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Disc golf is a great example of how school-time rituals can become important sports!

Disc golf is a sport that is quickly gaining in popularity all over the world. It is quite fascinating to note that a sport that started with school children throwing tin lids into targets has now become a global phenomenon!

Though it is still considered a relatively new sport, disc golf has been around since the early '60s. From school grounds to professional golf courses, the world of disc golf is quite spread out.

This essentially means that no matter where you live, you can at least make your own little disc golf area even if there is no legitimate course around you!

The easy accessibility of disc golf gear, as well as just how inexpensive it is in comparison to traditional golf should also be factors that motivate you to take up the sport as a hobby. Let's discuss some interesting facts about disc golf that you may not have known!

The History of Disc Golf

  • Disc golf is a relatively new sport that has rapidly gained popularity as a result of just how inexpensive it is.
  • Disc golf courses now exist all over the world, and many of those are concentrated in the United States of America.
  • It is believed that the sport has been becoming popular since it provides somewhat of a golfing experience, whilst also allowing the players to not spend a fortune on equipment.
  • In addition to this, the fact that a disc golf course is not nearly as rough on the environment as a traditional golf course has also propelled it towards fame and recognition.
  • A large chunk of the disc golf courses in the world is free to use, which has also motivated people towards taking it up as a hobby instead of obsessing over extremely expensive golf clubs!
  • Disc golf is said to have originated in the early 20th century.
  • According to widely accepted theories, the first people to ever play disc golf were school children who tried to throw tin lids into a target.
  • Thus, it was named Tin Lid Golf.
  • However, the game did not become popular until the '60s, when people started recognizing it.
  • The first game of disc golf was played back in 1926.
  • It is believed that the sport was conceptualized in its true sense by Kevin Donnelly.
  • 'Steady Ed' Headrick is known as The Father of Disc Golf.
  • This is because he gave proper form and definition to the game.
  • It was Headrick who created the first legitimate basket with the help of chains and other scraps.
  • In 1983, the first formal discs were created by a brand named Innova, specifically by Dave Dunipace.
  • The Professional Disc Golf Association was set up in 1976 by Headrick.
  • The first World Championships in Disc Golf were held in 1982, by the Professional Disc Golf Association or PDGA.
  • Since the inception of the game, many rules have been established.
  • Presently, three discs and their variations make up the world of disc golf.
  • The three discs are putters, drivers, and midrange.
  • The first disc golf course was made in Oak Grove Park, in Pasadena, California.
  • Ken Chimo holds the world record for having won the most number of titles in disc golf!
  • The disc is named so after its shape!
  • The four numerals on the disc denote the speed, glide, turn, and fade of the disc.

Disc Golf Rules

Disc golf players would argue that this game is extremely similar to golf. This is very hard to deny since the basic rules followed in disc golf or frisbee golf are essentially the same as traditional golf.

At the same time, the game also uses nearly all of the terminologies used in golf.

The similarity in terminology is such that people would have a tough time making out the difference between conversations between traditional golf players and disc golf players! If you have been wanting to learn disc golf, there are some rules that you should be aware of before starting!

  • Disc golf is ideally played by two or more players.
  • The object of the game is to throw a disc into a metal basket in as few throws as possible.
  • Players take turns throwing their discs at the basket.
  • A player or group of players who successfully throw discs into the target with the least number of attempts walk away with a prize!
  • Many different types of shots can be used during a game of disc golf, including forehand, backhand, sidearm, and tomahawk shots.
  • In a disc golf course, players are expected to attempt their throws from the tee position.
  • It is a basic rule of disc golf that the players' feet must not go beyond the outer rim of the tee position for as long as the disc has not escaped their hand.
  • The same rule is applicable in the case of a golf ball, in traditional golf.
  • Unlike in traditional golf wherein the golf ball has to land in a hole that is dug out into the ground, baskets in disc golf are baskets that are elevated from the ground.
  • It is ruled that tee throws are completed by players whilst being within the tee area.
  • In the case of fairway throws, players are allowed to take a run-up.
  • In some cases, it is also allowed for players to move past the line after the throw is made.
  • However, crossing the line is only allowed if the basket is more than 32.8 ft (10 m) away from the tee position.
  • In the case of a mandatory throw, a player must keep in mind that the disc must pass through any trees or obstacles in the way.
  • Such 'crossing' must be carried out in the direction in which the arrows point.
  • Some places in a disc golf course are marked 'out of bounds' or OB.
  • If the disc is thrown in such a way that it lands in an OB area, it must be thrown from a place of the in-bounds area which lies 3.2 ft (1 m) away from it.
  • In most cases, public areas and roads are marked as OB.
  • The completion of a hole takes place when a player successfully lands the disc in the designated basket.
  • There are other rules in disc golf that are very important but are hardly ever stated verbally.
  • It is considered courteous to remain quiet during a game to not hinder players from maintaining their focus.
  • It is also important to stand behind players and wait for their throws to be finished before taking your turn.
  • When on a disc golf course, make sure to help out a newcomer and share the joy of the game.
  • A game of disc golf is only fun as long as the course is maintained in proper shape hence, players are advised to pick up any trash that they spot.
  • Another important part of playing disc golf is to not alter any of the arrows or other courses that are put in place.
  • In disc golf, a birdie means that a player has been able to complete a basket under a par!
some rules that you should be aware of before starting disc golf

Types Of Players And Teams

There are many variations in which disc golf can be played, however, we would argue that a game is always best enjoyed when an entire team is involved.

Official rules are not always followed when playing disc golf since it is also a popular sport in schools and other unofficial settings.

Whether or not you abide by all the rules and play in a team is hardly a factor as long as you are enjoying yourself whilst playing disc golf, which is the sheer simplicity and beauty of the game!

  • A large percentage of the popularity that disc golf currently has comes from the fact that it is very flexible.
  • While this game is best enjoyed when played in a team, it can also be played alone.
  • You may just as well challenge a friend for a game of disc golf and have a one-on-one competition.
  • Disc golf is not essentially a team sport.
  • Couples games are also popular, in which two teams are having a pair of players in each.
  • In terms of groups, the number of players is variable, although groups with a lesser number of players are considered to be at a disadvantage.

Where is disc golf most played?

While many countries around the world engage in the sport and have disc golf courses, some places are leading in terms of engagement and popularity. However, keeping the statistics in mind, it is highly likely that the game will gain popularity in more places in the coming years!

  • While the sport is popular worldwide, the United States of America has the most fans when it comes to disc golf.
  • It is quite fascinating to note that around 75% of the total number of disc golf courses in the world are contained within the U.S. itself.
  • 7% of the courses are in Finland and 3% are in Canada.
  • This makes up 85% of the total number of courses in the world.
  • The rest of the 15% is divided into the entire world.

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