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Red lored amazon facts about the Red Lored Amazon Parrot.
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The red lored amazon (Amazona autumnalis) is also known as the red lored parrot. This red lored parrot species is from eastern Mexico to South America. This species is not native to California but over the years they have established a population there. These yellow beaked parrots are not found in Costa Rica. Red lored amazons have three subspecies. The first subspecies is Amazona autumnalis autumnalis found in eastern Mexico, northern Nicaragua, and Caribbean coasts. The second subspecies is Amazona autumnalis salvini found in northern Nicaragua, Columbia, and Venezuela and the third subspecies is Amazona autumnalis lilacina found in western Ecuador. Only one of them has yellow cheeks. The red lored amazons temperament is curious, talkative, and quick learners.

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Red-Lored Amazon Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a red lored amazon?

A red lored amazon (Amazona autumnalis) is a bird. The parrots' red patch is their distinguishing feature. The red lored amazon Parrot is very adaptable to artificial habitats. They have even shown feral populations.

What class of animal does a red lored amazon belong to?

A red lored amazon (Amazona autumnalis) belongs to the birds class of animals. Amazon red lored Parrots are tropical birds. The red lored amazon Parrot is one of those bird species that do not build their own nest but use naturally occurring hollows and cavities for the purpose of nesting.

How many red lored amazons are there in the world?

There are around 10,000 adult red lored amazons in the world. The population of amazon red lored birds is constantly decreasing.

Where does a red lored amazon live?

A red lored parrot lives in the woods and in houses. These parrots like to live in dense forests.

What is a red lored amazon's habitat?

Red lored amazons are found in tropical forests. The habitat of red lored amazons primarily includes wild areas. These birds live in canopies of trees. These pet parrots are also found building nests in tree cavities. They are found at elevations of 3,600 ft (1098 m).

Who do red lored amazons live with?

Red lored amazons live in packs with birds of their own species. They also live with people as their pet parrots. The red lored parrot is found in pairs during mating season.

How long does a red lored amazon live?

A red lored amazon lifespan can extend up to 80 years. They have a very long lifespan in comparison with other pet parrots.

How do they reproduce?

Red lored amazons are monogamous birds as they have a single mate for a lifetime. The breeding season for red lored parrots is from February to April. In this season, the pairs are observed to travel in pairs and to clean each other's feathers. The mating occurs multiple times until the eggs are laid. The eggs are laid in hollow trees and tree cavities. Usually, there are three to four eggs in one single clutch. The eggs are white in color. The incubation period is 20-32 days. Juveniles leave the nest in around 60 days. Both parents take care of and feed the chicks.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the red lored amazon bird is that of Least Concern. But their population is decreasing and has completely vanished from Costa Rica. These birds are captured by humans to be sold as pets. Their ability to talk has made them a target for the black market.

Red Lored Amazon Fun Facts

What do red lored amazons look like?

Red lored amazons, Amazona autumnalis, have green feathers. They have a vivid red patch on their forehead. Some of these birds have yellow chicks. Their wings have a bit of red color. The beaks of the red lored parrot are yellow in color with black tips. The feet of red lored amazons are gray. These birds have a bluish colored crown. TMales and females of this species look exactly alike. It is impossible to distinguish between the two sexes without a DNA test. The juvenile’s cheeks are not as yellow as the adults. Also, the red patch on their forehead is light red in color.

The underside of the wings of these parrots is green, red, and blue.

How cute are they?

Red lored amazons are extremely cute. Their vivid green color makes a calming expression. Their ability to mimic human words is very astonishing and it appeals to most of the people in the world.

How do they communicate?

Red lored amazons are known for their ability to learn human languages. They are capable of learning a few words and sounds which they hear constantly. They communicate with other parrots and humans by making use of those sounds.

How big is a red lored amazon?

A red lored amazon is a medium sized bird. They have a length of 13-14 in (33.02-35.5 cm) including their tail. These birds have a wingspan of around 15-17 in (38.1-43.1 cm).

How fast can a red lored amazon fly?

A red lored amazon can fly at an average speed of 40 mph (64.3 kph). They are very fast birds. They sometimes outrun bigger birds such as eagles when flying on lesser altitudes.

How much does a red lored amazon weigh?

A red lored amazon weighs up to 14.8 oz (0.41 kg). They are averagely weighted as compared to birds of their size. Their weight helps them in flying swiftly.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Males of the red lored amazon species are called cocks and females of the red lored amazon species are called hens.

What would you call a baby red lored amazon?

A baby red lored amazon is called a chick. They are also known as juveniles.

What do they eat?

Red lored amazons have a strict vegetarian diet. They eat seeds, fruits, nuts, berries, buds, vegetables, etc from the forest. Artificial foods such as high quality pellets, grains mix, and fruits mix can also be served to this species. They find their nests according to the location and availability of the food.

Are they dangerous?

No, red lored amazons are not dangerous to humans. They are simple birds who go on with their lives without bothering anyone.

Would they make a good pet?

Red lored amazons make excellent pets. This species is one of the most liked pets in the world with a simple diet. Red lored amazon parrots like to chitter chatter a lot which at times seems disturbing but is lively most of the time. Training can be given to these birds right from an early age. Just like any other pets with proper training their aggressive behavior, disobedience, and talkativeness can be brought under control.

Did you know...

Diademed amazon, found in northwestern Brazil, was earlier considered to be belonging to the same species as the red lored amazon.

Red lored amazons are a very common pet in America.

Mealy amazon is one of the largest Amazon parrot species at around 16 in (40 cm) long.

Can red lored amazons talk?

Yes, red lored amazons can talk. They cannot talk in complete sentences but they learn a few words. These words can be taught to the red lored amazon parrots by talking to them, constantly and repeatedly saying those words, etc. This species of bird is very smart. They quickly pick up the most frequently said words and sounds and will mimic them later on.

Getting your own red lored amazon

A red lored amazon generally costs between $1,000-$3,000. They are very easy to handle pets with low maintenance. You can keep the red lored amazon parrots in cages of appropriate sizes. You can feed them high quality pellets, healthy seeds, vegetable mix, grains mix, and fruits mix. Fruits and vegetables should make 20 percent of their diet. While scaling out a balanced diet for your red lored amazon keep in mind to not feed them eggplant or avocado. The eggplant and avocado are poisonous to these birds and will probably kill them if consumed. Make sure to not provoke them. These birds have a tendency to bite. Their pointed beaks can cause serious injuries.

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