25 Bowling Facts: Know The Recreational Activity Better

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Originally Published on Jan 26, 2022
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Indoor games are always fun.

Some of these games are even more fun when played with family and friends. Nine-pin bowling, or bowling ball, is one of those indoor games that are often played with friends.

The indoor bowling lanes that we see today were made of wood in earlier times. An indoor bowling alley sure looks like those modern-day games that are made from the most premium rubber, and a lot of engineering may have gone behind this game and its making.

The same is not very true. Although bowling pins are incomplete without the amazing and premium feelings that they give, they weren't always like this. There is a much broader history that is behind the making of these bowling balls.

The Invention Of Bowling

When it comes to bowling, the facts about bowling just won't end. This is because there is so much history that went into the making of the first indoor bowling alley.

  • The bowling alley has seen more history than mankind. A study suggests that bowling games were played centuries ago as well.
  • The Egyptian pharaohs loved bowling. Although the bowling tools of those times were nothing like modern bowling, this sport still managed to impress them.
  • The bowling lane that you see in a mall has been around since 3200 B.C.
  • Bowling balls are almost as old as written words themselves. There is enough evidence to sit on the fact that people of early times have been playing since the time they learned to write words.
  • One of the interesting bowling facts is that this sport wasn't always an indoor sport. In earlier times, bowling was more of an outdoor sport.
  • In earlier times, people used to play with a wooden ball.
  • In the early times, bowling ball was considered a men's sport, and women were not allowed to play bowling balls.
  • Experts have claimed that they have found bowling ball items buried in the grave of the Egyptian pharaoh. This points toward the fact that Egyptians of those times really enjoyed playing bowling balls, as they only buried things in their graves that were dear to them in their lifetime.

Types Of Bowling

The term 'bowling' originated from multiple languages, including old French and Latin. It is given the name 'bowling' simply because a ball is involved in the sport.

  • There are five ways in which you can play the bowling ball.
  • One of the most common ways of playing bowling is known as ten-pin bowling, which is played throughout America.
  • Kegal, or what is also famously known as nine-pin bowling, is another way in which you play the sport. In this way, every team has six players, and every player gets two balls to play with. In nine pins, the pins are not arranged again until they get all knocked out.
  • After the nine pins, comes five-pin bowling.
  • Duckpin bowling and candlepin bowling are also very famous forms of the game.
  • In duckpin bowling, every player gets three turns in each frame, and the ball typically weighs around 3 lb (1.36 kg).
  • One amazing fact about duckpin bowling is that the balls in this bowling game don't have any holes.
  • Candlepin bowling was invented in the year 1880 and is very popular in New England.
Bowling balls were made of wood in the early days, but are now made out of rubber and polyester resin.

Worldwide Bowling Competitions

Bowling is a sport that is loved by almost every country. In fact, Japan is home to the largest bowling alley in the whole world.

  • Initially, when bowling was recognized as a sport, authorities realized that certain rules and regulations had to be in place in order to make the game fair.
  • The national bowling association soon came into being with the purpose of laying down rules and regulations related to bowling.
  • The national bowling association is based in the USA and came into power during the year 1875.
  • Considering America's love for bowling balls, the second-largest bowling alley in the world is in America, in the very heart of Las Vegas city.
  • Seeing the increasing love for bowling, the national federation that deals with sports soon realized it was time to introduce various championships for bowling.
  • The World Tenpin bowling championship is a well know global bowling championship that invites players from all over the globe.
  • World Tenpin bowling is held once every four years and has been going on since 1954.
  • The WTBA is hosted by the international bowling federation, otherwise known as the IBF.

Fun Facts About Bowling

Here are some fun facts about bowling!

  • One of the most incredible facts about bowling is that during the 400 A.D., bowling was performed as a religious activity. People believed that through pin bowling, one could free themselves from all of their sins.
  • There are different winning terms that are associated with this sport. For example, when you make six strikes at the same time, it's called a wild turkey.
  • Nine strikes in bowling are known as a 'golden turkey'.
  • In bowling, if you need to make an optimal strike, you simply just need to hit only four pins.
  • While bowling, if the bowl goes to the side of the lane instead of hitting the pins, it's simply considered a 'gutter ball'.
  • Bowling has been around us for a long time, since the timeline of B.C., but it was only in the '30s when a British anthropologist rediscovered the sport, and today we call it bowling.
  • During the year 1366, bowling was banned for a short period of time as King Edward was having difficulty getting the troops to focus on practicing archery.
  • In the 15th century, soldiers were so invested in bowling and placing bets, that they hardly did their royal duties.
  • Even though there are five types of bowling games, people hardly play nine-pin bowling, the 10 pin bowling is the most famous and recognized type of bowling.
  • In 1917, women were allowed for the first time to play bowling.
  • Nine-pin bowling is banned in a number of states in America. Only one state in America allows nine-pin bowling, and that is Texas.
  • We can roughly say that bowing is almost 7000 years old.

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