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University Of Chicago Facts: Must Read This Before You Inquire!

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When it comes to the University of Chicago, people hardly have any negative impressions.

This is because it really is one of the best schools in the nation and college admissions here have always been a tough task to crack! You may have heard of the Chicago law school or the Divinity School, but the undergraduate and graduate divisions of this school have so much more to offer!

The university was established in 1890 and has attracted numerous students ever since. As much as the city life may attract you, the college will leave you spellbound on the day you first enter it. Thousands of students make their way into the Hyde Park campus during each academic year, and to be one of them, you would definitely need to do well in your SATs. To get you started with facts about this institution, the tuition fees here cost above $60,000 on average!

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University Of Chicago Interesting Facts

The University of Chicago is recognized as one of the best colleges in the nation. The gigantic campus of this university houses many buildings and statues. Being one of the best universities, the main campus is a seat for many brilliant students. This university is also renowned for having produced many Nobel laureates. More than 80 Nobel laureates have notified of their affiliation with the institution, which suggests that the University of Chicago and the quality of education that it provides is undeniably unparalleled.

The university offers many courses for graduates and undergraduates. There are also several research programs under the umbrella of this beautiful and functional university, which are used thoughtfully by the students. This is made evident through the fact that the University of Chicago plays a huge role in the research that goes on to help the U. S. Government. The university spends a staggering $472 million on average every single year in order to help students in their advanced study and research. This is skillfully paid back in abundance by the students and scholars as they bring home a Nobel Prize or two, or simply develop technologies that had never been thought of before!

The University of Chicago scholars are introduced to the Chicago system of education which helps the pupils in the long run. The tendency of the University of Chicago to provide broad-based, quality education has allowed it to the very top of all national estimations of universities and colleges. According to a world report, this university is the best one for veterans to attend. On the national level, the University of Chicago stands at the sixth spot, which speaks volumes for its capacity of educating the best students across the globe. It also ranks 13th in terms of undergraduate teaching.

In addition to top-notch facilities, the university also provides its students with many academic disciplines to choose from. The college rankings have been able to soar this high because of the simple reason that the university operates differently and believes in the all-around development of its students. The university offers six graduate professional schools, namely, Divinity School, Chicago Booth School of Business, Law School, Harris School of Policy Studies, School of Social Service Administration, and Pritzker School of Medicine. The undergraduate students are also given a lot of choices in terms of the school that they want to study in and their specialization. With an overall student population of above 16,000, most of the campus is filled with graduate students and research scholars.

As you might have guessed, all colleges ranking this high in the list usually have a low acceptance rate and the University of Chicago is no exception to this rule of thumb. With a very low acceptance rate of 7%, students often face a lot of competition when trying to get themselves a place on campus. However, this selective nature of the college also ensures that only the very best students make their way into this institution. The campus is home to students from all over the world, who apply with high aspirations of becoming a part of the Chicago culture, but only a very few make their way through. The college also asks for very high SAT scores. The students at this university typically have SAT scores in the range of 1500-1570, which is a pretty high asking rate. The ACT scores usually are in the range of 32-34. Hence, making your way into this university may be very fruitful but will also require a lot of hard work and dedication.

One of the most amazing facts about this university is that the faculty to student ratio here is 5:1. When compared to the national standards which stand at 15:1, the ratio here is pretty impressive. It also ensures that students of all schools and disciplines of study get individual attention and their academic progress is checked very closely. Maybe this is why there are so many notable alumni and the schools produce many Nobel laureates!

University Of Chicago Fun Facts

One of the fun facts about this university is that its main campus is located near Hyde Park in Illinois, which is also where former U. S. President, Barack Obama, lives with his family.

Around 48 % of the students at the University of Chicago are women, and the rest of the 52 % are men. It is safe to say that the campus is not only co-educational in nature, but both men and women have equal contributions in bringing the college's rankings where they are today.

The University of Chicago is also renowned all across the world for its student services. There are many facilities for the students to avail, and hence, they are very happy to live on campus. There are no less than six libraries on the campus. Some of these libraries have a stupendous capacity of holding millions of volumes. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of these libraries has also attracted many movie directors to shoot scenes there. Parts of the movie Divergent were also shot in a library of the university. We can all imagine how exciting that would have been for the students to watch!

The University of Chicago also holds its cultural history very close to itself. The university was founded in 1890, with the funds given by John D. Rockefeller. The institute built its magnificent and globally renowned scheme of education over the years. The first president of the institute, William Rainey Harper, is known to have been a pivotal part of the history of the University of Chicago and set up its traditions and customs.

One of the coffee shops on campus is called 'Grounds of Being'!

Cool Facts About University Of Chicago

Set in an urban, city backdrop, this institute makes sure that its students are happy and are brought up in the most nurturing environment. When not engulfed in their respective schools, the students can be seen enjoying themselves at the many joints within the campus or enjoying the city lifestyle. This not only ensures that the students have all-around development but also gives the faculty and staff some much-needed relief from the everyday responsibilities of school.

To give you more University of Chicago data, the major which ranks the highest in this institute is that of South Asian Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics! In total, the University of Chicago has had around 90 Nobel Prize winners. This includes students and faculty.

This university has one of the highest full-time faculty percentages, which currently stands at 82%. It is very high in comparison to the national standards which are said to be around 47%!

Around 79% of the classes at the University of Chicago have less than 20 students in them, ensuring individual attention for each student.

Kurt Vonnegut, who is famous for works such as 'Slaughterhouse Five', is a part of the extensive list of alumni from this university. Other notable alumni include Enrico Ferni, the known physicist; Carl Sagan, the famous astronomer; and renowned Nobel Prize winner, Milton Friedman.

Graduates from the University of Chicago have an average salary expectation of upwards of $68,000!

Key Facts About The University Of Chicago

The Oriental Institute, Computation Institute, and James Franck Institute are some of the many schools in this university that offer their students to endeavor into advanced study and research.

The university is famous for its law school, divinity school, school of physical sciences, school of social service administration, and school of biological sciences.

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