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You might think that you know a lot about basketball, but let's get through this article to test your knowledge with some cool basketball facts.

So, first, let’s talk about some basic basketball stuff like there are two teams in basketball, and of course, a referee, every basketball team consists of five players, the objective is shooting the basketball in the hoop, and all. Did you know that one basketball team is called hostile and the other is called protective?

It is the role they play while playing basketball. The team which moves forward to the basket is called the hostile team, and the team which prevents the hostile team from scoring a basket is called the protective team.

Fun to know, right? So let’s see some more basketball facts which you might not know.

You will love these interesting facts and might become one of the most famous basketball players and your name will be in the famous basketball hall of fame. After reading these interesting facts about basketball games, do check some interesting winter facts and zodiac facts.

When was the first basketball played?

Do you know when the first public Basketball game was played in history? It was on 11 March 1892.

Now you are probably thinking of celebrating the day every year, right? The first game of basketball was played in Springfield, Massachusetts by the college students to whom James Naismith, a physical education teacher, taught the game. Naismith is credited with creating basketball in 1891.

Those students were the first team of basketball and consisted of 18 players instead of five players. The first official college basketball game was played on 18 January 1896 between the teams of the University of Iowa and the University of Chicago, and the score was 15-12, with the University of Chicago as the winners.

Did you know that a free throw is a basketball throw that is made from the free throw line?

In 1904, Basketball became a part of the Olympics. Here’s one more fun fact: basketball was invented as an indoor sport. Naismith created this as an indoor sport to keep athletes indoors during winters. This also helped the athletes to stay warm in winters.

With this invention of Naismith, basketball became an important part of American culture. The popularity of basketball led to the establishment of the American National Basketball Association in 1946. According to this association, basketball games are made up of four 12 minute quarters.

Why is the sport called basketball?

Everything got its name because of its features. You call football as football because it is played with your foot. You call a snowman a snowman because it is a man of snow. Similarly, you call basketball a basketball because a basket is used in the game. This is the way it was invented and got its name, basketball.

Did you know that holds Kareem Abdul Jabbar owns the record for most career points with 38,387 points?

The first basketball game was played by a soccer ball. In 1891, Naismith used two half bushel peach baskets as goals, and that’s how the game was invented and got its name.

Do you know that when this sport was invented, the students wanted to call it 'Naismith Ball'? But, Naismith gave it the name basket ball, a two word name. But later on, it was converted into the classic one single word name, basketball.

Isn’t it interesting? Basketball was so loved by the students of America that it got popularised so quickly all over America and then became one of the most famous games in the world.

Scoring the winning points at a basketball game.

What are the five rules of basketball?

As the game was invented by Naismith, a number of rules were also created by him. He made 13 rules of Basketball such as the infringement of any rule which is more than a violation is called a foul in basketball, and many more.

These number of rules may slightly vary from place to place if talking locally.

For example, the rules in your school may not be exactly the same as the rules in another school about basketball. But at the international level, there is a standard set of rules which is followed by every player equally.

Among the 13 rules of basketball, the five main rules are as follows.

The first rule is about the use of your hands and feet. You have to use either one hand or one foot.

If you are using both of your feet then you have to spill or bob the ball with one hand only. And if you are using both of your hands then you can use only one of your feet, and the foot that is fixed is called the turning foot.

The second rule is about spilling. One player can take only one turn while spilling. If he quits spilling, he can not begin another spilling, unless another player from any team contacts or oversees the basketball.

The third rule is about the boundaries and limits. If any team loses the ball outside the allotted boundaries, then the other team oversees the ball. Teams must abide by these rules at all times.

The fourth rule is about how to spill a basketball. The hands of the player must be on the top of the basketball while spilling during a possession.

If he contacts the lower part of the ball while spilling, this is called conveying the ball. The result of not obeying this rule is that the ball is passed to the other team, changing the possession.

The final most important rule is about the areas of the court. If the hostile group once crosses half the court, then they can not return to the backcourt. This is called backcourt infringement. But, if the protective team thumps the ball into the backcourt, then the hostile team can lawfully enter the backcourt.

Why is basketball so important?

As basketball was invented in America, it has become a very important thing for Americans. The game earned fame worldwide and became one of the most loved games to many people. It has made a very special spot in the hearts of many schools and college students. That’s why you are also here to read about your favorite sport.

The game of basketball is so important to Americans because it is easy to learn and play. You just need to learn four basic skills which include dribbling, shooting, running, and jumping.

This game also requires very minimum accessories, all you need is baskets (or maybe a peach basket) and a ball. And also if you are getting bored, you can play basketball alone.

Other than that, playing basketball is such a healthy activity. It has so many physical benefits such as weight control and increased height. A lot of people connect the reason for tall height with basketball.

Do you know that basketball has the ability to relieve stress? So, whenever you feel stressed or depressed just play basketball.

Well, another fun fact is on its way. The sport of basketball has united all Americans. Basketball requires a team effort for success. This is why everyone works together with a team spirit to win. All Americans are huge fans of this sport and give a special spot in their heart to it.

Okay, so that’s all the history you need to know about basketball. Now you can go and play basketball with your friends and have fun, and bring out the Michael Jordan inside you. Don’t forget your peach basket for your game. May you take your name to the basketball hall of fame.

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