; they looked at my face and my body and they ran away in horror. In my loneliness, I decided that if I could not inspire love, which is my deepest hope, I would instead cause fear.”

- The Monster.

32. “It's alive”.

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

33. “Dr Frankenstein: That music...

Frau Blucher: Yes. It's in your blood - it's in the blood of all Frankensteins. It reaches the soul when words are useless. Your grandfather used to play it to the creature he vas making.

Dr Frankenstein: Then it was you all the time.

Frau Blucher: Yes."

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

34. “Hearts and kidneys are tinker toys! I'm talking about the central nervous system!”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

35. “From that fateful day when stinking bits of slime first crawled from the sea and shouted to the cold stars, 'I am man', our greatest dread has always been the knowledge of our mortality.”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

36. “You have to remember that a worm... with very few exceptions... is not a human being.”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein

37. “Inga: You know, there's something I've been meaning to ask you. In the transference, the monster got part of your wonderful brain. But what did you ever get from him?

Inga: Oh my goodness, I don't believe... Oh, sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you! At last, I know the secret of it all!”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

38. “Igor: I! I ain't got nobody, and nobody cares for me.

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Igor!

Igor: Froadrick!”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

39. “Student: Dr Frank... Fronkensteen.

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Yes?

Student: Isn't it true that Darwin preserved a piece of vermicelli in a glass case until, by some extraordinary means, it actually began to move with a voluntary motion?

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Are you speaking of the worm or the spaghetti?

Student: Why the worm, sir.

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Yes, it does seem I read something about that incident when I was a student.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

40. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Throw... the third switch!

Igor: Not the third switch!”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

41. “Hallo. Vould you like to have a roll in ze hay? It's fun. [She begins to roll in the hay.] Roll, roll, roll in ze hay.”

- Inga.

42. "Dr Frankenstein: It was you... who left my grandfather's book out for me to find.

Frau Blucher: Yes.

Dr Frankenstein: So that I would...

Frau Blucher: Yes.

Dr Frankenstein: Then you and Victor were...

Frau Blucher: Yes. Yes. Say it. He vas my... boyfriend.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

43. “[Reading from his grandfather's notebook] As the minuteness of the parts formed a great hindrance to my speed, I resolved therefore to make a being of a gigantic stature. [Pause.] Of course. That would simplify everything.”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

44. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Damn your eyes.

Igor: [to camera] Too late.”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

45. “Seda-Give?”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein

46. “Wait. Where are you going? I was going to make Espresso.”

- The Blindman.

47. “Wait Master, it might be dangerous... you go first.”

- Igor.

48. “Inga: You haven't even touched your food.

[Frederick explodes and slaps on his food.]

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: There. Now I've touched it. Happy?”

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

49. “Blucher!”

- Igor.

50. "Dr Frankenstein: You played that music in the middle of the night...

Frau Blucher: Yes.

Dr Frankenstein: ...to get us to the laboratory.

Frau Blucher: Yes.

Dr Frankenstein: That was your cigar smoldering in the ashtray.

Frau Blucher: Yes."

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

51. “[Dreaming] I am not a Frankenstein. I'm a Fronkensteen. Don't give me that. I don't believe in fate. And I won't say it. [Pauses.] All right, you win.”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

52. “Stay close to the candles. The stairway can be... treacherous.”

- Frau Blücher.

53. “It… could… work…"

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

54. “Sit down, won't you? [Igor sits on the floor.] No, no, up here.”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

55. “A riot is an ugly thing... undt, I tink, that it is chust about time ve had vun.”

- Inspector Kemp.

56. “Dr Frederick Frankenstein: Stand back, for the love of God! He's got a rotten brain!

Frau Blücher: It's not rotten! It's a good brain!

Dr Frederick Frankenstein: It's rotten, I tell you! Rotten!

The Monster: [lunging at Dr Frankenstein] Rrraaaaaaaa!"

- 'Young Frankenstein'.

57. “For what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius.”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

58. “Please! Remain in your seats, I beg you! We are not children here, we are scientists! I assure you there is nothing to fear!”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

59. “I thought I told you never to interrupt me while I'm working!”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

60. “Nice hopping.”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

61. “Two nasty lookin' switches over there, but I'm not going to be the first.”

- Igor.

62. “We've got to find him, you understand? We've got to find him before he kills someone! What have I done?”

- Dr Frederick Frankenstein.

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