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What Is A Group Of Elephants Called? Fun Animal Facts For Kids

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Elephants are known to everyone as the largest terrestrial animals in the world. 

Elephants are considered unique animals. This is due to the uniquely structured big ears, a long trunk, tusks, and thick columnar-type legs.

Has someone ever guessed how these animals with such a special physique use their body parts? Well, elephants do have some wild and exciting facts from the day these big animals are born. One must have heard about an elephant's teeth and tusks. In reality, the thing which is called the tusk of an elephant is actually the teeth. Though these visible tusks are teeth, elephants do not use them for eating purposes. Elephants have a different set of teeth inside the mouth, which is meant for chewing or eating food.

One must have heard that elephants do travel in groups. This is similar to all other animals, so it is natural to wonder about what a group of elephants is called? A group of elephants is usually called a 'herd'. One may use the term 'a herd of elephants' to best describe that there are a bunch of elephants moving together. There have been many other names given to a group of elephants. Keep reading to check all the interesting facts out about the world’s largest land animals. 

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Most Common Names For A Group Of Elephants

'Herd' is the most common name given to a group of elephants. Apart from this, a group of elephants is also called 'a parade of elephants'.

Do you want to learn about the elephant parade meaning? There is a very simple reason behind this name for a group of elephants. Have you ever watched this animal take a walk in a group? Does it not look similar to a marching band? Well, a group of elephants is called a 'parade' because when they walk together in a group, you can see the perfect synchronization of the body parts of each elephant.

What is a group of baby elephants called?

A group of baby elephants is called a herd. A herd of elephants is a very common phrase.

One would be surprised to know those baby elephants are able to stand just after 20 minutes of coming into this world. Is that not interesting? Other little animals would take days to stand up. Another interesting fact that would leave one shocked is that the long trunk that is seen on the elephant's body can actually contain around 1.8 gal (8.1 L) of water. These trunks are usually used as snorkeling units by elephants when these heavy creatures go swimming.

A family herd of elephants walking in summer.

Name For A Large Group Of Elephants

Starting from the very big and flat ears to the trunk, to the movement of the legs, every part of an elephant is in sync.

A large group of elephants looks similar to a marching parade. Also, another fact about elephants in groups is that all these animals tend to put the weights of the body to one side.

Herd Vs Parade Of Elephants

Studying the collective nouns of elephants may have made you curious about the collective names for other animals.

Just like elephants, monkeys in groups also have a collective name for the monkey group. A group of monkeys is usually called a 'troop of monkeys', but not apes. There is another popular name for a group of monkeys. The other name for a group of monkeys is called 'a barrel of monkeys'. Some people use 'cartload' or 'tribe' for calling a group of monkeys, but this is rare. A group of apes is called a shrewdness.

Turtles are also known for some unique facts. The most common one to hear is that turtles are way too slow in their day-to-day activities. But turtles also move in groups or in their groups, they can groups communicate with each other. Does a group of turtles even get a collective name? Yes, turtles do have some unique and specific collective names that are meant for only turtles. Terms like 'bale' or 'turn' are specifically used for only a group of turtles. A group of turtles is also called by some other collective names too. One would often find people saying sentences like 'a nest of turtles' or 'a dole of turtles'. The terms 'nest' and 'dole' can be used for other animals too. But turtles, we exclusively call them by the collective nouns, 'bale' and 'turn'.

Now that one has learned so many names for turtles, monkeys, and elephants, one must be wondering why elephants are called by two different names. One must have acknowledged by now that a group of elephants is called 'herd,' and at the same time, a group of elephants can also be called a 'parade'. So a curious question is why would these big animals have been given different collective names. Is there any specific reason behind this? The answer is yes. The two terms do have different meanings. If someone calls a group of elephants a 'herd', then one must know that the person means that all the elephants belong to one family.

Each member is known to travel in a group, known as a herd in a range from 8-100 elephants. This herd of elephants is often led by the eldest member of the family. Another interesting fact to notice about a herd of elephants is that old and young female elephants do travel with the herd for their whole life while the male elephants are known to leave the herd when the elephants reach 12-15 years of age.

Studies have found that often a group of elephants, more than two, can be called a memory. This is due to the fact that elephants are known to have been blessed by nature. These animals have an excellent memory and do possess sentimental intelligence. The social behaviors of elephants must have led to this term. It is worth noticing that elephants are well versed in expressing emotions. Elephants often are known to have emotions of love, grief, respect, faith, and playful interactions with human friends. Elephants even mimic quickly and memorize things that are taught. So, this might be the reason for calling the group of elephants as memory.

This was all about some interesting facts that you might have heard or completely new to you. Elephants are the greatest creatures on earth and they are mostly calm and composed, if not threatened. Baby elephants can be too cute to deal with, but even baby elephants are way too big to play with.  

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