What Is A Backflip? How To Do A Backflip On Trampoline?

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Originally Published on Oct 28, 2021
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A teenager doing a backflip on open ground

Gymnasts and acrobats are well known throughout the world for their flexibility and backflips.

Nowadays, the backflip has become more familiar among youngsters and adolescents. The competition for doing backflips is increasing from one flip to three flips.

A backflip is an acrobatic body movement in which you lift your body in the air and make certain body movements by tucking your body into the proper position. The rotation of the body can be once, twice, or thrice, depending upon the practice.

At times, you must have wondered how to do a backflip and that it is impossible for you to learn. So, all you need is practice.

If you are a beginner, you can start with a cartwheel, front handspring, butterfly kick, and wall kick over as they are some of the easiest flips.

When you start with the backflip, you have to follow each step, taking your safety into consideration, because you might end up hurting yourself. Each step along with the land positioning needs to be taken care of.

The backflip is often called a backward handspring or backward flip. Warm-up activities should always be done under the supervision of a master teacher who can assist you with every step you take because incorrect body positioning can lead to muscle tears.

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What is a backflip and how do you do a backflip easily?

A backflip is a type of body movement which allows the individual to lift their body in the air and perform flips or rotations according to their capability. In order to do a backflip, you just need to follow each step as guided by the instructor.

Generally, it is said that if you want to do a backflip, you have to be a gymnast or an acrobat. However, nothing is impossible if you want to achieve or learn something.

Practice is the demand of time, and doing regular practice will make you good at different skills. A backflip can be done with the help of a mat on the ground or a trampoline as the steps to be followed are the same, just the ground landing differs in both cases.

The trampoline is bouncy and demands more practice with a good balance of your body. As you master the exercises and proper swinging of your body in the air, then you are an advanced gymnast.

The backflip is considered easier than the front flip because the backflip requires less pressure in comparison to the front flip. When trying to tuck yourself from the front, it requires more power and balancing your body might be difficult in comparison to the backflip.

Doing a backflip alone can be riskier until and unless you have mastered it. All you need to do is follow these simple five steps using a mat or trampoline.

The first step would be to observe the flip and jump along with rotation, i.e., how strong you have tucked your body in order to keep observation. You need to observe that by seeing what others do before you do it yourself.

Second, once you have watched, you have to adjust yourself according to the jump or flip. Learn the right way to set off.

Third, try to use a trampoline because of its bouncy surface, which allows your body to feel free.

Fourth, once done with warming up on the trampoline with the help of a spotter, try it on the ground using a mat. Finally, you can do a flip of your own by keeping all the points under consideration for safety reasons.

How to do a backflip on a trampoline safely?

A backflip is no doubt a very fun activity, but doing a backflip on a trampoline for the first time needs experience. If you want to learn to backflip on a trampoline safely, then you need to calm yourself down and need daily practice.

There are some steps that need to be followed for safety reasons. The very first step you need to follow is to keep a trusted partner.

If you are new to the skill of a backflip, then you need a trusted person whom you can trust while you flip on your back and swing your arms in the air.

In the beginning, there are high chances of getting injured, and landing in the required position on the floor can be difficult. As it can be dangerous, you need a person behind you to avoid the risk of injuries to your arms, back, legs, and hips, etc., because standing and jumping on a bouncy surface is difficult.

The second step would be to warm up yourself for safety reasons. Try to complete the warm-up by stretching your arms, back, legs, head, and neck. Do pull-ups and chin-ups along with crunches.

The trampoline should be supervised properly. The warm-up will help you with practicing. The third step would be to follow up a backdrop.

Drop back, yes, you may be correct in your guess; you have enough to lose your body and allow the momentum to feel comfortable. Throw your legs and feet around. This will also help you to be free.

Before you swing your arms back up, you have to get more used to the trampoline's soft bounciness to better understand the jumping and rotation of your body while doing a backflip.

The fourth step would be to bring yourself to the middle center of the trampoline. This will work as safety for you, as when you stand in the center, you will not land on the edges and get injured.

Your position in the center will let you do your jumping and backflips on the trampoline's soft, bouncy surface.

The fifth step would be to keep on jumping on the trampoline daily by keeping your body free along with your chest, keeping the fall backward rather than on your chest. The backward practicing will let you get an idea of how straight you have to keep yourself in a proper position.

The sixth step would be to look up in the sky and throw your arms up in the air.

Your head should be in a backward direction.

Just simply tuck the legs close to your chest or tuck the knees into the chest area and swing the legs along with the rotation of your body. The last step would be to stretch each leg straight, once the complete exercises and backflips are practiced under the supervision of a master teacher.

There are some tips while doing a backflip on the trampoline. Never try to do a huge backflip.

Always start with a small backflip. Always keep a master teacher as your partner because they can guide you the best with position and landing. Even if you fail the complete rotation of the backflip while you learn the skill, never bring your arms in a forward direction.

Keep each arm position the same, because you might fall down either on the trampoline or the ground and hurt yourself. So, keep these tips in mind for your own safety this season.

How to do a backflip on the ground safely?

A backflip on a trampoline is different from a backflip on the ground. The surface landing needs hips rotation skills, tucking your knees or body, and jumping practice using a mat.

Before you do a backflip on the ground, you need to practice and learn a few skills with regard to safety and perfecting your jump on the floor or ground. The first step you should follow is to practice the skills of hip rotation on the floor.

When you first start doing the jump, you might feel that it is not possible. However, if you adapt yourself according to the practice, then it is no more difficult for you.

Lie down on the floor or mat and pull your lower back up in the air and learn the skill of hip rotation. Your arms must be straight up and away from your head and ears. Then tuck your feet toward the head.

This will set back the positioning of the backflip and will even stretch your body muscles. Remember, you do not have to tuck your hips.

The second step which you can follow is to jump, keeping each arm straight. Along with this, you even have to tuck your feet and knees.

In order to learn how to do a backflip, a sharp watch must be worn to observe the process of tucking. Lift your body straight in by tucking your feet.

When you become used to it, then you can also try out swinging your arms in the air while making a jump. Never forget to practice with an expert because they will always back you up and teach you the best jumps and tucks.

How to do a double backflip safely?

The double backflip is almost similar to your single backflip. All you need to do is observe the tuck and feel the rotation. As soon as you get into the flip and jump, just tuck your knees in, adjust with your chest with more speed, and do a side flip.

If you want to do a double backflip safely, then you have to be more observational and conscious about flipping twice in the air before landing. You need to learn the step of when you will land.

When you are skilled enough to do a single backflip, then you might even try doing it twice. Just become a sharp and keen spotter of every moment you are in the air. Allow yourself or your tuck to adjust according to the requirements.

If there is a requirement to tuck more, you pull your knees apart, which will naturally speed up the rotation. This trick of doing a double backflip has helped many acrobats and gymnasts.

You need to learn how to control your speed and rotation to do a double backflip. Bring a raise or lift to your body before tucking your knees in order to hold the tuck tight while you do a double backflip.

Now, you have got the answer to how to do a backflip that doubles or twice. Just increase the speed, be quicker, and observe the process before you land. It's almost similar to a single flip with very small variations throughout the process.

Take more precautions and safety measures in order to avoid any injuries or wrong landings. More importantly, always take the help of an expert.

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